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[KoI R] Generic Jobs (nothing here yet)

Started by Xifanie, December 31, 2014, 01:46:31 pm


December 31, 2014, 01:46:31 pm Last Edit: December 31, 2014, 10:46:17 pm by Xifanie
  • Modding version: PSX
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Sorry, I did not see suggestions section, but I this post would be ok because I strongly wish to participate in the project! :D

PLEASE READ FIRST: The latest posts from the dev's of this patch are only a few months old, and Elric stated he fully intends to return to this project after Jot5. So no, I'm not necroposting, I'm simply putting forth ideas; is it not the best part about our lovely forum? The free exchange of ideas to create new ways to have fun?
Of course it is, so no, I will not be responding to anyone who tries to be all like "Hey, hate to burst your bubble,
but this is dead, or on hold and has been for awhile, so its pointless to post in this thread" -BS lol. It's never pointless, cause you never know, and it doesn't hurt, so cram it ney-sayers.

Generic Jobs list

Squire- Customize the squire abilities as you will, maybe Potion/Phoenix Down/Antidote shld be added

Cleric/Medic- 1st & 2nd tier healing items, "buff" items (See Abilities>[Medicine] for details)

Archer-(Squire Lv2) Charge+ system gone, replacing with WIP

Knight-(Squire Lv3) Power Break-Magic Break:dmg&lower str/mag by 20-25% / Equip Break=90% success rate

Apostle-(Cleric Lv3) offensive items/status items- poisons, venoms, etc. (See Abilities>[Mix] for details)

Rogue-(Squire Lv3, Archer Lv3) can dual knives, (See Abilities>[Gile] for details) ambush charge+ only can follow target, quick stab, steal

Blk Mage-(Apostle Lv3, Cleric Lv3) NO Fire 12&3- Fira/Firaga (See Abilities>[Black Magic] for more details)

Lancer-(Archer Lv4, Knight Lv2) No jump (See Abilities>[Lancer] for details)

Wht Mage-(Cleric/Medic Lv3, Apostle Lv2) no att magic like Holy, (See Abilities>[White Magic] for details)

Guardian-(Knight Lv5, Lancer Lv5

Summoner-(Blk Mage Lv4, Wht Mage Lv3)


Mystic-(Blk Mage Lv5, Wht Mage Lv4, Summoner Lv 3)

Dragoon-(Knight Lv4, Rogue Lv3, Lancer Lv4) add jump

Alchemist-(Cleric Lv5, Apostle Lv4, Mystic Lv3)

Archainist/Sage-(Summoner Lv5, Blk Mage 6, Mystic Lv4)

Machinist-(Apostle Lv3, Rogue Lv4, Trickster Lv5

Dark Knight & Holy Knight-(Knight Lv6, Guardian Lv5, & either Wht Mage Lv3 or Blk Mage Lv3)

Djinblade-(Archer Lv 4, Knight Lv3, Apostle Lv3, Rogue Lv5)

Arc Knight-
  • Modding version: PSX