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July 06, 2022, 09:12:17 am


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interesting read about how van etc are lucavi

Started by azavier, November 04, 2013, 06:49:26 pm

Meinos Kaen

Ahahah, didn't expect someone to link my blog for me. :)


Your theory is interesting, but a bit flawed. Holding the Espers through a Glyph and Having Affinity with the Zodiac Stones are two different things. One allows you to call their power and they become a separate being from the Bearer (FFXII makes clear note of this in showing the caster alongside the Esper). The other does not allow the Zodiac Stone Wielder to separate from the Lucavi (unless they are fully rejecting them, as was the case with Alma and Ultima), but instead the person and the Lucavi become one and the same. (Delaxcroix/Cuchulainn says something to this effect in the optional battle dialogue).

Why did the other six not appear? Simply because there was no Affinity with any of their wielders.. (Game-wise, its because they ran out of time, Lore-wise, the stones seem dormant as no one has the proper affinity to call forth the respective Lucavi)

You are correct in regards to St. Ajora though, she was waiting for him to die (or be forced into a position where he would have to call upon her) in order to possibly start the Cataclysm. The sinking of an Entire Empire is not just a localized event. (Mullonde was just the capital of the Holy Ydoran Empire).

Here are my thoughts on the Cataclysm... After FFXII the Espers stayed bound to their bearers until the bearer died, then the Espers could only exist in areas that held high concentrations of Mist as it was before they were placed into Glyphs, hence why they could not cause any amount of destruction. They then instead used Zodiac Stones, Auracite to try and reach out to break from their ethereal non-permanent forms and succeeded in this by beguiling Ajora and his followers, upon Ajora's death, Ultima due to Affinity with Ajora and the Wielders Affinity with possibly other Lucavi were freed to roam the world as well. (This is noted in the Zanmatou descriptions which mentions that it was used to bring down a Gigas, in FFT's original translation that was said to bring down a Warlock, its no coincidence, they're both likely referring to Belias)  The Holy Ydoran Empire was lost, and likely many other lands were ruined. We know that the scale of destruction caused by the Cataclysm was on a scale unfathomable as far as the world of Ivalice is concerned, as this destroyed the Aegyl, Moogles, and possibly other races.

The Hero King Mesa appears to be the only reason humanity survived this and may have been responsible for pushing the Lucavi back into slumber. (It is also interesting to note that in FFXII's time they are all known as Espers, yet by FFT they are called "Deceivers" (which is the translation of Lucavi from Russian into English)

My Ivalice-lore may be a bit rusty, so it may not be as complete as it should be. But I don't see FFXII's characters being the direct catalyst for the Cataclysm. (Now they may have inadvertently made it worse, by cutting off the world from the Occuria's control who may have been able to stop the Espers once again had they the means)
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