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I don't think that statement has enough bite but I like where your head is at.

Gafgarion: Will this do, milady? Need I remind you that we don't have time for idle pleasantries?

I fiddled with that second line a lot. There's a lot of different ways to interpret the original one. It seems during his retranslation, Slattery interpreted this as a commentary about how the common class has to get it's hands dirty to survive. Infact, I rather like that.

Gafgarion: The things we do for money... What's the matter Ramza? Afraid to get your hands dirty?

Ramza: I'm a no longer a knight. Just another sellsword like you.

I feel like this implies the situation well enough. What do you think?
Event Editing / Final Fantasy Tactics: Brave Story
April 29, 2020, 11:58:23 pm
Brave Story is a long time coming. It's primarily a script update for Final Fantasy Tactics. It uses TLW as it's base, and because I'm a serious procrastinator, I've waited until now to actually get started.

Similar to my other project, Secret of Mana: Relocalized, Brave Story is going to be a re-interpretation of the existing English translations. Both the original and re-release, have huge problems. In most cases, Brave Story will find a compromise between it's original translator's script and Tom Slattery's rewrite.

I'm not going to go super fast. I'll probably drop a script for an event every couple days. The idea is to get feedback and criticism from the community. I'll be upfront though, this script will not be beholden to the nostalgic quirks of the original. Also, this draft is going to be rough.

Also, I want to give a special thanks up front to MostSeriousness who's script dump I shamelessly borrowed from Gamefaqs and Elric for letting me bend the rules of this forum for this post this.

001 Orbonne Prayer

[Princess Ovelia is praying inside Orbonne monastery. She is alone at the
altar while a female knight and a man in holy robes look after her.]

Ovelia: O Father, abandon not Your wayward children of Ivalice, but deliver us from our sins, that we might know salvation.

Agrias: Princess Ovelia, we need to go.

Ovelia (still kneeling): I'll not be much longer, Lady Agrias.

Agrias: Your escort has already arrived, Majesty.

Simon: Please, heed the good lady's words, Highness. You must hurry.

[The view rotates as three men walk through the front doors. A swordsman is clearly the leader of the three.]

Gafgarion: What's going on in here? It's been nearly an hour!

Agrias: Gafgarion, you forget yourself! You are in the presence of the princess!

[The two men behind Gafgarion, the swordsman, kneel instantly. Gafgarion remains standing, but bows his head.]

Gafgarion: Will this do, milady? Need I remind you that we don't have time for idle pleasantries?

Agrias: Tell me, has the Northern Sky sunk so low, as to allow vulgar knaves in its Order?

Gafgarion: I've been more than generous here, Guard Captain. We're mercenaries employed by the Northern Sky. We're not obliged to pay trivial courtesies to the likes of you.

Agrias: How dare you!

Ovelia (standing): Enough. Let us be on our way.

[The two men behind Gafgarion rise as Ovelia walks to address the robed man.]

Simon: Go with God.

Ovelia: And you, Bishop.

[A flash of lightning covers the screen as an injured female knight enters the
church. She limps towards the Princess. The Elder priest rushes to her aid.]

Knight: Lady Agrias! The enemy is upon us!

Simon: Duke Goltanna's men!?

[Agrias rushes outside without a moment's hesitation. Gafgarion addresses his

Gafgarion: The things we do for money... What's the matter Ramza? Afraid to get your hands dirty?

Ramza: I'm a no longer a knight. Just another sellsword like you.

Gafgarion: Right then. Let's go!

[The three men follow Agrias outside.]

Ovelia: Deliver us, O Lord...

A couple notes:

-Gafgarion uses idioms. It gives him a lowborn feel without requiring the highborn characters speak in WotL faux-Shakespearean.

-Ovelia's prayer is supposed to resemble something akin to the King James Bible. I intended for Ovelia and Agrias to a lesser degree to sound more highborn and hopefully their speech reflects that without going to far over the top.

-The Ivalician's are back to being primarily monotheistic. Tom Slattery has admitted that they were intended as such despite the fact that his script replaces many instances of God with gods and the rest with Father or Lord. I'm pretty sure Square Enix forced his hand on this one...

-Though it doesn't come up in this script I'll be using magic instead of magick in most instances. In this canon, words like Magick and Auracite are archaic words. As of right now, I intend to keep terms like this limited to archaic documents like Germonique's scriptures.

-Character names are basically going to be whatever I feel like has the better localization. Algus sounds more like a real name than Argath, so I'm going to use that. Olan will be Orlan, because duh. Vormav is staying. Draclau is updating to Delacroix, Queklain is CĂșchulainn, and Velius is Belias. Again, these are names more accurate and I'm not beholden to nostalgia.

Again, I'm looking for feedback and criticism. I want to know what people think about my choices. I'm not going to have arguments though. I'm not interested spending more of my free time fighting people over nitpicks than I am working on this mod. I'm not very worried about this. FFHacktics is a great community with excellent people working behind the curtain.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
April 26, 2020, 05:24:29 pm
Quote from: Nyzer on April 26, 2020, 05:01:31 pmI know there's a hack to make broken equipment reappear at the Fur Shop, but I don't know how feasible it might be to make that work for the regular inventory.

Thanks Nyzer, I am aware of this hack. I've messed with it in the past. It's buggy. Iirc, pretty much everything that gets broken appears in the Fur Shop, enemy and ally gear alike and it might even make duplicates.

Again, this isn't really a problem that I'm looking to get solved. I'm just putting ideas out there.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
April 26, 2020, 12:39:57 pm
This is more of a suggestion than a request. I was just thinking about how equipment breaking sucks and often results in a full reset. What if, instead of breaking, gear just became unequipped instead? To give this more value Equip Change would have to be modified to a single item and to take a full turn if it doesn't all ready.

If I could do this hack I would've but it's more than just swapping a few bytes around. I definitely don't need this hack for anything but as a quality of life hack I think it's more than a good enough idea to put out there for others who may be interested in toying with idea.
Quote from: Xifanie on March 10, 2020, 01:11:43 pm@Timbo
Yes, it's been tested because we wanted to use it for TLW, but it's broken as hell, worse than that original one IIRC.

Sorry for getting anyone's hopes up. 😬
A while back a new user kind of showed up or of the blue and fiddled with a bunch of people's hacks. He claimed to have fixed this one in particular. I don't know if he or anyone else ever tested it or even looked it over.

This could be a solid lead or a wild goose chase. If you want to test it you'd pretty much have to pay though every event in the game and use units 16 - 20 in every battle.

You can find it here under PRE.xml

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: The Blue Mage
February 20, 2020, 12:27:26 pm
Quote from: old school on February 20, 2020, 10:08:27 am@Timbo I specifically call out the rebalancing. I do actually need to restructure the original post, though, so I'm open to recommendations on format. Not to point the finger, but did you miss it? Should I move it up in the post?

Looks like it.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: The Blue Mage
February 15, 2020, 11:40:04 pm
Quote from: Elric on February 15, 2020, 06:17:30 pm
I mean, i dont remember it being too incredibly difficult to setup the Blue Mage in Jot5... most people seemed to really enjoy it

We didnt use any of Emmys ASMs, but we also had Pride, Xifanie, Choto, Glain and Pokeytax work on different parts of Jot5, so maybe something was made for this to accomodate that. Or maybe it was just the way Raven balanced it.

You know me, I have a flair for the dramatic. 😬 The average user however probably doesn't want to rebalance the MA is most of the monsters and their abilities to make them functional for a single job. Adding a Blue Mage works better as part of an overall patch. Jot5 is a perfect example of the kind of thing I'm talking about.

Also, ASM hacks are absolutely not necessary either for any of it.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: The Blue Mage
January 28, 2020, 09:24:16 am

Some of Emmy's ASM might be of use here. The real problem behind introducing Blue Magic is that monster skills and monster stats aren't balanced for human's stat scaling. I'd you want to do a proper blue mage you'll want to rebalance monsters. There's an ASM that gives monsters the attack skill. Irc, it will also make it so Monsters use MP for their skills. If you do this, you'll need to shift their growth and you'll probably want to repurpose their basic physical attacks into something else because they'll become redundant.

I'm just warning that trying this is opening a whole can of worms.
That's neat. Too bad about the sound quality though. Pretty sure that can't be fixed.
As far as I can tell, this hack doesn't seem to do anything. I tried adjusting the sprite set and the name and I've toggled every combination of save formation, join formation, and join after event.

It is entirely possible that I am just stupid though. *Shrugs* Regardless of the outcome, thank you for taking the time to dig this up for me.
This is terrific! I'll be sure to check it out as soon as I am able. Thank you.
Quote from: Xifanie on December 18, 2019, 12:11:10 pmNah, I originally wrote a hack for that for KoI, and not only was it poorly programmed, I never got to the point where I made a hack that could remove generic guests (to get rid of Ramza's companions at the end of ch1).

This is exactly what I need for the hack I'm working on. You said it's poorly programmed but is it functional and would you mind sharing it with me?

My idea is to combine your "Guests in Randoms", "Ramza can join as a Guest", and this "unreleased guest hack" with another hack that removes the death timer from everything but Undead and rebalance the cost of Raise, Arise, and Revive. From there it's a simple matter of deleting the "Guest" text that appears in portraits. Having the units be unremovable would actually be a big benefit to me because I need them to stick around. Not having to worry about generics is also a great excuse to use you "Soldier's Office hack" to expand that to monsters as well.

The thing I'm tinkering around with right now is http://ffhacktics.com/wiki/Save_Unit_to_Party and http://ffhacktics.com/wiki/Find_Free_Party_Index. It seems pretty straightforward to move the guest unit slots from 16 - 20 up to 1 - 4. That said, I feel like there's a whole bunch of hardcoding in other routines and my ASM has thus far been limited to 65c816.
Quote from: Xifanie on August 03, 2015, 11:59:49 pm
~ Guests in Randoms & Unit Restrictions ~

[indent=2]This allows you to bring guests into random battles. There is an option to make them uncontrollable in said random battles. This hack also allows guests to be selectable on the squad for any story battle as well, so you have to restrict them if they are already loaded from formation to avoid dupes (which of course the spreadsheet covers. This hack is (hopefully) bug-free in vanilla, as I already configured all guest restrictions. The restrictions don't only apply to guests; you can prevent any special character in your party to join the squad! (And you can force them inside the battle with Load Formation)[/indent

This feels like a dumb question but can we use this hack to add generic units as guests? If so, will they function normally and be able to go on propositions?
Literally, planning the same thing for my hack. Movement reduction for armor and speed reduction for weapons, although my numbers are far more conservative. Be careful with this though because it makes Monks even more OP for no investment. You might want to consider adding claws as monk weapons and getting rid of martial arts.

I know there's a hack that has claws. If you can figure out which one, you might be able to borrow assets from it. As far negative stats goes you'll need to implement an ASM made by Pride. Check the link below for the ASM.

Though I haven't tried it on the PSX, basic ASM isn't that hard on the SNES. Based on my very limited experience it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to figure out. I'll be completely honest though, I'm not familiar with PSX assembly yet and I haven't even looked at FFT under the hood.

If I wasn't neck deep in my Secret of Mana hack I would probably try to run a trace and figure it out.
I didn't even realize this was a problem. I'm curious about this as well.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: One Extra Job Hack (OEJ)
April 26, 2019, 12:17:41 am
Quote from: Elric on April 25, 2019, 07:25:14 pm
RAD has a bunch of bugs and also has load delay. Its not recommended for use generally.

I've been gone awhile, I thought Aqueous cleaned it up. Either way, this is more of a curiosity than anything I'm considering using.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: One Extra Job Hack (OEJ)
April 25, 2019, 02:43:48 pm
This is pretty cool. Did you include Spillover JP and is it compatible with RAD?
Spriting / Re: We need MOAR Monsters
February 24, 2019, 04:50:17 am
Nice looking Garuda Conman.