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It technically does in the sense that it deals two instances of damage, but it calculates exactly the same way as a 1.5x multiplier would.
There actually is a 1.5x multiplier. Add a second 0.5x damage hit and set it to perfect on hit.
There aren't any tools for it. You'll have to use Edea's spreadsheets. In the "skill animations" tab you can see the pointers for each skill's animation. Just paste angelsong's entire hex into the address you'll be turning into the new ability, This also allows you to change the character's swing, the flinch etc individually. Feel free to mess around with it.

Keeper's first empty ability is at index number 0103, if you're having any trouble finding what to replace.

Data (2).xlsx
I spent literal hours trying to figure out what Regenerate pulled from, thanks!

If you want to buff Angelsong though you can add one of Keeper's dummy abilities to Bard's list, remove the original Angelsong and then give it the animations of Angelsong and whatever effects you desire. Remember to change the ability pointer on Hurdy-Gurdy too.

On the plus side, this means you can buff Regenerate to do something more useful as well, since regen on hit is kinda mediocre.