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May 20, 2024, 02:49:09 pm


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Custom Sprites suggestion

Started by MiKeMiTchi, September 03, 2012, 05:55:07 am


My submitted Lazuli sprite doesn't have any "Any Origin" type. It was supposed to be Original Character. Without the Origin type, sprites like that have no chance of being selected in the database, iff. the origin type drop-down menu is specified.

What I suggest: Create a "No origin \ Various" option, or add an origin to all submitted sprites that doesn't have one yet. The problem with the latter one is that future submissions should have consistency in their origin type, so having a "Various" option for all sprites that don't have an origin would be a better choice, I think. What do you think?

Sprites that need one:

  • Esperella - Original Character

  • Asura Male - Generic Job

  • Fayt - Original Character

  • Soldier - Final Fantasy VII

  • Ken - Street Fighter

  • Female Alchemist - Generic Job

  • Enchanter Female - Generic Job

  • Enchanter Male - Generic Job

  • Guardian Male - Generic Job

  • Guardian Female - Generic Job

  • Meliadoul Unveiled - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Nojgaard - Original Character

  • Dragon-Man - Original Character

  • Generic Female Ninja - Generic Job

  • Wolf - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Generic Female Dancer - Generic Job

  • Female Demagogue - Generic Job

  • Female Mystic Knight - Generic Job

  • Young Kletian - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Lady Frimelda - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • Oswyn Farindon - Original Character

  • Babus - Final Fantasy

  • Generic Female Thief - Generic Job

  • Mime Unmasked - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Skeleton - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • High White Mage - Generic Job

  • Cloud - Final Fantasy VII

  • 10 year old girl - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Karsten - Original Character

  • Voldemort - Original Character

  • Pieke Okata - Original Character

  • Minister Gelwan - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Female Priest with Cat Ears - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Ignis - Jingai Makyo

  • Young Izlude - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Miluda - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Dark Knight - Generic Job

  • Female Cadet - Generic Job

  • Banon - Original Character

  • Teta - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Oberon - Original Character

  • Zozma - Original Character

  • Gevaerd - Original Character

  • Teioh - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Zodiac - Original Character

  • 20 year old woman - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Ajora - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Kanbabrif - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Warrior Male Spikey - Generic Job

  • Lucavi Follower - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Sentinel - Generic Job

  • Red Mage - Generic Job

  • Marshal - Original Character

  • Ramza Ch2&Ch3 Defender - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Elidibs - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Wolf Knight - Generic Job

  • Miang 2 - Original Character

  • Bolmna - Original Character

  • Blansch - Original Character

  • Crusader - Generic Job

  • Agrias - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Berserker - Original Character

  • Balbanes Beoulve - Final Fantasy Tactics

Also, I'm not sure if you guys are experiencing this too, but there is something wrong with how the sprite's text information's alignment is shown.

Take a look at this image:
Jot5 GFX Designer :: Spriter :: Mitchi


It's also worth noting that some sprites that should share origins don't.

For example, last time I used the Database a week ago, I noticed some of the Final Fantasy VII crew had their origin listed as "Final Fantasy VII" and others something like "Final Fantasy 7".  Since choosing the Final Fantasy VII option from the dropdown only shows those whose origins are the former, not all the Final Fantasy VII sprites are even being displayed when searched through by origin.

I'm willing to bet other Origin categories also have this issue, and that there may  be other Origins that aren't even selectable off the Origins drop-down menu (based on the fact that only one version of "Final Fantasy VII" was selectable, I'm lead to believe that the Origin box is filled by hand and not via a routine and thus subject to human error).

Unrelated - is having both FFT: Newtype and FFT: Parted Ways as separate Origins really necessary when they're both essentially the same project?


If I had the ability to fix the home page it would already be done, that thing needs a complete update and is VERY outdated.
Not even really referring to the sprite section.
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