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July 22, 2024, 09:54:05 pm


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Two new patch releases this week: CoP Remake Ch. 1 and TLW 2.03!

Started by Nyzer, September 11, 2022, 09:06:22 pm


On the ninth of September, Kokojo released the first chapter of the Call of Power remake, which adds new and never-before-seen features such as a world map! Kokojo's been hard at work using all the latest upgrades to the tools to show off a lot of what can be done with modding nowadays, so if you're interested in seeing just how far FFT modding can go, and checking out a totally unique story in the FFT engine, head on over!

You can also go check out the new 2.03 update to The Lion War for something a lot closer to the vanilla experience. The Lion War brings as much WotL content to the PSX version as possible, with some liberties taken to enhance that content where possible (such as replacing Luso, a blatant Ramza clone, with Ashley Riot, or replacing the bland loot system from the WotL Rendezvous with the more robust Treasure Wheel, or replacing the option to continue on the world map after beating Altima with an entire New Game Plus set of bonuses and options). 2.03 comes with a bunch of bug fixes as well as our third unique new Rendezvous battle, Be a Beta, which sends you to Bethla Sluice to beat up our beta testers.
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