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@Gogeta released a complete translation of FFT TLW in German, including optional files for the videos translated as well!

Congratulations on such an important release to the author, and if you are interested check the mod info here
But what is T.O.F.U. you may ask?

It is a Massive formula Hack developed by @Orkney

It merges all formulas in a single one. Each previous formula now are a table of flags, allowing to customize every formula aspect.
TOFU (The One Formula - Unbounded) comes with several component :

This is the main Hack.
It contains several hacks (for updating purpose), they are all mandatory

TOFU Maker
This is an Excel tool based on Xif Hack Template.
It will allow you to customize every formula of the game.
With TOFU Maker you can set 200 differents formulas (and that's probably too much)

TOFU Stat Table
This a hack that allow you to tweaks "wild stat alteration"

TOFU Item Break Table
This hack allow you to change the Ability ID to Item Type hardcoded mechanics

TOFU Base XA customization
This is a Excel tool (still based on Xif Hack Template) Allowing you to change XA&YA weapon builds.
You can edit Base Attack and Jump Attack XA&YA build.

More info on the forums: https://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=12969
Note: Weekly Roundup is no longer happening. Post will still be up for those interested in joining the official discord and for older news:


From March 1st to March 16th:

@Celdia update her Celdia's XML Storage with a couple of new hacks. Removing status differences between genders and giving all player-controlled units access to the Item skillset all the time regardless of Job or the secondary skillset equipped!


@Xifanie released a new update of her Quality of Life mod, this time fixing some bugs related to the Extended Warranty hack and adding a massive overhaul of the FFT Hacking Template spreadsheet allowing to save directly to ASM!


@CONMAN released a batch of videos related to his story mod, Souls of Destiny! You should definitely check it out, and while you are enjoying it, you should definitely play it too!


@Ansehelm released a new update of his Ansehelm's FFT Expansion mod! Based on TLW 1.6, he added a couple of new hacks like the synthesis shop, new items and new recruitable units. The author mentioned that he is looking into porting the mod to TLW 2.0 but is not very likely. But it is still very worth it to play it as it is!


@Celdia released an update of her Honored mod, mostly related to bugfixes and minor adjustments. Feedback is appreciated!


@Puppy released a new update of his Second Read Softcover mod, fixing a couple of grammar errors, and a couple tweaks on the UI and help intro. If you are still waiting for TLWotL you should definitely check Second Read while you are at it!


@Celdia released a small patch called Doublecast Red Mage! It is pretty much vanilla FFT but with Red Mage instead of Calculator, including a Doublecast ability! There are also a couple of QoL stuff added to make the experience more enjoyable overall


@Eurystheus released a new update for his Eurystheus Patch featuring a couple of job adjustments to Chemist, a couple of new skills and a major overhaul of monster classes. One of the newest mods that deserves a lot of attention and praise! A must play mod I say!

The Lion War / [Locked] 2.0 Closed Beta Bug Reports
September 10, 2021, 10:49:37 am
For those who are working on the closed beta to report those found until public release
What do you guys think about a weekly (or monthly) post somewhere in the forums (that could also be shared on the discord) that could work like a "Meet the Modders" article style where someone from our modding community answers a couple of common questions about his story with modding in general, with FFH, and also works to showcase some of his upcoming projects?