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May 20, 2024, 03:47:27 pm


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Started by PX_Timefordeath, December 02, 2010, 08:06:55 pm


I don't have it

That's my two cents...

So I vote no on the FFH server...

Since I couldn't play...

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Episode 42 is out! Click above to watch!


That would be awesome.  And I'd like to think this community would collectively screw over any griefers.


No, you guys need to play Space Station 13. I think it'd be very... interesting... seeing a FFH server for that game.
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December 02, 2010, 09:29:34 pm #5 Last Edit: December 02, 2010, 09:35:44 pm by SilvasRuin
Minecraft is an indie sandbox game that has exploded in popularity purely through word of mouth.  It can be played either single player or multi player, is still being developed despite being fully functional and available already, and buying it even in the Alpha testing phase grandfathers you in for all future versions of the game as well.

In single player, each character spawns in a randomly generated world that keeps randomly generating as you explore it.  The theoretical limit (no one has ever found the actual limit yet) for how big a world can get is almost 8 times the surface of the planet Earth, to scale.  This along with the simulated environments (called biomes) and the randomly generated caves below the surface means that every player will have a unique experience for their world.
In multiplayer, the difference is that the server has a world generated and maintained, and all the players inhabit that same world.  Development and features currently lag behind single player, but this is rapidly changing, and it is catching up quite quickly.  Servers may use specially designed maps or unique features that the standard game does not have.

In Survival mode, the current normal mode of the game, the only goal is to survive, though until an optional "hard core" mode is added, death only means that you respawn back at your spawn point.  Danger comes from natural means like falling from great height, drowning, or taking a spill into lava/magma, but unless the difficulty setting is "Peaceful," danger also comes from various kinds of monsters that appear at night and in dark places.  Zombies shamble, Spiders jump, Skeletons shoot arrows, and Creepers silently sneak up on you and explode.  Zombies and Skeletons will burn up at dawn or in daylight, and Spiders will turn docile (unless they became pissed at you during the night, in which case they might remain hostile).

To survive, one must gather resources, and almost all players strive to gather better and better resources as they play.  The game has an intuitive crafting system, and all "blocks" that make up a world can be destroyed or removed, except for the indestructable Bedrock found at the very bottom of the worlds.  The game typically starts by players cutting down trees for wood, making a work bench, making a wooden pick, finding some exposed rock, then digging out a cave to live in as well as mining out some coal to make much needed torches with.

As the player continues, they can eventually craft tools, armor, furnaces, storage chests, fences, doors, windows, buckets, ladders, stairs, mine tracks and carts, wiring and "electricity," farms, water slides, rollercoasters, waterfalls, trapdoors, monster traps, houses, towers, castles, temples, floating islands in the sky, underwater cities, subterranean mazes, fortresses engulfed in lava flows, and more.  As far as structure goes, the only limitation is imagination and the work that has to be put in to find the materials you wish to use.

If you dislike the pixelated standard look of the game, it does have some support for custom texture packs.  There are also several mods out there for content, "bug fixes" (I only know of one mod that fixes an ACTUAL bug), and features, but the creater of Minecraft condemns the use of third party programs that alter or inject coding in the game client, and only approves of texture packs and server-side mods.

Upcoming features includes sharks and other sea creatures, more game modes such as Hard Core (no respawn), Adventure (no mining/building), and Zombie Siege (no idea what this is), likely includes cake, possibly includes giant zombies, and according to rumor includes flying transportation, dragons, and "NPCs" with small villages.  And that's just what I've heard of.  The game creator has many more plans for more content.

Here's a great video on how to get started:

The Minecraft pedia is here and is VERY useful for identifying blocks (with vanilla graphics) and for looking up crafting recipes:


I prefer Dwarf Fortress for my world building block-based game.
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And there's a program out there that recreates your Dwarf Fortress structures in Minecraft if you'd like to see them in a 3D world!
http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic ... 25&t=27744


looks fun... but I dont buy games anymore unless ive tried them first, and i havent been able to find a fully functioning demo anywhere


Me working on my boat :

From up above (Mapviewer)

One side :

This takes so much time, and the exterior is not even done!
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Yes I vote for a ffh server. I can try to figure it out. +1