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January 19, 2022, 11:19:43 am


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Works in Progress / Final Fantasy Tactics: Keen Sight
August 20, 2021, 04:31:20 pm
Keen Sight

I wanted to create a mod where the Random Number Generation was shifted from Accuracy to Damage and so Final Fantasy Tactics: Keen Sight was born.
I will be modifying the game to change every aspect based around the design that all moves will never miss. The one exception is that I will not be making the statuses procs 100% on moves that do damage and apply status effects (example: Sword Skills)
In addition, I will be modifying formations and using my Alternate Map pack instead of Vanilla maps. This is to create specific formations around the RNG design change

Still in testing, but all moves should now have a 100% hit ratio and I've modified formations of battles through the Algus Battle at the end of Chapter 1. Please let me know if you see a move without 100% accuracy!

I know this is currently dumb and unbalanced! Definitely much to be done!

Please provide me any feedback or ideas as you wish! As always, I'm open to constructive criticism!
We finally figured this out in the discord (thanks to both Garmichael and Glain!)


  • Extract the files in the MAP folder from a FFT ISO using CDMage or another program
  • Extract the attached Executable to the same place you extracted the MAP files
  • Open Command prompt
  • Change directory to that file location
  • type in the following (replace the NNN with the map number you want to export): fft_map_to_obj MAPNNN
  • A number of files will generate in the file path
  • The .obj files should be able to be imported into any modern 3D Software package

You can watch the process here: Twitch Highlight
Alternate Map Pack

To replace the standard battle maps with alternate battle maps for every story mission in Vanilla FFT. This will be designed to be as plug and play as possible. My aim is to require no additional hacking beyond replacing the map files on an ISO

Once completed anyone should be able to add these alternate battle maps to any hack they are creating. I am designing it to, like custom sprites, allow non-map makers to add new and exciting maps to their hacks.

The first pass of these is strictly to get them working correctly in game. I'll be revisiting them all to make texture adjustments and adjustments per feedback from play testing!
Orbonne Monastery 1st Pass
Orbonne-Monastery" border="0
Magic City Gariland 1st Pass
Magic-City-Gariland" border="0
Mandalia Plains 1st Pass
Madalia-Plains" border="0
Sweegy Woods 1st Pass
Sweegy-Woods" border="0
Slums In Dorter 1st Pass
Slums-In-Dorter" border="0
Cellar of Sand Mouse 1st Pass
Cellar-Of-Sand-Mouse" border="0
Thieves Fort 1st Pass
Thieves-Fort" border="0
Lenalia Plateau 1st Pass
Lenalia-Plateau" border="0
Windmill Battle 1st Pass
Windmill" border="0
Fort Zeakden 1st Pass
Fort-Zeakden" border="0
Dorter Trade City 1st Pass
Dorter-Trade-City" border="0
Araguay Woods 1st Pass
Araguay-Woods" border="0
Zirekile Falls 1st Pass
Zirekile-Falls" border="0
Zaland Fort City 1st Pass
Zaland-Fort-City" border="0
Barius Hill 1st Pass
Barius-Hill" border="0
Zigolis Swamp 1st Pass
Zigolis-Swamp" border="0
Slums in Goug 1st Pass
Slums-In-Goug" border="0
Barius Valley 1st Pass
Barius-Valley" border="0
Golgorland Execution Site 1st Pass
Execution-Site" border="0
At the Gate of Lionel Castle 1st Pass
Gate-Of-Lionel-Castle" border="0
Inside of Lionel Castle 1st Pass
Inside-Lionel-Castle" border="0
Goland Coal City 1st Pass
Goland-Coal-City" border="0
Back of Lesalia Castle 1st Pass
Lesalia-Gate" border="0
Underground Book Storage 2nd Floor 1st Pass
Underground-Book-Storage-Floor2" border="0
Underground Book Storage 3rd Floor 1st Pass
Underground-Book-Storage-Floor3" border="0
Underground Book Storage 1st Floor 1st Pass
Underground-Book-Storage-Floor1" border="0
Grog Hill 1st Pass
GrogHill" border="0
Yardow Fort City 1st Pass
Yardow" border="0
Yuguo Woods 1st Pass
yuguo-Woods" border="0
At the gate of Riovanes Castle 1st Pass
Gate-Riovanes" border="0
Inside of Riovanes Castle 1st Pass
Inside-Riovanes" border="0
Roof of Riovanes Castle 1st Pass
Roof-Of-Riovanes" border="0
Doguola Pass 1st Pass
Dougla-Pass" border="0
Bervenia Free City 1st Pass
Bervenia-Free-City" border="0
Finath River 1st Pass
Finath-River" border="0
Church Outside of Town 1st Pass
Church-Outside-Town" border="0
Bed Desert 1st Pass
Bed-Desert" border="0
Bethla Garrison South Wall 1st Pass
Bethla-Garrison-South-Wall" border="0
Bethla Garrison North Wall 1st Pass
Bethla-Garrison-North-Wall" border="0
Bethla Garrison Sluice 1st Pass
Bethla-Garrison-Sluice" border="0
Germinas Peak 1st Pass
Germinas-Peak" border="0
Poeskas Lake 1st Pass
Poeskas-Lake" border="0
Gate Of Limberry Castle 1st Pass
Limberry-Gate" border="0
Inside Limberry Castle 1st Pass
Inside-Limberry" border="0
Limberry Castle Cemetery 1st Pass
Underground-Limberry" border="0
Inside Igros Castle 1st Pass
Inside-Igros" border="0
St Murond Temple 1st Pass
St-Murond-Temple" border="0
St Murond Temple Hall 1st Pass
St-Murond-Temple-Hall" border="0
St Murond Temple Chapel 1st Pass
St-Murond-Temple-Chapel" border="0
Underground Book Storage 4th Floor 1st Pass
Underground-Book-Storage-Floor4" border="0
Underground Book Storage 5th Floor 1st Pass
Underground-Book-Storage-Fifth-Floor" border="0
Murond Death City 1st Pass
Murond-Death-City" border="0
Lost Sacred Precincts 1st Pass
Lost-Sacred-Precincts" border="0
Graveyard of Airships 1st Pass
Graveyard-Airship" border="0

I am streaming my work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9pm CST on twitch: Channel Page

If you have any ideas as to an alternate version of a map or questions about the process, I am more than happy to hear them! Speak your thoughts/ideas/questions on the Map-Editing channel on the FFH discord or drop a comment below!

Attached is both the PPF and the individual map files if you'd like to add these maps to an existing hack! The .ppf includes a special event created by Jumza. To see it visit the Thieves Fort during Chapter 2 or Chapter 3.

I have added a .zip file that contains a mod that can be used with JuraviS to add the maps to any existing hack. Please see this tutorial for how to do this. Thanks Xifanie for making such a wonderful tool!

Thanks to Jumza, Added a .ppf that can be patched over the top of other modded ISOs!

Add .ppf without Jumza's event
Help! / Ganesha situations
February 12, 2021, 08:10:28 pm

Is there a list of what Ganesha situations are used for each battle map in FFT somewhere?

Per the Ganesha instructions a situation is a combination of an "arrangement" (different configurations of polygons and terrain), a weather condition (sunny, cloudy, very cloudy), and a time of day.

If not, if I made a list of the specific ones would there a place I could add that to the forum?
Help! / Ganesha file exports
February 11, 2021, 11:38:49 am

I just started looking into Custom Maps for FFT and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to edit maps outside of Ganesha.

I'm a freelance 3D artist and use Maya in my work. Was looking for a way to possibly import a map into Maya if possible!

Thanks in advance!