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[FFTA2] Quest Requirements

Started by GooeySL, December 23, 2020, 08:01:12 pm


December 23, 2020, 08:01:12 pm Last Edit: December 23, 2020, 11:06:00 pm by GooeySL
I believe I found where the quest requirements are for quests. The quest requirements are located in the G column in the 'QD' sheet, and are four bytes long. They start at column G and if there are more than one quest requirement then they will start right after, so Column I would be the second quest requirement if there are any.  I've figured a few of the bytes and what represents what, but I need help.

Here's how the bytes look like in the actual excel sheet:
Stranger in the Woods 14 00
A Paw Full of Feathers 46 00
The Yellow Wings 82 00
You Say Tomato AA 00
Wanted: Ugohr DC 00
Wanted: Gilmunto 22 01
Now That's a Fire! 54 01
Pearls in the Deep 7C 01
Mountain Watch A4 01
Grounded! D6 01
Rumors Abound 12 02
Sleepless Nights 94 02
Making Music 02 03
Making Music 02 03 1B 07
Seeking the Stone 16 03
Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan 3E 03
A Request 84 03
The Rift AC 03
The Dig F2 03
Through Another's Eyes 38 04
Pirate Problems 60 04
The Ritual A6 04
The Two Grimoires D8 04
From the Rift F6 04

So since every story quest is unlocked after beating the last one, we can infer that the bytes listed represents the quest directly above it. So for example, 'A Paw Full of Feathers' requirements are 46 00, and the quest that unlocks 'A Paw Full of Feathers' is 'Strangers in the Wood', so that means 'Stranger in the Woods' is the bytes 46 00. Making Music (Part 2) has two quest requirements: 02 03, 1B 07. 02 03 is the story quest above it, Sleepless Night, while 1B 07 represents the Making Music (Part 1), where you fought the alchemist and his golems.

These story quest were easy to figure out since all quests are unlocked by completing story quests. So these bytes in the table repeated over and over in column G for every quest, and that's how I figured it lol. This method doesn't help at all in figuring out non-story quest.

And that's my main issue: I have no idea how these numbers points toward a quest, so I can't find the bytes for non-story quests. I've been able to identity a few of them, but that was with the same method I used for story quests. I don't actually know how these numbers work. Can someone smarter than me help me? User, DeLee, figured out quest rewards through Euclidean division but it doesn't seem to apply here. Unless I did it wrong lol.
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I did not fing any way to extrapolate new hex values, but when I studied it, I saw that the two bytes just before that has to do with how you accept a mission/it appears on the map.
00 The mission appears on the map without you accepting in at the pub.
01 The heritor quests
05 The mission can only be seen in Camoa
09 The mission can only be seen in Graszton
11 The mission can only be seen in Moorabella
21 The mission can only be seen in Fluorgis
3E Bonga Bundle -Silversun, might be because the mission's blue bubble is not the map where you do the mission, and it unlocks the map in question after the quest.
41 The mission can only be seen in Goug
1F The mission can only be seen in Loar
61 The mission can only be seen in Ordallia
7E Clan Trials
7F Missions that can be seen in all Ivalice.
80 You are automatically teleported to this mission after the precedent
FF Mains quests that are not 80
I do not have the time to test it all, but the 00 value does not seem to do anything on its own except removing the mission from the quest roster tab. There are probably other adresses that play a role. The very first two bytes of each mission in particular seem to change in correlation to this value, and the how the mission appears.
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