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July 24, 2021, 04:35:07 am


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What weapons work with what classes/races in A2?

Started by Stumbles, January 18, 2019, 07:15:39 pm


January 18, 2019, 07:15:39 pm Last Edit: January 25, 2019, 06:27:23 pm by Stumbles
I would have put this in a standard question thread, but there doesn't seem to be one...

I'm considering putting different weapons on certain classes and wondering if it works well animationwise. What weapons just don't work if put on another race or class, and which ones work on more or less any class?

EDIT: At the moment, I'm particularly wondering if Nu Mou can use cards, guns or flintlock if assigned those weapons.
EDIT 2: Managed to compile a list myself. Solved!
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Nice work, I'll use it to check if I some classes can't use the weapons I made avaliable. Also Kairetsu tested in my mod that Grias can't Dual Wield and I already added it to Vieras and they can use it freely -but for the weapon restriction you listed-.
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I've been working on a hack for quite a while and this is one of the first things I ran into. Here is a note I wrote myself on possible equip additions way back then. (I hope this is accurate.) BTW, Vaan can use a Rapier but can't Dual Wield with it. Also note that not all weapon effects work when used on a weapon that is dual wielded and placed in the second slot. Anyway:

You cannot do something if the animation doesn't exist. It will go to check it and subsequently freeze the game.

Note that:

- Humes can't use rapiers, spears, or cannons!
- Humes CAN use maces, guns.

- Bangaa can't use bows or guns!
- Bangaa CAN use rapiers, instruments, knives, maces.

- Moogles CAN use rapiers and spears

- Vierra can't use cannons.
- Vierra CAN use knives, swords, sabers, spears, fists, guns, and knightswords!

- Nu Mou can't use swords, bows, guns, sabers, rapiers, or knives!
- Nu Mou CAN use fists and cannons.

BTW, there is another kind of weapon that exists in the game memory but was never used. (Grenades?) I think it was intended for a class that never happened. I don't know how to access them or if they are usable.
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Ah I'm so disappointed I wanted to have a rapier class fo Grias :(

There is no way to make it work ?
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