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July 24, 2021, 03:26:00 am


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Current Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Mods

Started by Zeke_Aileron, May 15, 2018, 12:05:07 am


May 15, 2018, 12:05:07 am Last Edit: June 26, 2021, 06:41:18 am by Zeke_Aileron Reason: Added in the Mission Item Fix mod
This is a list of current FFTA mods made by members of the community, the links to them will be in the small descriptions defining what the mod does, please check them out.  :D

Eternal's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Grim Grimoire, the most extensive FFTA rebalance out there currently, Which re-balances the game-play and adds in new features to the game that vanilla FFTA most likely didn't have, An interesting law set mechanic that allows you to prepare for the fights beforehand, enemies scale accordingly to your clan's levels, new jobs added, post game content, bosses are much more defined, and a lot more, currently in Beta v0.993.

Eternal's Anarchy mod, that simply removes all Laws from the game.

dck's FFTA Long Night mod has new jobs, abilities and 70% of the game's (all new) encounters, No AP needed to master skills, reworked stats, enemies scale to your highest party member's level, no job prerequisites, currently in v0.64, new update to the mod was hinted.

Taelia's FFTA: Minimalist Completionist mod, A mod that allows the player to obtain missable abilities and missable characters such as Zeus' Mace, Materia Blade, Dark Gear and Genji Armor respectively, 2 enemy clans has been altered to help out Blue Mages you've been trying to work on, this mod is completed.

Linkuser's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: FFTA+ mod which focuses on making the main story missions more difficult, balancing a few things that vanilla FFTA didn't balance out well, there's not much information to go by; however, the user has posted an excel file and a changelog.txt file if you're interested in looking through those, mod is currently v0.1 and is asking for feedback.

Leonarth's FFT-Like Death mod, which comes in two versions: with and without Judges to actually enforce Laws. When a unit is KO'd, they'll have the Doom counter tick down. When it runs out (at the end of 1, not at the end of 0 like in FFT!) they are permanently removed from the field/party.

rrs_kai's FFTA : Mission Item Fix 1.0a
A list of missable equipment the player could have forgotten has been added as mission rewards, most missions give out 2 rewards to help out the player, story battles offer more AP rewards, and the major change in this fix is that it removes most surplus quest items so as to allow 100% mission completion (300).
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown
  • Discord username: Zeke Aileron™#0606