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July 28, 2021, 06:59:19 pm


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Help creating an xml for FFTorgASM to help for future custom characters.

Started by Philogosten, October 02, 2013, 05:42:58 pm


Well there are plenty of unused sprites, many are squires assigned to random jobs. So I plan to edit every ENTD to clean up all the job duplicates to give room for empty jobs that will be assigned to the unused sprites so that for all future projects there will be more than 2 slots available for custom characters. Now my issues is I can't seem to edit the sprites job association (for instance slot 58 (or 57 for shishi's editor) is a squire whose job is Samurai. So if someone can make an XML that can be used with FFTorgASM then I will do all the ENTD work. (Gafgarion for example has two Dark Knight jobs that are identical in nearly every form so one of those will become a blank slate job. Also Delita's unused Arc Knight job) I included below the xml I made that would assign sprites to unused jobs however it doesn't appear to work at all.
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IIRC every job from about 0x35 to 0x3B is unused.  You probably wouldn't need to resort to replacing characters in the ENTD after using only two slots.
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That is not many open slots. Found some slots that were redundant for the most part as they are only used in 1 battle and aren't unique they are just generic jobs basically with undead and float as innate status (would make more sense for the ghost types or the skeletons to take their place anyway,however they seem to be coded as monster types. I want to give modders every single open slot that I can plus it would help with the mod I am working on that adds a bunch of unique characters with unique jobs to the game.
Now taking bets on which kills me first. lung cancer or liver failure