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September 21, 2021, 09:25:48 pm


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Why everyone loves FFT

Started by Jumza, January 07, 2013, 07:44:06 pm


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Whereas every reconstructive engineer in this site wishes to do away with them.  Entirely.


Calculators aren't entirely unsalvageable, see FFT: KO. They just need their skillset cut down. A lot.
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Well, if you want me to break them, I can.
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I'd had the idea just now to 'fuse' them with Olan's Astrologer: That is, rather than using numbers, like elevation, level, CT, ect....

Effects and such based on a unit's Zodiac. Would be interesting, though it's unlikely, since that would only make their usefulness situational.
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For zodiacs if you can call specifics, make it into good/bad/best/worst/neutral combatability, and then use that as a guideline if possible.  I am sure it would require ASM but that way it keeps their use without being one time map wipe most of the time. 
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Very interesting, but I lack the skill and time to learn how to do this. Still, it's up in the air as is, and if I ever gain the time I will try to do so myself. But for now, it remains only an idea.
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