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I'm back after three years. I did it. Shrike Patch 1.0 is available.

Started by Shrikesnest, November 23, 2022, 09:52:09 pm


November 23, 2022, 09:52:09 pm Last Edit: November 25, 2022, 10:09:30 am by Shrikesnest Reason: Fixed patch
I swear I was a month from finishing this thing just before society collapsed. Sorry about that. I've been grinding away in what spare time I could find. And today I'm at the point where I'm comfortable calling it done. For now.

This isn't a straight-up difficulty patch, although it does make the game somewhat harder. It's an attempt to drastically rebalance the game's combat math and design priorities. I made the combat swingier, burstier, and substantially more dramatic. I added differentiation to the game's zillions of similar jobs and abilities. I did nerf some of the more boring overpowered strategies, but my much larger focus was taking previously-useless things and giving them a niche. I wanted to make as many jobs viable as I possibly could. I completely overhauled gearing to make the decision of what to equip more interesting. And I cut down on a lot of the frustrating grind that plagues the game.

I also fleshed out enemy skill and gear sets substantially. I carefully maintained a semblance of a difficulty curve, so I wait until about the second continent to start really bricking you in the face. I wanted to wait until the player has some options to explore before escalating the challenge. But enemies have more varied and interesting skillsets across the board.

Please let me know what you think! I welcome and appreciate all feedback. And do please let me know if you run into anything that isn't working.

Change Notes:

+ Adaptable: +5 base and +1 growth to job's primary and secondary stats.

Humes are the versatile, vanilla option, and I didn't want to screw that up, so they don't get much besides a small shifting stat bonus. Their lack of an elemental weakness is actually a pretty huge upside, since they lack the achilles heel of a Bangaa or Nu Mou.

= Scales: Resist Thunder, weak to Ice.
+ Zeal: +15 base atk and +2 atk growth for all jobs.
+ Toughness: +5 base def and +1 def growth for all jobs.
- Blind Faith: -10 res and -1 res growth for all jobs.
- Cold-Blooded: -1 spd and -5% spd growth for all jobs.

Bangaa are the beatdown, able to deal tremendous physical damage and tank physical hits like nobody else. Given that they are dangerous unit-deleters I gave them a big glowing weak point in the form of ice weakness and low resistance. (Since they have a common weakness they get a common resistance.)

= Forest Born: Resist Wind, weak to Earth.
+ Bunny Hop: +1 jump for all jobs.
+ Nimble: +3 base spd and +10% spd growth for all jobs.
- Lightweight: -10 base HP and -1 HP growth for all jobs.
- Frail: -5 base def and -1 def growth for all jobs.

Viera's boosted speed is quite the upside in combination with their powerful job kits, so I tried to give them an exploitable weakness. Instead of going for another common elemental weakness, I dedcided to give them low HP and defense. This inherent frailty means that you need to be careful with your Assassins, Summoners and Snipers if you want them to stick around.

Nu Mou:
= Thick Fur: Resist Ice, weak to Fire.
+ Attunement: +15 base mag and +2 mag growth for all jobs.
+ Wisdom: +10% resilience for all jobs.
- Fluffy: -10 base atk and -1 atk growth for all jobs.
- Ponderous: -1 spd and -5% spd growth for all jobs.

Nu Mou, like Bangaa, are extremely dangerous offense-focused units, so they get a common and exploitable elemental weakness as well. Their boosted resilience paired with the naturally high resilience of most of their jobs means that they can be extremely difficult to shut down with status effects. They are absolute units when they have their MP charged, but their slow speed means that will happen less quickly unless you're pumping them full of Ethers.

= Fae Creature: Resist Holy, weak to Dark.
+ Fairyblessed: +15 bas res and +2 res growth for all jobs.
+ Small Target: +10% eva for all jobs.
- Lightweight: -10 base HP and -1 HP growth for all jobs.
- Pipsqueak: -5 base atk and -1 atk growth for all jobs.

Moogles are very survivable now, with high evasion and magic resistance. A properly kitted out late game Moogle can tank a whole lot of incoming danger, which gives their support-focused skill sets a chance to shine. Their offensive power is quite limited across the board.

= Sharkhide: Resist Water, weak to Thunder.
+ Blubber: +15 base HP and +2 HP growth for all jobs.
+ Brute Force: +5 base atk and +1 atk growth for all jobs.
- Stout: -1 jump for all jobs.
- Big Target: -10% eva for all jobs.

Seeq's huge boost to hit points makes them difficult to deal with, so they get a common elemental weakness. Water is a rare resistance, but I couldn't pass up the flavor of making the sharks resist water, so that's what they get. Their reduced evasion does hinder their use as tanks somewhat, but there's plenty of equipment and the Block! ability to make up for it.

= Winged: Resist Earth, weak to Wind.
+ Dragon Force: +5 base str and mag and +1 str and mag growth for all jobs.
- Big Target: -10% eva for all jobs.

Gria get a less impactful stat boost than the others, but their ability to fly is very powerful. Given the potent stat spreads on their jobs they don't need much else.

Jobs and Abilities:

- Hi-Potion: Heals 70 HP (down from 100)
- X-Potion: Heals 120 HP (down from 200)
- Ether: Restores 20 MP (down from 30)

Soldiers are a defensive-orinted class first and foremost. First Aid was buffed pretty substantially and is actually a button you might want to push on purpose sometimes. Provoke got a somewhat less substantial buff, mostly to make it a little better when the computer uses it.

+ First Aid: Buffed heal slightly, now removes some debuffs.
- Rend MP: Half damage.
+ Provoke: Now has a range of 3 (up from 1.)

Thieves are fairly solid melee units with high evasion that make a decent warm body in the early game. I wish I could burn this class to the ground and redesign it from scratch. Instead, I just stole a great idea from a different patch (this is the Thief class after all) and tripled the amount of loot you get from stealing. This makes the bazaar a tiny bit less of a headache.

+ All Loot Stealing Abilities: Now gives triple the reward.

White Mage
White Mages have high resistance and resilience, which makes them surprisingly tanky in the right situations. All -ra and -ga level spells received significant boosts in power, and -ga level spells received an increase in MP cost to match their greater strength. The White Mage is unmatched in the niche of AOE healing. Esuna and Refresh have also been buffed, making the White Mage one of the best status cleansers to boot. I really wanted to push this job's identity as a pure healer since they do nothing else.

Special: Resist Holy
+ Cure: No longer holy.
+ Cura: Buffed base healing by ~50%; no longer holy.
+- Curaga: Buffed base healing by ~50%; MP cost 22 (up from 18); no longer holy.
+ Esuna: MP cost 10 (down from 12); now removes all debuffs.
- Arise: MP cost 32 (up from 20.)
+ Reraise: MP cost 16 (down from 28.)
+ Refresh: AOE is now 1 (up from 0.)

Black Mage
Black Mages have higher magic than White Mages but weaker resistance and resilience. All -ra and -ga level spells received significant boosts in power, and -ga level spells received an increase in MP cost to match their greater strength. This makes a fully kitted-out Black Mage a terrifying cannon that will charge up for a few turns or drink an Ether and then go off with a bang.

Special: Resist Dark
+ Fira, Thundara, Blizzara: Buffed base damage by ~50%.
+- Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga: Buffed base damage by ~50%; MP cost 22 (up from 18.)

Archers are quite frail and easy to take out with physical attacks to help compensate for their range advantage. The Archer's kit is pretty solid and not problematic balance-wise, so I didn't make many changes. Take Aim, like all double accuracy attacks, has been bumped up to full damage to help combat high-evasion targets.

+ Take Aim: Full damage (up from half.)

The Paladin has gotten some significant buffs and is now a serious contender, able to perform many functions at a limited range. Statwise they are balanced across the board (except for their low speed) and make decent carriers of most skillsets. Nurse has been buffed and given an MP cost, which allows the Paladin to actually function as a healer, albeit a fairly limited one. Saint Cross and Holy Blade hit hard and might Silence now, which gives the Paladin significant damage throughput and some disabling utility. Combined with the powerful support tools in their kit they serve as iconic tanks for the Humes. The only thing I hit was Sanctify, which was just too good as an AOE kill spell against the undead given how much more difficult to kill most undead are now.

Special: Resist Holy
+- Nurse: Buffed base healing by ~300%; MP cost 10 (up from 0.)
+- Saint Cross: Double damage (up from normal); may Silence on hit; MP cost 18 (up from 10.)
+ Holy Blade: Double damage (up from normal); may Silence on hit; MP cost 14 (down from 22.)
+- Sanctify: Range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 12 (up from 0.)

Fighters focus on speed and attack power as you would expect, but still maintain some bulk to facilitate their close range combat style. Many of the Fighter's skills received MP costs, but gained buffs to their output. I also buffed some of their non-MP skills to give them a more interesting rhythm of play.

+ Wild Swing: Buffed base damage by ~50%.
+ Blitz: Full damage (up from half.)
+- Air Render: Increased base damage by ~100%; MP cost 6 (up from 0); Wind elemental.
+- Aurablast: Increased base damage by ~50%; MP cost 16 (up from 0); Holy elemental.
+- Air Blast: Increased base damage by ~100%; MP cost 24 (up from 0).
+ Back Draft: Increased base damage by ~10%

The Paravir needed nerfed badly, so I bit the belt and gave their elemental slashes an MP cost so that they can't just be spammed. (Don't worry, Geomancy Paravirs are still gotdamned ridiculous.) I did give a tiny buff to Blade Bash - think of it as challenging the target to a duel if you like. Stops them from running away while you're charging your laser. Statwise they're melee glass cannons, so they need to put their explosive damage to good use if they want to survive.

+- Wind Slash: MP cost 8 (up from 0); range 5 (up from 4.)
+ Blade Bash: Always Immobilize on hit.
- Shimmering/Skyfury/Hoarfrost/Lifethread Blade: MP cost 14 (up from 0.)

Ninjas have the highest Speed for the Humes and have excellent attacking power, but I made them pretty vulnerable to compensate. Their abilities are now ranged AOE elemental chip damage along with a half normal chance to inflict status effects, making them somewhat similar to FFT's Geomancer class. Unspell got a little buff because I feel like it's a neat ability that doesn't get used much. Oblivion got some changes because it's shared with the Assassin; check the notes on their kit for more.

+- All Veils: AOE 1 (up from 0); MP Cost 8 (up from 4); half normal chance to inflict status
+ Unspell: Range 4 (up from 1).
+- Oblivion: Checks evasion instead of resilience; MP cost 16 (up from 12).

Illusionists have the highest magic power available to Humes, but are slow and not very mobile, and if they get caught out they'll be slaughtered for sure. I also nerfed the output on their spells. Infinite-range smart-targeting AOE is a lot, you know?

Special: Resist Dark
- All spells: Nerfed base damage by ~50%.

Blue Mage
Blue Mages benefited a whole lot from the changes made to monster spells (and, to be fair, suffered a few nerfs as well.) They remain the versatile nonsense machines they always have been. There's no way I wasn't going to keep them OP given how much of a pain in the ass it is to fill out their spell list. Statwise they're quite versatile, able to deal good physical damage in addition to their great magical stats. This makes them an excellent carrier class.

Special: Resist Dark
+- Magick Hammer: Half damage (down from full); range 4 (up from 3.)
+- White Wind: Range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 22 (up from 20.)
+ Angel Whisper: Buffed base healing by ~200%; range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 18 (down from 28).
+ Screech: Range 4 (up from 3)
+- War Dance: MP cost 12 (up from 0); also grants Move Up.
- Roar: MP cost 16 (up from 8).
+ Matra Magic: Checks resilience instead of evasion; full accuracy (up from quater accuracy); range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 18 (down from 22.)
- Bad Breath: MP cost 12 (up from 8.)
+ Unction: MP cost 4 (down from 8.)
+ Self-Destruct: Buffed base damage by ~100%.
+- Quake: Buffed base damage by ~100%; MP cost 16 (up from 12.)
+ Expose Weakness: MP cost 6 (down from 8.)
+- Mighty Guard: Now a single-target buff that grants Protect, Shell, Regen and Haste for 18 MP.
+ Dragon Force: MP cost 6 (down from 8.)

Hunters remain the premier Hume ranged unit. I didn't feel the need to mess with them much. They've got an excellent niche as monster wreckers and I only wanted to lean into that harder. Hunting got the same buff as the Thief's loot stealing skills, and deals full damage to boot. Slap this as a secondary on Luso and never worry about the bazaar again.

+ Advice: Range 3 (up from 1.)
+ Hunting: Full damage (up from quarter damage); triple reward.

Seers have the highest Resistance for Humes as well as top shelf Magic and decent Strength. Not only do they retain most of their wacky power, but both their books and -ra spells got buffs. To be honest I just really adore their cat ear hoods. The only thing I did to rein them in a bit was weakening Recharge, and I think we can all agree that was necessary.

Special: Resist Holy
+ Cura, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara: Buffed base healing/damage by ~50%.
- Recharge: Restores 14 MP (down from 24.)

Warriors got some significant buffs. They got the same First Aid buff that Warriors did, Body Slam hits much harder, and Lifetap actually might theoretically hit something some day. Statwise they're more offensively oriented than Soldiers, as is the Bangaa way.

+ First Aid: Buffed heal slightly, now removes some debuffs.
- Rend MP: Half damage.
+ Body Slam: Buffed base damage by ~50%.
+ Lifetap: Half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy.)

White Monk
White Monks have quite a versatile skillset, and I messed around with it a whole lot. Air Render, Earth Render, Aurablast, Chakra, Revive and Exorcise all got MP costs, for starters. Aurablast and Earth Render hit substantially harder, and Chakra also restores MP now. Statwise they are among the most well-rounded of the Bangaa jobs, and they carry magic-based skillsets better than most.

+ Roundhouse: Buffed base damage by ~100%.
+- Air Render: Increased base damage by ~100%; MP cost 6 (up from 0); Wind elemental.
+- Aurablast: Increased base damage by ~50%; MP cost 16 (up from 0); Holy elemental.
+- Earth Render: Buffed base damage by ~200%; MP cost 14 (up from 0); Earth elemental.
+- Chakra: Buffed base healing; restores MP equal to 25% of HP restored; MP cost 12 (up from 0.)
- Revive: MP cost 14 (up from 0.)
+- Exorcise: Range 4 (up from 1); MP cost 4 (up from 0.)

The biggest change to Dragoons is to their breath attacks: they all have a substantial MP cost now, but they hit dramatically harder. Dragoons get an innate bonus to jump, along with Spears granting jump bonuses now, which can make them super useful on certain terrain. Their stats are oriented around Strength and Defense as you'd expect, but they are also faster than most heavy armor units.

+- Lancet: Now restores MP equal to 1/4th damage as well; MP cost 10 (up from 0.)
+- Fire, Thunder and Ice Breath: Buffed base damage by ~100%; MP cost 16 (up from 0.)
+- Bangaa Cry: Buffed base damage by ~300%; MP cost 24 (up from 0.)

As part of a general effort to make tank jobs more viable, Defenders got some significant buffs. Whirl Burst hits harder, Meltdown actually has a chance to hit now, and Aura is a lot cheaper. The biggest change, however, is to their stats. Defenders have the highest HP and Defense available to the Bangaa, and are practically indestructible by physical damage.

+ Whirl Burst: Buffed base damage by ~100%.
+ Meltdown: Half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy.)
+ Aura: MP cost 16 (was 28.)

The biggest change to the Gladiator is their elemental attacks. Fire Soul is now a ranged, AOE fireball that can Berserk. Thunder Assault is a line attack that can Blind. Blizzard Tackle is still one enemy at melee, but it hits harder than the others and can Immobilize. They also have decent Magic in addition to their strong melee stats, which expands the skillsets that they can carry.

+ Wild Swing: Buffed base damage by ~50%.
+ Blitz: Full damage (up from half.)
+- Fire Soul: Can inflict Berserk (half chance); range 3 (up from 1); AOE 1 (up from 0); MP cost 16 (up from 4.)
+- Thunder Assault: Buffed base damage by ~50%; can inflict Blind (half chance); range 4 (up from 1); line AOE; MP cost 14 (up from 4.)
+- Blizzard Tackle: Buffed base damage by ~100%; can inflict Immobilize (half chance); MP cost 12 (up from 4.)

Master Monk
Master Monks are already pretty good, so I didn't want to give them a lot of flat-out buffs. I did shuffle some things around to make their kit a little more interesting. Pummel got a little damage nerf to make it not the best button to push every single turn. Dark Fist hits harder, but commensurately suffers more recoil. Lifebane now always inflicts Doom on hit, but has half accuracy, which I feel reflects its flavor better. Holy Strike hits much harder and can Silence but gained an MP cost. Inner Focus is a much more robust healing option, like a self-Curaga. Statwise they are tied with Trickster for the fastest Bangaa job and build on the White Monk's well-rounded core.

- Pummel: Second hit now does half damage.
+ Dark Fist: Buffed base damage by ~50%.
+ Withering Strike: Half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy.)
+- Lifebane: Half accuracy (down from full); Doom chance now perfect on hit (up from half accuracy).
+- Holy Strike: Buffed base damage by ~66%; can inflict Silence; MP cost 14 (up from 0.)
+- Inner Focus: Buffed base healing by ~200%; MP cost 18 (up from 0.)

The Bishop was one of my biggest buff targets in the redesign. I've always wanted these guys to work. Water and Aero got big damage buffs, now occupying a space between -ra and -ga spells. (Quake got the same buff, making them a set.) Holy also got a substantial increase in power as well as a reduction in MP cost. Their utility options are also cheaper. This should help their kit function well on other jobs, given how many abilities have MP costs now that didn't before.

+ Dispel: Range 4 (up from 3.)
+ Holy: Buffed base damage by ~50%; range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 24 (down from 32).
+ Barrier: Range 4 (up from 3); AOE 1 (up from 0); MP cost 6 (down from 8.)
+- Water: Buffed base damage by ~100%; range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 16 (up from 14.)
+- Aero: Buffed base damage by ~100%; range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 16 (up from 14.)
+ Break: MP cost 18 (down from 24).

I'll just be up front about my bias: I'm a huge Templar fan. They're super cool. Magic is much more powerful in this patch, so a dedicated anti-magic job is a perfect place to encourage some counterplay. That said, Rasp as all MP-damaging effects was halved in effectiveness, and Haste had to be nerfed. Soul Sphere is now a big, summon-magic-sized damage spell that also wipes MP, making it one of the Bangaa's big guns. Statwise they're a lot like the Paladin, having a decent spread across all stats that makes them a good carrier class, but paying for it in Speed.

- Rasp: Half damage.
+ Discipline: Now buffs accuracy and critical chance.
+ Silence: Range 4 (up from 3.)
+- Soul Sphere: Now deals damage to HP and MP; AOE 2 (up from 0); MP cost 22 (up from 0.)
+- Haste: Range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 14 (up from 8).
+ Lifebreak: Half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy).

Cannoneers have a sky-high attack stat, among the highest in the game, and cannons have high attack power as well. They're very frail, however, and cannons received a range nerf, so positioning is a serious concern. I nerfed their support options to emphasize their offensive focus.

- Potion Shell: Heal down to 30 (from 60.)
- Ether Shell: MP restore down to 20 (from 60.)

The first change to note is to cards, which had their range and damage toned down. However, they gained a variety of stat boosts that can help subtly push the Trickster in different directions. They hit decently hard and have high magic stats, but their biggest advantages are their high evasion and lightning-quick Speed. I also toned down their MP costs and upped the accuracy on their best abilities, helping them lean into their skillset more instead of just being a carrier class with a good weapon.

+ Snigger: MP cost 6 (down from 8.)
+ Suggestion: MP cost 26 (down from 32.)
+ Hypochondria: MP cost 8 (down from 12.)
+ Charisma: MP cost 18 (down from 24.)
+ Agitate: Half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy.)
+ Traumatize: Half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy.)

Time Mage
Time Magic got some serious nerfs. Effects like Haste and Slow are -so- powerful in a clocktick-based combat engine, and Square has consistently undervalued that for decades. I think they just like it and want it to be really good. It still is, you just actually have to pay to break the game over your knee now.

+- Haste: Range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 14 (up from 8).
+- Hastega: Range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 24 (up from 14.)
+- Quicken: Range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 28 (up from 12.)
+- Slow: Range 4 (up from 3); AOE 0 (down from 1.)
+- Reflect: Range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 14 (up from 8.)
+- Stop: Range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 16 (up from 12.)
+ Undo: Half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy); range 4 (up from 3.)

Alchemists got a few buffs to make up for the nerfs to items. I just couldn't stand to waste that cool Protometeor animation, even if it was pretty funny to watch it hit as hard as a regular Fire spell. It's a ludicrous summon spell now. Flare is also a proper unit deleter now, and Toad got a more reasonable MP cost. Alchemists were already solid enough units, but they've got a proper endgame niche now.

+- Protometeor: Buffed base damage by ~550%; range 4 (up from 3); AOE 2 (up from 1); MP cost 36 (up from 8.)
+- Flare: Buffed base damage by ~200%; range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 22 (up from 16.)
+ Toad: MP cost 18 (down from 32); range 4 (up from 3.)

The biggest buffs to the Arcanist are Drain and Syphon. Drain is quite a robust spell now, and given how low Nu Mou HP stats are it can be a potent restoration option. Syphon drains MP now, which gives the Nu Mou an MP restoration option besides Alchemists with Item Lore-enhanced Ethers. The Gravity spells are half accuracy now and both deal 50% HP, the difference being that Gravity is single-target and Graviga is AOE, and they got an MP reduction to boot. They're balanced plenty by their accuracy still, and this makes them a useful option against high-HP tanks, which are more of a thing now. Finally, I buffed the damage on their level-based spells, since they're so finnicky to hit with.

+- Death: Range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 22 (up from 16.)
+ Drain: Buffed base damage by ~100%.
+- Syphon: Nerfed base damage by ~50%; now drains MP.
+ Gravity: Damage = 50% enemy max HP (up from 25%); half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy); range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 10 (down from 12.)
+ Graviga: Half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy); range 4 (up from 3); AOE 1 (up from 0); MP cost 18 (down from 22.)
+ Lv. 3 Dark: base damage increased by ~100%.
+ Lv. ? Shadowflare: base damage increased by ~33%.

Blind now has an AOE to parallel Silence, but it's more expensive since Blind doesn't naturally expire. (I'm a little torn on this change and might revert it or find some way to make Blind expire.) Scathe got some significant buffs to make it worth its big MP cost, and Gigaflare is an AOE Flare. Bio hits like the newly-buffed Water or Aero and adds Poison to boot. All of this makes the Sage one of the premier magic damage units in the game.

+- Water: Buffed base damage by ~100%; range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 16 (up from 14.)
+- Aero: Buffed base damage by ~100%; range 4 (up from 3); MP cost 16 (up from 14.)
+ Blind: AOE 1 (up from 0); MP cost 16 (up from 8.)
+ Scathe: Buffed base damage by ~33%; range 6 (up from 4.)
+ Esunaga: MP cost 14 (down from 24); AOE 2.
+ Gigaflare: Buffed base damage by ~33%; range 4 (up from 3)
+ Bio: Buffed base damage by ~100%; MP cost 18.

I didn't want to mess with these guys too much, although it should be noted that I removed most player-accessible absorption options, so they are much less lucrative to abuse. I did buff Mad Scientist, though, because it's a really fun spell.

+ Mad Scientist: AOE 1 (up from 0.)

The Beastmaster got some help, mostly to make acquiring Blue Magic less of an ungodly pain in the ass. I substantially buffed the range on their abilities, which makes them a ton more useful in a fight. They also got several stat buffs, and are the closest thing to a physical class the Nu Mou have.

+ All abilities: Range 5 (up from 2.)

The Fencer got a big slate of buffs. Their entire kit hits harder, save for Manastrike. They also have okay-ish defensive stats, but of course the Viera modifiers tamp that down a bit. Rapiers all buff evasion now, so paired with shields Fencers have among the best survivability for Viera units.

+ Swarmstrike: Full damage (up from half.)
+ Shadowstick: Checks evasion instead of resilience.
+ Featherblow: Full damage (up from half.)
+ Swallowtail: Buffed base damage by ~100%.
- Manastrike: Half damage.
+ Piercing Blow: Buffed base damage by ~100%.
+- Nighthawk: Bufed base damage by ~200%; range 3; MP cost 6 (up from 0); Dark element.

Green Mage
I threw Green Mages a bone since they're a neat support class. I reduced the MP costs of most of their kit, allowing you to more easily use Green Magic alongside another MP-based skillset. They also have decent Strength and can hit really hard when equipped with a hammer.

+ Protect: MP cost 4 (down from 8.)
+ Shell: MP cost 4 (down from 8.)
+ Leap: MP cost 12 (down from 18.)
+ Oil: MP cost 6 (down from 8.)

I felt like the Elementalist was a neat concept handled in kind of a boring way, so I toyed around with their mana costs and damage values to give the different spells different niches. Now you might do something other than just spam Fire Whip on stuff. I also gave them a higher damage output since their spells are all single-target.

+- Fire Whip: Buffed base damage by ~50%; MP cost 14 (up from 8.)
+ Earth Heal: Buffed base healing by ~50%.
+ Shining Air: Buffed base damage by ~50%.
+- Evil Gaze: Buffed base damage by ~200%; MP cost 16 (up from 8.)
+- Boulder Crush: Buffed base damage by ~100%; MP cost 10 (up from 8.)
+- Sliprain: Buffed base damage by ~100%; MP cost 12 (up from 8.)
+ Thunderous Roar: MP cost 6 (down from 8.)

I diversified the Spellblade's MP costs congruent with the usefulness of the status effect inflicted. This is much more interesting with the usual Doublecast shenanigans. Statwise Spellblades are among the sturdiest and hardest-hitting of the Viera jobs physically. This makes them better able to use their Blood Price ability than most of the other jobs, since the others have substantially lower HP. Fingers crossed, anyway.

+ Poison Blade: MP cost 6 (down from 8.)
+ Oil Blade: MP cost 4 (down from 8.)
- Sleep Blade: MP cost 10 (up from 8.)
- Slow Blade: MP cost 12 (up from 8.)
- Confusion Blade: MP cost 10 (up from 8.)
- Maim Blade: MP cost 12 (up from 8.)

I pushed the Summon spells to have higher MP costs and more robust effects to lean into their identity harder. All summon spells are now smart-targeting, so damaging summons won't hit allies and helpful summons won't hit enemies; I always liked this aspect of FFT summons because it feels more like you're summoning an intelligent creature to help. (It also stops the Holy absorbtion effects still in the game from being easily abused.) I also nerfed Unicorn to stop it from being too effective with Doublecast and Blood Price. Phoenix is silly.

+ All Summons: Smart target
- Unicorn: MP cost 24 (up from 16.)
+- Ifrit, Ramuh, Shiva: Buffed base damage by ~33%; MP cost 24 (up from 16.)
+- Maduin: Buffed base damage by ~50%; MP cost 36 (up from 22.)
- Phoenix: MP cost 38.

I'm trying something out with the Assassin class and I can't decide if it's too good or not. Their abilities cost substantially more, but target evasion instead of resilience. This can be absolutely devastating, particularly with Blood Price. However, it should be noted that despite being very fast and strong, Assassins are frail to the extreme. You'll get one or two shots with them before they get drawn and quartered. And the Viera don't have much in the way of bulky classes to level up in to offset this disadvantage. I'm hoping this is enough to keep them balanced. Let me know what you think.

+- Oblivion: Checks evasion instead of resilience; MP cost 16 (up from 12).
+- Shadowbind: Checks evasion instead of resilience.
+- Last Breath: Checks evasion instead of resilience; MP cost 22 (up from 18).
+- Aphonia: Checks evasion instead of resilience; MP cost 12 (up from 6).
+- Nightmare: Checks evasion instead of resilience; always add Doom on hit; MP cost 20 (up from 8).
+- Ague: Checks evasion instead of resilience; MP cost 14 (up from 8).
+- Rockseal: Checks evasion instead of resilience; MP cost 26 (up from 22).

Like Pummel, Doubleshot got a nerf to make it less flatly overpowered. Beso Toxico now deals half damage but always Poisons if it hits to give it some differentiation from Swarmstrike. Like the rest of the ranged units, Snipers pay in survivability to a serious extent, only exacerbated by Viera frailty.

- Doubleshot: Second attack now half accuracy.
+- Beso Toxico: Half damage (down from full); now always Poisons on hit.
+ Marksman's Spite: Half accuracy (up from quarter accuracy.)

The Animist got some big buffs; Moogles focus on support, and the Animist is their basic support class, so it should be robust enough to establish their identity. Sheep Count is now flatly better than Sleep and can be spammed to your heart's content. Chocobo Rush deals some proper damage, and Catnip is now an AOE effect. I also shuffled around when you learn various Animist abilities to allow you access to Tail Wag and Catnip much earlier. This gives Animists a real presence in the early game that they didn't have before.

+ Sheep Count: MP cost 10 (down from 12.)
+- Chocobo Rush: Buffed base damage by ~50%. MP cost 14 (up from 8.)
+- Catnip: AOE to 1 (up from 0); MP cost 12 (up from 8.)

Moogle Knight
Moogle Knights are strong tanks, particularly against magic, but their damage output is not stellar. Moogle Attack is now double accuracy in addition to its knockback effect, which gives Moogle Knights a consistent ability to mess with the enemy's positioning. Moogle Aid also heals for much more. Abilities like Moogle Lance and Moogle Aid did not get an MP cost, despite similar abilities in other jobs doing so. This makes the Moogle Knight's kit easy to slot onto other jobs.

+ Moogle Attack: Double accuracy; always knocks back on hit.
+ Moogle Lance: Holy elemental; half Resilience chance to dispel all buffs.
+ Moogle Aid: Buffed base healing by ~300%.

Fusiliers have always been kind of dumb, so I wanted to take them down a peg or two. Guns are now fairly weak weapons statwise, but they do retain their high range. I also reduced the power of non-elemental shots, which makes the better status-inducing shots less of a no-brainer to use every turn.

- Blindshot, Silenceshot, Confushot: Damage to half (down from full.)
- Charmshot, Stopshot: Damage to quarter (down from full.)

The Juggler is one of my favorite jobs for Moogles, so it pained me to nerf them, but I think it was necessary. I cut the range of all of their abilities and fixed Smile Toss; now not only does it not break the game with the tiniest application of effort, but it's also more fun to use! (Probably.) Statwise they're blisteringly fast and one of the best dodge tanks in the game. Just looking at the abilities makes it look like these guys ate nothing but nerfs, but their stats really make up for it.

- All Skills: Range 3 (down from 4.)
- Smile Toss: Now grants a random buff instead of Quicken.

The Tinker has been completely reworked and is now the Moogle equivalent of a Summoner. However, instead of dealing elemental damage in a huge area, their abilities inflict status effects in a huge area. (Unlike Summon spells, though, these do not smart target.) There is no longer a coinflip element (despite the graphics for that effect remaining - nothing I can do about it, sorry!); spells target both allies and enemies in the area. I'm very happy with where Tinkers are now - they're actually worth using in a big way.

+- All abilities: Now regular spells with varying mana costs that target a summon-magic sized area.

I didn't need to mess with the Flintlock too much, but I did give them a few little buffs here or there. They're a more support-focused cannon class than the Bangaa Cannoneer, so instead of nerfing their healing I buffed it. With the buffed cannon damage the Flintlock is one of the few Moogle options for dealing high damage.

+ Cure Cannon: Buffed base healing by ~50%.
+ Ether Boost: Buffed base damage by ~25%.
+ Blowback: Buffed base damage by ~50%.

Berserkers didn't need any changes to their abilities. Statwise they're the most offensively-focused Seeq job, with amazing attack and decent speed. Their health is also quite high, but their other defensive stats are lacking.

Statwise Rangers are the fastest (and most mobile) but frailest of the Seeq jobs. Ability-wise, well, who didn't see this coming? Mirror Items is just good and not utterly game-breaking now.

- Mirror Potion: Checks resilience instead of evasion.
- Mirror Hi-Potion: Checks resilience instead of evasion; deals 70 damage (down from 100)
- Mirror X-Potion: Checks resilience instead of evasion; deals 120 damage (down from 200)
- Mirror Ether: Checks resilience instead of evasion; deals 20 damage (down from 30)
- Mirror Elixir: Checks resilience instead of evasion.

The Lanista's abilities gained increased efficacy but also increased costs. They have great defensive stats which, paired with the Seeq's big bonus to HP and their drain-based kit, can make them extremely hard to kill.

+ Souleater: Buffed base damage by ~300%.
+- Sword of Darkness: Buffed base damage by ~50%; MP cost 16.
+- Sword of Light: Now drains MP; MP cost 12.
- Block!: Now buffs Evasion instead of Defense; MP cost 12.
- Strike!: MP Cost 12.
+- Charge!: Buffed base damage by ~100%; MP cost 18.
+ Razzle-dazzle: Buffed base damage by ~100%; MP cost 24.

The biggest changes to the Viking aren't in their buffed skills, but their stat layout. They actually have the magic stat to use their Thunder spells now (although they're obviously not going to start giving your Nu Mou party members a run for their money any time soon.) To be honest it still ain't much, but at least they're not the most comically useless job in the game anymore.

+ Thundara: Buffed base damage by ~50%.
+- Thundaga: Buffed base damage by ~50%; MP cost 22 (up from 18.)
+- Tsunami: Buffed base damage by ~50%; MP damage now halved.
+ Strongarm: Buffed base damage by ~100%.
+ Pillage: Buffed base damage by ~100%.

Nerfing the Raptor was so hard, you guys. I love Raptors. But it had to be done. Half damage on the Crushes means they aren't such a mindless button to slam every turn. I gave them lateral compensation by adding knockback to Cyclone and Whirlwind, which gives the Raptor a unique niche in ranged AOE knockback. They're more about tactically controlling the battlefield than shredding the enemy frontline now.

- Power Crush, Mind Crush, Speed Crush, Soul Crush: Half damage (down from full.)
+- Cyclone: Nerfed base damage by ~50%. Now has a chance to knockback on hit.
+- Whirlwind: Has a chance to knockback on hit instead of confusing.

I decided to go in a bit of a different direction with Ravagers rather than just slapping an MP cost on stuff. I felt like it fit their flavor better to give them big, powerful attacks balanced by reduced accuracy. Battle Cry has also been reworked to buff their accuracy but weaken their defense, suggesting a natural tradeoff. Statwise they have top shelf attack and a decent magic stat (allowing them to carry Geomancer skills), but they're fragile enough for that defense drop on Battle Cry to matter. (...a little bit, anyway. I need to figure out how to make the stat buffs and debuffs more dramatic. And Protect and Shell, while we're at it.)

+ En Garde: Now also buffs Evasion.
+- Battle Cry: Now buffs Accuracy but debuffs Defense.
+- Overpower: Buffed base damage by ~300%; half accuracy (down from full.)
- Sneak Attack: Half accuracy (down from full.)
+- Sweeping Spin: Buffed base damage by ~300%; half accuracy (down from full.)
+- Blast Wave: Buffed base damage by ~300%; half accuracy (down from full.)

I stole a trick from Triangle Strategy's Giovanna and made the Geomancer's spells long-distance line AOEs. This makes them more interesting and rewarding to set up while retaining their long reach. Combined with the variety of status effects they can inflict they are modestly versatile spellcasters. Kinda Luxury Elementalists that are a lot more finnicky to set up.

+- Shining Flare: Line AOE. Base 40 Fire damage. Chance to Blind on hit. MP cost 12.
+- Venom Squall: Line AOE. Base 40 Water damage. Chance to Poison on hit. MP cost 12.
+- Avalanche: Line AOE. Base 40 Ice damage. Chance to Sleep on hit. MP cost 12.
+- Mist Storm: Line AOE. Base 80 Dark damage. Deals half damage to MP. Buffed damage. MP cost 16.
+- Nature's Embrace: Line AOE. Base 60 Thunder damage. Chance to Slow on hit. MP cost 14.
+- Artifice's Embrace: Line AOE. Base 60 non-elemental damage. Chance to Immobilize on hit. MP cost 14.
+- Life's Embrace: Line AOE. Base 60 Holy damage. Chance to Silence on hit. MP cost 14.
+- Earth's Embrace: Line AOE. Base 60 Earth damage. Chance to Addle on hit. MP cost 14.

Sky Pirate
I took some pity on Vaan. I don't even like him that much as a character, but the Sky Pirate job was just sad. Even with major stat buffs and a kit pushed as hard as I could push it he's just okay, but at least the escort missions where you're relying on him should be a teensy bit less frustrating now.

+ Trophy Hunt: Full damage (up from half); triple rewards.
+ Shadow Stalk: Double accuracy (up from normal); buffed damage.
+ Life of Crime: Full accuracy (up from quarter.)
+ Razor's Edge: Now also buffs Critical chance.
+ Flee: Now also buffs Evasion.

I actually messed around with having Penelo's abilities work like the Dancer from FFT, affecting all enemies on the battlefield. It was kinda cool, but just so hideously broken there was no way to make it fun. I settled for making her dances long range harassment tools with smart targeting that ignores allies. I also gave her stats a little bump, once again to help with the frustrating escort missions. (Note that Sword Dance didn't get a nerf like Pummel or Double Shot, so it's the best double attack skill in the game besides Dual Wield.)

+ Mincing Minuet: Buffed based damage by ~100%; MP cost 10; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.
+ Forbidden Dance: Adds Confuse, Immobilize, Disable and Sleep; MP cost 18; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.
+ Slow Dance: Adds Slow with perfect accuracy; MP cost 14; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.
+- Witch Hunt: Half damage; MP cost 8; range 5, AOE 1, smart targting.
+ Polka: Now debuffs both Attack and Defense; MP cost 4; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.
+ Heathen Frolic: Now debuffs both Magic and Resistance; MP cost 4; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.
+- Jitterbug: Now an AOE drain spell; MP cost 22; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.

Much like Penelo, Hurdy got a brief treatment with abilities like an FFT Bard. I'm not joking when I say that version of Soul Etude was the most broken thing that has ever happened to this patch. Much like Penelo, I settled for giving Hurdy good support abilities with high reach and smart targeting. I may have overdone it on his stats a little, but Hurdy is like the only character in this game I actually like, so...

+- Requiem: MP cost 4; range 5, AOE 1.
+- Angel Song: Now adds Regen and Reraise to allies; MP cost 18; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.
+- Battle Chant: Now buffs attack and defense; MP cost 4; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.
+- Magick Chant: Now buffs magic and resistance; MP cost 4; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.
+- Nameless Song: Applies random buffs; MP cost 12; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.
+- Magick Ballad: Restores a set 10 MP to one ally; MP cost 10; range 5, cannot target self.
+- Soul Etude: Now between Cura and Curaga in healing power and removes all debuffs; MP cost 16; range 5, AOE 1, smart targeting.

I didn't do anything with Al-Cid at all. Let me know if you care. If enough people want me to do something with him I guess I will, but to be honest I never use or even recruit this guy.

Dagger - +18 Atk, +2 Spd
Jacknife - +20 Atk, +2 Spd
Kard - +18 Atk, +4 Spd
Scramasax - +18 Atk, +2 Spd, +5 Mag
Rondel - +18 Atk, +2 Spd, +5 Def
Kris - +18 Atk, +2 Spd, +5 Res
Khukuri - +20 Atk, +2 Spd, +5 Eva
Zwillblade - +18 Atk, +7 Spd
Swordbreaker - +23 Atk, +2 Spd
Orichalcum Dirk - +18 Atk, +2 Spd, +10 Mag
Cinquedea - +18 Atk, +2 Spd, +5 Def, +5 Res
Jambiya - +18 Atk, +4 Spd, +5 Eva
Tonberrian - +18 Atk, +12 Spd
Tiptaptwo - +23 Atk, +2 Spd, +10 Eva

Shortsword - +26 Atk
Broadsword - +28 Atk
Buster Sword - +26 Atk, +2 Def
Burglar Sword - +26 Atk, +2 Eva
Silver Sword - +26 Atk, +2 Mag
Gale Sword - +26 Atk, +2 Spd
Blood Sword - +26 Atk, Drain
Onion Sword - +26 Atk, +5 Def
Restorer - +31 Atk, +5 Mag
Vitanova - +36 Atk
Chirijiraden - +41 Atk, +5 Eva

Iron Blade - +30 Atk
Sweep Blade - +32 Atk
Shadow Blade - +30 Atk, +2 Eva
Sun Blade - +30 Atk, +2 Def
Atomos Blade - +30 Atk, +2 Spd, Element: Lightning
Venus Blade - +30 Atk, +2 Mag, Element: Fire
Pearl Blade - +30 Atk, +2 Res, Element: Holy
Ogun Blade - +35 Atk
Flametongue - +35 Atk, +2 Mag, Element: Fire
Air Blade - +35 Atk, +2 Spd, Element: Wind
Ice Brand - +35 Atk, +2 Def, Element: Ice
Kwigon Blade - +35 Atk, +2 Res, Element: Holy
Paraiba Blade - +40 Atk
Ebon Blade - +35 Atk, +2 Eva, Element: Dark
Adamant Blade - +30 Atk, +5 Def
Materia Blade - +30 Atk, +5 Mag
Ayvuir Red - +50 Atk
Ayvuir Blue - +30 Atk, +5 Def, +5 Res, +10 Eva

Light Saber - +24 Atk, +5 Mag
Blue Saber - +24 Atk, +5 Res
Shamshir - +24 Atk, +5 Eva
Aqua Saber - +24 Atk, +2 Mag, +2 Res, Element: Water
Harpe - +24 Atk, +5 Spd
Manganese Saber - +24 Atk, +10 Mag
Talwar - +29 Atk, +2 Spd, +5 Eva
Soulsaber - +29 Atk, +15 Mag

Longsword - +24 Atk, +5 Def
Defender - +24 Atk, +5 Def, Immune: Disable
Apocalypse - +24 Atk, +5 Def, Element: Dark, Resist: Dark
Lionheart - +24 Atk, +5 Def, Immune: Confuse
Ragnarok - +24 Atk, +5 Def, Immune: Silence
Lohengrin - +24 Atk, +5 Def, Immune: Stop
Save the Queen - +24 Atk, +10 Def, Element: Holy, Resist: Holy
Arch Sword - +24 Atk, +5 Def, +5 Mag, Immune: Stone
Excalibur - +29 Atk, +5 Def, Element: Holy, Absorb: Holy
Sequencer - +24 Atk, +5 Def, Growth
Nagrarok - +24 Atk, +5 Def, +2 Spd, Immune: Immobilize
The Fallen Angel - +29 Atk, +10 Def, +10 Res, Immune: Charm

Battle Rapier - +24 Atk, +5 Eva
Stinger - +24 Atk, +5 Eva, +2 Spd
Estoc - +26 Atk, +5 Eva
Fleuret - +24 Atk, +7 Eva
Scarlet Rapier - +24 Atk, +5 Eva, Element: Fire
Flamberge - +29 Atk, +5 Eva
Silver Rapier - +24 Atk, +5 Eva, +2 Mag
Djinn Flyssa - +24 Atk, +5 Eva, +5 Spd, Element: Wind
Joyeuse - +24 Atk, +5 Eva, +5 Mag
Mage Masher - +24 Atk, +5 Eva, +5 Res
Colichemarde - +34 Atk, +5 Eva
Gupti Aga - +24 Atk, +10 Eva, +5 Def
Madu - +26 Atk, +7 Eva, +2 Mag, +2 Def, +2 Res
Epee-prisme - +24 Atk, +5 Eva, +10 Mag
Diabolique - +29 Atk, +5 Eva, +5 Mag, Element: Dark, Absorb: Dark
Femme Fatale - +34 Atk, +10 Eva
Windsong Rapier - +24 Atk, +5 Eva, +10 Spd, Element: Wind
Last Letter - +44 Atk, +5 Eva

Barong - +41 Atk
Xanqbras - +41 Atk, +2 Eva
Dagriohm - +41 Atk, +2 Def
Ancient Sword - +41 Atk, +2 Mag
Diamond Sword - +41 Atk, +2 Res
Oblige - +43 Atk, Immune: Charm
Hardedge - +41 Atk, +5 Def
Ogrenix - +46 Atk, Element: Holy
Zweihander - +51 Atk
Luabreaker - +41 Atk, +5 Res
Master Sword - +46 Atk, +1 Move
Vigilante - +41 Atk, +2 Spd
Tournesol - +61 Atk

Sampson Sword - +30 Atk, +5 Def
Falchion - +32 Atk, +5 Def
Predator - +30 Atk, +5 Def, +2 Spd
Striborg - +30 Atk, +7 Def
El-Cid - +30 Atk, +5 Def, +2 Mag
Beastsword - +30 Atk, +5 Def, +5 Eva
Claymore - +35 Atk, +5 Def
Vajra - +30 Atk, +5 Def, Element: Lightning, Immune: Lightning
Rhomphaia - +30 Atk, +10 Def
Estrella - +40 Atk, +5 Def, +5 Res, +5 Mag

Kunai - +24 Atk
Murasame - +24 Atk, Element: Water
Ashura - +24 Atk, Element: Fire
Osafune - +24 Atk, +2 Eva
Kotetsu - +24 Atk, +2 Spd
Kiku-ichimonji - +26 Atk
Ama-no-murakumo - +24 Atk, Element: Holy
Nosada - +24 Atk, +2 Def
Adazakura - +24 Atk, +5 Eva
Ragetsu-Denbu - +24 Atk, +5 Spd
Masamune - +34 Atk, +2 Spd, +2 Eva
Zanmato - +39 Atk
Sumihomura - +29 Atk, +5 Mag, Element: Holy, Absorb: Holy
Hyakushiki-Masamune - +39 Atk, +5 Eva, +5 Spd

Short Spear - +24 Atk, +2 Jump
Javelin - +24 Atk, +2 Jump, +2 Eva
Lava Spear - +24 Atk, +2 Jump, +2 Mag, Element: Fire
Gae Bolg - +24 Atk, +2 Jump, +2 Spd, Element: Lightning
Ice Lance - +24 Atk, +2 Jump, +2 Def, Element: Ice
Partisan - +29 Atk, +2 Jump
Kain's Lance - +29 Atk, +2 Jump, +5 Spd, Element: Dark
Trident - +29 Atk, +2 Jump, +5 Eva
Dragon Whisker - +39 Atk, +4 Jump, +5 Mag

Broadaxe - +30 Atk
Slasher - +32 Atk
Hammerhead - +30 Atk, +2 Def
Fancisca - +30 Atk, +2 Eva
Greataxe - +35 Atk
Golden Axe - +40 Atk, +10 Mag

Rod - +6 Atk, +10 Mag
Firewheel Rod - +8 Atk, +10 Mag, Element: Fire
Thunder Rod - +6 Atk, +10 Mag, +2 Spd, Element: Thunder
Sleet Rod - +6 Atk, +10 Mag, +2 Def, Element: Ice
Terre Rod - +6 Atk, +12 Mag, Element: Earth
Force Rod - +16 Atk, +5 Mag
Flame Rod - +11 Atk, +10 Mag, Element: Fire
Thor Rod - +6 Atk, +10 Mag, +5 Spd, Element: Lightning
Chill Rod - +6 Atk, +10 Mag, +5 Def, Element: Ice
Stardust Rod - +6 Atk, +15 Mag
Lilith Rod - +6 Atk, +10 Mag, +5 Res
Bomb Arm - +26 Atk, Element: Fire
Heretic Rod - +6 Atk, +15 Mag, +5 Eva, Element: Dark
Crown Scepter - +6 Atk, +30 Mag

White Staff - +12 Atk, +10 Eva
Staff of Protection -  +12 Atk, +10 Eva, +10 Def
Judicer's Staff - +17 Atk, +10 Eva
Healing Staff - +22 Atk, +10 Eva, On Hit: Heal
Cleansing Staff - +12 Atk, +10 Eva, Immune: Some Debuffs
Staff of Blessings - +12 Atk, +10 Eva, +10 Mag
Serpent Staff - +12 Atk, +15 Eva, Immune: Stone
Spring Staff - +12 Atk, +10 Eva, +10 Res, Element: Water, Immune: Water
Pomegranate Staff - +12 Atk, +10 Eva, +5 Mag, +5 Res, Resist: Fire
Cheer Staff - +12 Atk, +20 Eva
Staff of the Magi - +12 Atk, +10 Eva, +20 Mag
Nirvana - +12 Atk, +15 Eva, +10 Mag, +10 Res, Element: Holy

Tonfa - +24 Atk, +2 Eva, +2 Def
Cypress Pole - +24 Atk, +2 Eva, +2 Def, +2 Res, Element: Earth
Battle Bamboo - +26 Atk, +2 Eva, +2 Def
Sanjiegun - +24 Atk, +4 Eva, +2 Def
Zephyr Pole - +24 Atk, +2 Eva, +2 Def, +2 Spd, Element: Wind
Iron Pole - +24 Atk, +2 Eva, +7 Def
Esztam Baton - +24 Atk, +2 Eva, +2 Def, +5 Mag
Gokuu Pole - +24 Atk, +7 Eva, +2 Def
Fanatic - +29 Atk, +2 Eva, +2 Def
Ivory Pole - +24 Atk, +2 Eva, +7 Def, Element: Earth
Eight-Fluted Pole - +34 Atk, +2 Eva, +2 Def
Whale Whisker - +39 Atk, +5 Eva, +5 Def, Element: Water

Leather Knuckles - +24 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res
Metal Knuckles - +24 Atk, +4 Def, +2 Res
Rising Sun - +24 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res, +2 Mag, Element: Fire
Poison Knuckles - +26 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res, Immune: Poison
Dream Claws - +24 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res, +5 Mag
Kaiser Knuckles - +24 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res, +2 Spd, Element: Lightning
Cat Claws - +24 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res, +5 Eva
Survivor - +24 Atk, +2 Def, +7 Res
White Fangs - +24 Atk, +7 Def, +2 Res, +5 Mag, Element: Ice
Godhand - +34 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res, Element: Holy
Tiger Fangs - +29 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res, +5 Spd, Element: Lightning
Death Claws - +34 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res, Element: Dark
Magick Hands - +24 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Res, +10 Mag
Gleisburst - +34 Atk, +7 Def, +7 Res, +5 Eva

Lamia Harp - +18 Atk, +5 Mag
Demon Bell - +18 Atk, +5 Res
Glass Bell - +18 Atk, +5 Spd
Conch Shell - +18 Atk, +5 Def
Hurdy-gurdy - +18 Atk, +10 Mag, +10 Spd, Immune: Silence, Element: Lightning
Black Quena - +18 Atk, +10 Res, Element: Dark
Sayr Flute - +18 Atk, +10 Spd
Faerie Harp - +18 Atk, +5 Mag, +5 Res
Blueleaf Flute - +23 Atk, Immune: Poison
Heal Chime - +28 Atk, Element: Holy, On Hit: Heal
Frigid Viol - +18 Atk, +10 Mag, +10 Def, Immune: Silence, Element: Ice
Shining Lute - +18 Atk, +10 Mag, +10 Res, Immune: Silence, Element: Holy
Brilliant Theorbo - +28 Atk, +10 Mag, Immune: Silence, Element: Fire

Iron Hammer - +36 Atk
War Hammer - +41 Atk
Sledgehammer - +46 Atk
Mjolnir - +46 Atk, +10 Res, Element: Lightning, Absorb: Lightning

Battle Mace - +20 Atk, +2 Def
Energy Mace - +20 Atk, +2 Def, +5 Mag
Druid Mace - +20 Atk, +2 Def, +5 Res
Sage Crosier - +20 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Mag, +2 Res
Life Crosier - +20 Atk, +7 Def
Morning Star - +25 Atk, +2 Def
Mandragora - +20 Atk, +12 Def, Element: Earth
Lotus Mace - +20 Atk, +2 Def, +10 Mag, Element: Fire
Scorpion Tail - +30 Atk, +2 Def, Immune: Poison
Zeus Mace - +25 Atk, +15 Mag, Element: Lightning, Resist: Lightning

Battle Folio - +30 Atk, +5 Mag, Element: Water
Mage Manual - +30 Atk, +5 Mag, Element: Fire
Urutan Annals - +30 Atk, +5 Mag, Element: Wind
The Arnath Glyphs - +30 Atk, +5 Mag, Element: Ice
Enavia Chronicles - +30 Atk, +5 Mag, Element: Lightning
Veil of Wiyu - +30 Atk, +5 Mag, Element: Dark
Tome of Ending - +30 Atk, +5 Mag, Element: Earth
Edaroya Scriptures - +45 Atk, +10 Mag, Element: Holy

Shortbow - +18 Atk, 4 Range
Longbow - +18 Atk, 5 Range
Charbow - +18 Atk, 5 Range, +2 Eva
Silver Bow - +18 Atk, 5 Range, +2 Mag
Thorn Bow - +20 Atk, 4 Range, Element: Earth
Nail Bow - +20 Atk, 4 Range, Element: Wind
Artemis Bow - +18 Atk, 5 Range, Element: Holy
Yoichi Bow - +23 Atk, 5 Range
Target Bow - +18 Atk, 6 Range
Perseus Bow - +20 Atk, 5 Range, +2 Def
Crescent Bow - +28 Atk, 5 Range
Malbow - +38 Atk, 4 Range, Immune: Some Debuffs

Composite Bow - +24 Atk, 4 Range
Windslash Bow - +24 Atk, 4 Range, Element: Wind
Huntsman's Bow - +24 Atk, 4 Range, Element: Earth
Cranequin - +26 Atk, 4 Range
Twin Bow - +24 Atk, 4 Range, +2 Spd
Hunting Bow - +24 Atk, 5 Range
Elfin Bow - +24 Atk, 5 Range, +2 Jump
Hades Bow - +24 Atk, 4 Range, +2 Mag, Element: Dark
Nike Bow - +29 Atk, 4 Range
Master Bow - +26 Atk, 6 Range
Marduk - +29 Atk, 4 Range, +5 Res
Arbalest - +34 Atk, 4 Range, Element: Earth
Gastrophetes - +24 Atk, 4 Range, +5 Def
Max's Oathbow - +44 Atk, 4 Range, Element: Dark
Seventh Heaven - +24 Atk, 7 Range, Element: Holy

Goug Mk 29 - +18 Atk, 6 Range
Aiot Gun - +18 Atk, 6 Range, Resist: Fire
Silver Cannon - +18 Atk, 6 Range, +2 Mag
Riot Gun - +18 Atk, 6 Range, Resist: Lightning
Chaos Rifle - +18 Atk, 6 Range, Resist: Dark
Lost Gun - +18 Atk, 6 Range, Resist: Holy
Giot Gun - +18 Atk, 6 Range, Resist: Ice
Longbarrel - +18 Atk, 8 Range
Outsider - +20 Atk, 6 Range
Peacemaker - +23 Atk, 6 Range

Hand Cannon - +36 Atk, 3 Range
Omnis Cannon - +38 Atk, 4 Range
Diklum - +36 Atk, 4 Range, +2 Mag
Supernal Ray - +38 Atk, 4 Range, Element: Lightning
Ligatur - +41 Atk, 4 Range
Brevis - +38 Atk, 4 Range, +2 Eva
Massive Bazooka - +46 Atk, 3 Range
Guang Cannon - +36 Atk, 5 Range
Dromaeo - +41 Atk, 4 Range, +5 Res, Element: Fire
Rocket Punch - +56 Atk, 3 Range

Four of Spades - +18 Atk, +5 Eva, 4 Range
Eight of Hearts - +18 Atk, +7 Eva, 3 Range
Queen of Clubs - +28 Atk, +5 Eva, 3 Range
Jack of Diamonds - +18 Atk, +5 Eva, 3 Range, +5 Spd
King of Hearts - +18 Atk, +10 Eva, 3 Range
Ace of Spades - +18 Atk, +5 Eva, 5 Range
Two of Clubs - +23 Atk, +5 Eva, 3 Range
Six of Diamonds - +18 Atk, +5 Eva, 3 Range, +2 Spd
Joker - +23 Atk, +7 Eva, 4 Range, +2 Spd

Bronze Helm - +3 Def
Iron Helm - +5 Def
Barbut - +7 Def
Close Helmet - +9 Def
Platinum Helm - +12 Def
Diamond Helm - +15 Def
Hanya Mask - +12 Def, +2 Mag
Giant's Helmet - +12 Def, +2 Atk
Genji Helm - +12 Def, +5 Atk, +5 Mag

Cachusha - +2 Def, +20 Res, +2 Mag, Immune: Some debuffs
Barette - +2 Def, +20 Res, +2 Atk, Immune: Several debuffs
Ribbon - +2 Def, +30 Res, Immune: All debuffs

Plumed Hat - +2 Def
Green Beret - +2 Def, +5 Eva
Circlet - +2 Def, +2 Res, +2 Mag
Headband - +2 Def, +5 Atk
Wizard's Hat - +2 Def, +5 Mag
Gold Hairpin - +2 Def, +5 Res, Immune: Silence
Thief's Cap - +2 Def, +5 Spd
Tiara - +2 Def, +5 Mag, +5 Res
Black Hat - +2 Def, +10 Mag
White Hat - +2 Def, +10 Res
Golden Skullcap - +2 Def, +5 Atk, +5 Mag, +2 Spd

Linen Cuirass - +15 Def
Brozen Armor - +20 Def
Iron Armor - +25 Def
Platemail - +30 Def
Golden Armor - +35 Def
Diamond Armor - +40 Def
Platinum Armor - +50 Def
Carabineer Mail - +45 Def, +2 Res
Mirror Mail - +40 Def, Always: Reflect
Dragon Mail - +40 Def, +2 Atk
Maximillian - +60 Def
Genji Armor - +40 Def, +5 Atk, +5 Mag
Adamant Armor - +65 Def
Materia Armor - +40 Def, +2 Mag
Peytral - +30 Def, Growth

Leather Clothing - +6 Def
Chainmail - +9 Def
Adamant Vest - +12 Def
Survival Vest - +15 Def
Brigandine - +15 Def, +5 Eva
Jujitsu Gi - +15 Def, +2 Spd, Immune: Doom
Power Sash - +12 Def, +5 Atk
Gaia Gear - +15 Def, +5 Res, Absorb: Earth
Minerva Bustier - +12 Def, +5 Mag, Immune: Dark
Ninja Gear - +12 Def, +5 Spd
Black Garb - +18 Def, +5 Eva, Immune: Stop
Wygar - +15 Def, +2 Atk, +2 Spd, Immune: KO
Mirage Vest - +3 Def, +15 Eva, Element: Holy
Rubber Suit - +20 Def, Immune: Lightning
Bone Plate - +15 Def, +10 Eva, Absorb: Dark
Judicer's Coat - +12 Def, +10 Atk
Templar Cloth - +18 Def, +10 Res, Resist: Dark
Brint Frock - +3 Def, +20 Mag
Galmia Frock - +3 Def, +20 Atk
Ever Robe - +12 Def, +10 Mag

Hempen Robe - +2 Def, +8 Res
Silken Robe - +4 Def, +12 Res
Magus Robe - +6 Def, +16 Res, +5 Mag
Chameleon Robe - +8 Def, +25 Res, Immune: Holy
Blaze Robe - +8 Def, +2 Atk, +20 Res, Immune: Fire
Thunder Robe - +8 Def, +2 Spd, +20 Res, Immune: Thunder
Flurry Robe - +10 Def, +20 Res, Immune: Ice
White Robe - +10 Def, +34 Res, Resist: Holy
Black Robe - +10 Def, +24 Res, +10 Mag, Resist: Dark
Red Robe - +12 Def, +26 Res, +2 Atk, +2 Mag
Magick Robe - +12 Def, +28 Res, +20 Mag
Reaper's Robe - +12 Def, +28 Res, +15 Atk, Absorb: Dark
Samite Coat - Samite Coat - +12 Def, +28 Res, +5 Mag, +5 Eva
Luminous Robe - +17 Def, +28 Res
Lordly Robe - +12 Def, +28 Res, +2 Atk
Sage's Robe - +12 Def, +48 Res

Bronze Shield - +5 Eva
Round Shield - +7 Eva
Platinum Shield - +10 Eva
Ice Shield - +10 Eva, +2 Def, Resist: Ice
Flame Shield - +10 Eva, +2 Atk, Resist: Fire
Aegis Shield - +10 Eva, +2 Res, Resist: Holy
Genji Shield - +10 Eva, +5 Atk, +5 Mag
Templar Shield - +12 Eva, +5 Res, Immune: Several debuffs
Shield of the Four - +12 Eva, +5 Def, Immune: KO
Chocobo Shield - +10 Eva, +2 Spd
Ensanguined Shield - +20 Eva, Element: Dark, Weak: Fire
Reverie Shield - +15 Eva, +5 Def, +5 Res

Battle Boots - +1 Move
Spiked Boots - +1 Move, +1 Jump
Sprint Shoes - +1 Move, +5 Spd
Red Shoes - +1 Move, +5 Mag
Winged Boots - +1 Move, +3 Jump, Move on Water
Germinas Boots - +2 Move, +2 Jump
Galmia Shoes - +1 Move, +5 Atk
Faerie Shoes - +1 Move, Teleport
Gaius Caligae - +1 Move, +5 Def
Ninja Tabi - +2 Move, +5 Eva

Armguards - +5 Eva
Brigand's Gloves - +5 Eva, +2 Spd, Improved Steal
Bracers - +5 Eva, +2 Def
Genji Gloves - +5 Eva, +5 Atk, +5 Mag
Gauntlets - +5 Eva, +2 Atk
Bone Armlets - +7 Eva

Fortune Ring - +2 Def, +2 Res, +5 Eva, Immune: Fire
Magick Ring - +5 Mag, +5 Res, Immune: Lightning
Angel Ring - +5 Res, Reraise
Scarab Charm - +5 Def, +5 Res, Immune: Ice
Ruby Earring - +10 Res, Immune: Wind
Empyreal Armband - +2 Atk, +2 Def, +2 Mag, +2 Res, +2 Spd, Immune: Earth
Orb of Minwu - +2 Res, Immune: Many debuffs
Golden Amulet - +10 Mag, Immune: Water
Gigas Pendant - No Changes
Corsage of Corruption - No Changes
Amulet of Whispers - No Changes
Pin of Order - No Changes
Ewer of Darkness - No Changes
Raging Brooch - No Changes
Tainted Cufflink - No Changes
Earrings of the Dead - No Changes
Ring of the Wheel - No Changes
Condemner's Choker - No Changes
Gift of the Judge-Sai - No Changes
High Seraph's Plume - No Changes
Ring of Precepts - No Changes
Crimson Tear - No Changes
Snowy Tear - No Changes
Azure Tear - No Changes
Moon Maiden - No Changes

EDIT: It looks like the current version of the patch only works on the European ROM file. I'll put up a US version tomorrow. Sorry!

EDIT 2: The file has been updated and should work on the (U) ROM now. I left the patch for the European ROM in there anyway in case anybody wants to use it.
  • Modding version: PSX
Put a drop of vanilla behind each ear and you'll smell like a cookie all day!

Dual-Wielding Ninja

Seeq seem more like porcine than sharks to me, especially concerning their Final Fantasy XII designs.
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Quote from: Dual-Wielding Ninja on November 27, 2022, 04:56:03 amSeeq seem more like porcine than sharks to me, especially concerning their Final Fantasy XII designs.

Huh, looks like you're right. I think I was thrown off by their coloration and pointy snouts. Oh well. It'll give me an excuse to change out their elemental properties.
  • Modding version: PSX
Put a drop of vanilla behind each ear and you'll smell like a cookie all day!