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September 24, 2023, 07:01:36 am


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(Tutorial) How to add a new custom title screen

Started by darkskyx, October 17, 2022, 09:43:28 am


October 17, 2022, 09:43:28 am Last Edit: September 12, 2023, 10:55:53 pm by darkskyx
Since I didn't find this tutorial I've decided to do it myself. I tried some solutions until I find one it worked!
It worked for me with less quality loss possible, I don't think there is a better way to do this, so please comment if you found a better way to not lose quality.

1- Make a image for your project. You can have it in PNG. Dimensions: 480x272
Example, my project:

2- Export the original title screen from a clean ISO using Shishi or downloading it: I'll include it as an attachment.
This is important because it will let you use a 256bit image. If you don't do this correctly you will get errors, don't try to erase some bits even if it work because you will have less bits.
You can found the title screen in Other images -> Menu Options

3- Open GraphisGale. Click All Frames -> Color Depth

4- Use the option 8bpp, 256 colors. Make sure you DON'T mark Dither. Click OK.

This will convert your image in BMP with the less quality loss for BMP, it can get darker.
You can try to fix it a little using Image -> Adjust Color, but I don't recommend it.

5- Click the button under the palette. Save the palette from this last image, you'll use it later.

6- Use the rectangular selection tool or use Ctrl + A to select your image. Copy with Ctrl + C. (Deselect in Edit if you have any issue)

7- Open the original title screen (File -> Open). Load the last saved palette (Use the same button as in step 5).
Click File... Import from file and select your saved .pal file.

8- Click all pixels but the first one in the left side and click the second pixel on the right side.
Be sure you drag with your mouse like you can see in the following image:

Be sure everything but the first pixel is changed and the "Match pixels" option is marked. Click OK.

9- Paste your new custom title screen with Ctrl + V.

If you don't see your image correctly with the green background you did something wrong.

10- Save it (in BMP format): File -> Save.

11- Load this image with Shishi Manager, use Image -> Import.

Again, you'll found the title screen in Other images -> Menu Options

You have finished!

If you also want to change icons or the loading image for your project you'll found those opening your ISO (I used CDMage replacing those files successfully).
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