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Call of Power: Remake

Started by Kokojo, January 15, 2022, 02:40:26 pm


It's time to officially announce it (On the forums at least).

I've decided to remake Call of Power. After starting this project back in 2009 (So old), quitting and coming back several times, I think it's finally achieve what I started. However, looking back on the original version, I understand that it was a product of my youth. I was motivated my a lot of passion, but lacked discipline and experience. I realize a new version is necessary, and I will work towards that goal to remake the first 3 chapters, and finish the overall story, to finally complete Call of Power.

This new version will simply be called Call of Power, or CoP

What's to expect?
- A world map system, that was absent from the old version.
- A revamped story that is more comprehensive, with more defined characters.
- Some all-new maps, at least 2 per chapter. And a lot of map edits as well.
- New classes with new abilities, while keeping some of FFT's originals.
- Some unique sprites changes, and some less unique.
- A working weapons and magic triangle, unlike CoP's completly broken mess.
- A tutorial to learn the new mechanics.

I do hope to be able to achieve this sooner than later, and will sometimes post my updates and progress to keep me honest. All the while, of course, managing my mental health.

Here's a preview of a new event to serve as the introduction to Gospel!
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