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War of the Lions Spell Quotes

Started by Daykeras, January 10, 2022, 09:54:46 am


January 10, 2022, 09:54:46 am Last Edit: January 11, 2022, 09:36:55 am by Daykeras
I have translated to English the War of the Lions spell quotes for use. Where possible I have used the official translation of spell quotes for abilities that are found in events in other games.

spell-mes-0.txt is the valhalla formatted text (so you can see how the text is formatted for use).

spell-mes-0-unt.txt is clear text. The lines with nothing in them at the end are actually not empty, they have placeholder formatting that isn't visible in clear text. This was because of the space limits for the English characters. Unfortunately newline disappears, so there is a lack of a space between the two lines where they exist.

fft-wotl-patched.zip should contain the .ffttext file for applying your own patch using the tools.

To add them back to the game you'll have to use the Valhalla spell quote enabling patch.
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hello, first of all thanks for your effort translating the war of the lions spell quotes.
I just wanna make sure, after i look at your translation,
i think you misplace the spell quotes for gafgarion duskblade with malak nether's wrath.


So, uh, I know this is a comment that could easily be irrelevant or annoying to people here, but I thought it was most right to say what was up. I am a WOTL enjoyer, reading the remaster rumors, yada yada, found those official FF Record Keeper translations, enjoying them way more than is reasonable, TBH. It took me several searches before I found this thread, and when I didn't think a full "WOTL" set of spell quotes existed, I had already thought of doing it myself, and messed around with them. I have no desire to compete with you for the sake of it, and believe me when I say what a breath of fresh air your style and attention to the Japanese is! If I hadn't already stared at them so long, I would just have stopped at this thread and gone "Yes! Found them!" There's just one thing that's bugging me inordinately... the meter in those official lines is pretty specific, for the most part. Each one has two sets of eight syllables each... okay, sometimes seven. The first two syllables of each official quote tend to be off, either missing the first syllable or reversing the first two, but after that there's a clear pattern of unstressed syllable -> stressed syllable and a "break" in the middle:

Long DORM-ant SPARK a- SLEEP in    DUST/a       -WAKE red FLAME, the  WORLD  en-  GULF
Un-  SULL-ied WINDS of TIME  -less LIFE/through SKY   now DANCE  and  WOUNDS make FAST
o-   BEY  the WILL  of VOID  and   SKY /by      PROV- i-  DENCE  true TIME   a-   BIDE

It gets more consistent as the list goes on, but yes, not always. The most common difference, first "foot" being off, the rest being the same:
STAR-fire a-  SLEEP be- NEATH the    EARTH/a-    WAKE and    JUDGE as  IS    your DUE
SPIR-it   of  LIFE  in  ALL   things FOUND/dwell NOW  in     US    ere ALL   is   LOST
HITH-er   and YON   you FLIT  and    FLY  /mark  WELL time's PASS- age SWIFT and  SURE

I intend to translate them in the same (mostly consistent) meter. No, I'm not begging for Japanese help, yes, accuracy to the Japanese is a high priority for me, no, I'm not going to work from your translation unless you explicitly say so. I have professional assistance, and experience working with meter and meaning at the same time, and so far I've had surprisingly little trouble. Just posting in case you'd prefer to be involved, because I respect your work/effort/opinion and it's what I would want (to be involved). Any results will probably only go here if you approve of that.
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The problem with wotl spell translation is the lines limit and if you intend to literally translate all word per word  some of it will be too long for the textbox, or lost its meaning when translated to english word. Well i have some resources and my own version of translated spell quotes, mostly i based it on the original spell quotes PSX or the japanese text, some to the later FF reference too... If u needed it i can post it here