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May 18, 2024, 09:17:18 pm


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Ramza Ch. 2 and 3 sprites in 4; palette issues

Started by SprEdit, October 23, 2021, 03:53:44 pm


In War of the Lions, it always bugged me that the cutscenes had Ramza in his chapter 2/3 armor. Not because I dislike it (I actually prefer it), but because it's inconsistent with his in-game sprite. So I got the bright idea to replace his chapter 4 sprite with 2/3's. Mostly this has been easy, including changing the sprite in the shop/fur trader/etc menus, but it turns out I'm not a great spriter and a lot of his event sprites have unique animations that aren't replicated in chapters 2 and 3.

I've gone through all of them now, but they still need a lot of polishing. One issue I have is with the Aquarius holy stone when you recruit Beowulf. By default, it uses a blue common to both Beowulf's palette and Ramza's. Unlike the scene where Meliadoul gives Ramza her holy stone (where the stone seems to be a separate sprite that uses Meliadoul's palette), here the stone is part of Ramza's when he takes hold of it, and it therefore converts to his palette. Again, not a problem by default, but Ramza's chapter 2/3 sprite doesn't have that light blue, so it becomes, say, purple-ish. Is there an easy way to address this issue? I'm guessing: no, but I thought I should ask (and seek any feedback on the sprites themselves; I looked, and it doesn't seem like anyone has done this before, but if there's an existing romhack I should be aware of, that'd save me a lot of trouble).   

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