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April 16, 2024, 01:46:02 pm


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Ramza Sword Saint Class

Started by sutebenukun, June 09, 2019, 11:44:45 am


Hi, I've been having this idea for awhile of Ramza essentially becoming a Swordskill Blue Mage essentially, where if he is struck by something like Lightning Stab, Night Blade, Dusk Blade, etc, he will learn how to use those abilities. I know his job changes frequently so how well would this work? I also wanted to change his Guts abilities into new sword skills (Those that Squires share will be removed from his skills).

Specifically I want to give him unique sword skills, for an example there was an idea I had of using the Rafa/Malak random hit mechanic with a sword skill that would be a low damage but could hit between 4-6x or something like that with an auto target (like with spin fist, etc). My main questions are, what pitfalls should I be wary of? Such as the class changing, issues that might cause trouble with other characters/etc. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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You can't make those skills Learn on Hit only without also making them that way for every other character. That alone wouldn't quite stop you - if the learn % is 100 and the AI has enough JP to be guaranteed to learn it, it will have those skills when it's first spawned in battle. But that would mean you'd have to force every one of your allies to learn those skills before joining, or you'd just never get them.

It's just a mess, and I really wouldn't recommend it. It also doesn't really match Ramza thematically - he leans more towards the Dark Knight side of things, as a counter to Delita's Holy Knight. Giving him Gaffy's skills seems fine, and it's up to you whether to make those Learn on Hit (if you keep them at the top of Orlandu's skillset and keep their JP costs low enough, he'll learn them for sure) - I'm pretty sure if you give them to Chapter 2/4 Ramza, he won't autolearn them due to the job advancement mechanic he has. (You might need to give him a custom skillset without them for the very first battle though). You won't have many opportunities to learn those skills, though. Only three fights against Gaffy and I can't remember if they can be used against allies with Orlandu later.

When it comes to his advancement, just make sure his later jobs keep his previous skillset in the exact same order, and just add new skills on at the end.

The random hit/random target including empty tiles mechanic is garbage. Rafa and Malak end up super underused as a result. You cannot set a minimum number of hits - it's stuck at 1. Unless there's an ASM out there for that somewhere. You can do different things like use a formula with a guaranteed number of strikes, or make that formula hit the entire field but set it so it can't hit empty tiles, or set the possible number of hits low so it's not OP to make it always hit a target in a small area.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown