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July 15, 2024, 02:56:13 pm


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen, RetroArch, and Duckstation are recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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Must mention the modifiers doesn't persist after battle if you recruit the Special unit.
I expected the Immunities/Appearance/Abilities not to persist, but wasn't expecting the stats (HP/PA) too.

Better like this :)

Outstanding work, you are the best! Xif!,
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
February 21, 2021, 08:35:15 pm
Pokeytax did an amazing "First four armors become headgear when flagged in FFTPatcher".

Is it possible to do a "First four SHIELDS become ACCESORIES when flagged in FFTPatcher"?.
I didn't want to ask so as not to spoil the surprise, but I must know.
Will Zalbag and Miluda (BUT ESPECIALLY ZALBAG) be revivable? or will they definitely be undead?

Perhaps an optional rumor quest that allows them to be revived, and if one chooses not to, the option to hold them as undead, as is possible with Reis with his dragon body.

It is a bit strange the idea of Ramza and Wiegraf not preferring a dignified death for their relatives, I mean, since they will be sucking blood like demons.
The Lion War / Re: The Treasure Wheel
February 16, 2021, 06:14:20 pm
After the talks on whether some WotL events would look better or not tweaked, I fully understood that TLW's approach was to bring WotL content perfectly as it was to PSX.
Even if there were little things I didn't like about WotL, I also understood that it was the best idea because of the following:
• It would not be bringing the original content.
• Any change (good or bad) would be subject to criticism, whether or not the team should have altered the content of WotL or not.
• In this way, TWL is kept clean from the typical questionable 'this project is made to my liking' (once again, good or bad),
and with a clean project, one can then take it as a basis for whatever one likes.

"Having said that" (-Larry David)

I'm really happy to see that some liberties have been taken for the better. You guys have great taste and judgment, seeing everything you achieve by using your refined skills to enrich the game never ceases to amaze me.
•Some TWL-exclusive typos:
•You can revive Malak and Alma.
•For whatever-the-reason, in MY ISO, during Balthier's event, the Archer's attack collides with Ramza's sprite.
•Bethla's Garrison dialog has an error.
•The Undead humans doesn't get Innate Monster Skill at all.
+ the Knights aren't purple.
•Many observations during the M-Novel and Wyuvle:
Bear with me that, IDK when the format or behavior is intended. I just point what I notice.
Minor descriptions can be read in the file name.

The entire folder:
(1st variant) Bio has a Green Bubbles animation (and cause darkness),
(2nd variant) Bio has an Oily Bubbles animation (and cause poison),
(3rd variant) Bio has a Purple Bubbles animation (and cause oil),

(1st variant) Bio 2 has a Green Bubble-Geyser animation (frog),
(2nd variant) Bio 2 has a Gray/White Geyser animation (slow),
(3rd variant) Bio 2 has a Bloody Geyser animation (silence),
(3th variant) Bio 2 has a Purple Bubble-Geyser animation (petrify),

(1st variant) Bio 3 has a Green Soul animation (Undead),
(2nd variant) Bio 3 has a Pink Soul animation (Dead),
(3rd variant) Bio 3 has a Light-Purple Soul animation (Petrify),

I think I have NEVER seen Queklain cast darkness, oil, slow or silence,
he prefers the most killing moves, giving him "Random" would:
•give him a small nerf
•remove certain animations from within the vanilla experience.

Same happens with the 3 "Small Bomb" attacks and...
...most Monsters basic attacks, they are all "the same" but, with small unique effects and sounds.
Most people won't notice nor miss them (I would), but removing these will reduce the game's original attention-quality and love.


Another skill you may like to consider for yourself is consolidating Reis and Monster Dragon's breaths,
You will have to nerf the Dragon's 50+ MA to give them the stronger Reis's breaths.
Quote from: Nyzer on February 12, 2021, 12:55:13 amFixing the grammar & spelling mistakes of PSX FFT is a bit out of the scope of this mod, especially since its purpose is in large part to be a base mod. We've always welcomed others to make changes like these, but few people want to commit to going through the entire game to fix them, heh.

Haha completely understandable.
I fixed those I can edit with the text editor for myself but I still must learn how to edit vanilla events.

Yesterday it was clear that I should only mention TLW typos,
I found a few in my first novel, leaving the link: (Will update with the others)
Quotewhat do you mean fixed by itself?
I kept on trying, changing my items and the visual bug was a constant.
Then...by magic it was gone and I was unable to replicate it. (and edited my post)
I suspect it was never a TLW problem but a LOCAL problem.
Related to never closing pSX for a long time, always inserting and ejecting ISO's or IDK, really. Weird.

Quote from: undefinedNot sure why these even exist, but ill fix em up.
Oh there are many "word,word" (No space after a coma) around Vanilla events that I didn't PrtScr, if you feel like a perfectionist :P tell me and I'll help you find them.
EDIT: Balk will tell you "aristcrat" during his battle if the battle prolongs for too long.

Quote from: undefinedMaybe, but nothing is anything that cannot still be gotten in game via purchase or fur shop. I feel like this was a small price to pay, for the additional UW space to be freed up.
That's how I feel too.

Quote from: undefinedIt is 500,000 as per its WotL requirements.
Sorry I wasn't clear, I was talking about how much money was substracted from your stash after the event, not the requirement. Clarified in Discord, it was never 500k in WotL, it's 50k and it's just like that in TLW.
The Lion War / Re: Rendezvous Ideas Thread
February 11, 2021, 09:20:37 pm
Haven't played Jot5 yet (that's my next) to see if there is an awesome Sephiroth battle,
but I'd like to see a Sephiroth encounter requiring Cloud in your party in TLW.
Nothing too fancy, save the hard work for Jot5,
Just a small event with a little chat to give Cloud some life. A closure.
I don't care if the story doesn't make any sense "FF7 wise", he is in FFT because "yes".

IDK, Cloud suffering his head buzz, saying something, Sephiroth spawns and say something about his dimensional-pursue, Cloud saying a reason to kill him or any small chat and...
A) Some Monsters spawning to balance the battle.
B) No monster but a fast and strong foe.
C) A 1 vs. 1 battle (requiring to LV up Cloud) or Ramza+Cloud only.
And that's it. No need for new skills, once again, save that for Jot5.
Cloud saying why he won't mind living in Ivalice with Sephiroth dead.

Every single character has a Story, a Reason.
Even Beowulf and Reis received a small story in WotL.
Haha yeah, it was really funny! Had to finish the battle with Malak alive, he may be Lv.5 but I couldn't beat him...can't see how much HP he has and there is no time to play with Celia and Lede around.

Must say I'm feeling a little pressed with you saying that you will wait for me :P (actually an honor)
...since chapter 4 is LONG.

Things I found:
Sorry, too much text for something I forgot it was Vanilla.

•Animation Bug with Two Swords (Fixed by itself)
If you perform a Two Swords attack (with Polearms?) and the second attack can't land for any reason (enemy killed with the first hit or knocked back with a critical) something weird happens, otherwise it doesn't.

1° Battle the attacker's sprite disappeared for a moment (so I started testing).
Happened with Ramza and Ashley every single time.

2° Battle there was a "looking-at-the-camera" animation.
Tried with different weapons other than Polearms and the problem was gone, tried with Polearms again and the problem returned.
Tried with a RAW US ISO and there was no problem.

A few videos in Finath River:

3° Kept on testing and the problem disappeared. There is visual proof so I'm not that crazy, hah.
Can't say if pSX v1.13 stored something that, once closed it was gone. While testing I kept on ejecting, inserting CD and resetting.

•Dialog Bug in 'In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice'.
A video can explain faster and better than my engRish

•Not-so-Undead Knights with Zalera.
Noticed that in The Lion War, zombie units are normal units (Consolidation Project) then convert into Undead when battle starts.
This doesn't happen in Zalera's fight.

•YEP! you can revive Alma too.

•Many minor typos, some Vanilla and some News.

•Minor Gameplay Changes:
1) You are not able to keep Guest Characters equipment. Gaffy and Agrias items aren't something but the early Healing Staff, Barrette and Red Shoes are.
I DON'T REALLY MIND, they aren't unique but it's a change. You may want to ask others what they think.
Making them Combat prizes for Velius seems aesthetic and out of place since she is captured later, maybe the items can be "injected" in the Vorman's kidnapping Event.

2) I forgot, give me some time to remember.

•Agrias Birthday Event reduced money is 50.000, not 500.000.

•Balthier Event.
In this event Ramza receives a sword attack with no "hit sound", just the swing sound.
If that was your decision, ignore this observation.

•Trying to keep things tidy.
•Removed personal comments, I will write them back in a final review later.
(Loving the Mod so far ♥)
Okay, this one is NASTY:

•In the 'Rooftop of Riovanes Castle' fight (1B1), if Celia or Lede gets "Item" as a Secondary,
they can revive Malak with a Phoenix Down! they always do in their first turn.
Malak will rise as an Enemy with ??? stats.
Since they only have Base and Chemist unlocked it happens REALLY often (3 out of 4 by now)


Using pSX v1.13 BTW, no messages in the console.
Found 2 minor things:
•Typo: All Ashley's Ability Descriptions have double ":".
(Requires::Knife, Ninja Sword or Bag)

•The 'Artificially Undead' Wizard and Time Mage at Yuguo Woods (1AE) doesn't have innate Monster Skill. Ghouls will only cast secret abilities if those Wi/TM gets 'Monster Skill' by luck in their 'Random Support Ability' slot (LOW LOW LOW chances).
If it's not possible to inject an Innate Skill with codes, consider those Wi/TM will mostly get Defend (if anything) in their Support Skill slot, setting 'Monster Skill' instead of 'Random' is an option.

I'm finishing Chapter 3, will keep on testing minutely (with my lack of advanced knowledge)
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War - FAQs
February 06, 2021, 08:53:45 pm
May we get a list of Ashley's Moveset formula?
I can see only the X & Y values in FFPatcher, formula 46 "NS" has no text.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
February 05, 2021, 05:12:24 pm
Quote from: nitwit on January 24, 2021, 08:00:07 amI can't find it, but I think Glain or maybe pokeytax wrote a hack that makes inherent skills (the 4 reaction, support, or movement skills any job class can have permanently equipped in hidden slots) unequippable by players and generated AI characters.

Oh my, Glain did it and it WORKS LIKE A CHARM, even in TLW 1.06, thank you!.
EDIT: It was a local bug with pSX v1.13.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
January 23, 2021, 09:19:43 pm
1) !!
2) !!

3) An ASM to set X-Job have Y-Skill greyed out for selection.
(Just like Chemist has Throw Item greyed out)
Quote from: Reaper on October 24, 2020, 10:44:25 pmIf someone is kind enough to help me with this problem I would really appreciate it!
May be REALLY late but since your post is still on top of the list and a reply may still help new members, I'll give you a few tips I learned experimenting:

1) Open FFTactext.
2) Open a .ffttext file or Import one from an ISO.
3) Select your desired tab and EDIT.
4) You will be able to preview the Width, try not to higher than 220 (I always keep around 210+/- max.)
If you do, you won't be able to see it correctly in game.

5) When it comes to format, you must code said format:

White magic restores small amounts of health.{Newline}
{Color 08}Range{Color 00}:4  {Color 08}Effect{Color 00}:2·Vertical 1  {Color 08}MP{Color 00}:6  {Color 08}SP{Color 00}:34  ☇{Newline}
{Color 08}Formula{Color 00}:MA*20  {Color 08}Elemental{Color 00}:Holy

 •Use "{Newline}" to jump to the next line.
 •Don't finish your 4th line with "{Newline}" because it will create an empty 5th line.
 •Start and finish colored text with "{Color 08}COLORED TEXT{Color 00}",
The first ""{Color 08}" will set following text red-colored. The second "{Color 00}" will set following text to black, returning it to normal.
Don't know how many colors you can experiment with changing said 08, always kept it at 08 to be vanilla.
 •There is special characters you may like to use.
Reflectable: "☇", "·", "%", "*" and more. Find them all under HELP, ALLOWED CHARACTERS.
 •If you include a formula/power/CT in your Job/Skill/Item "description", that is not dynamic, you must always update the text description, what IS dynamic are in-game tables showing MP Cost/CT while choosing a skill to cast and others.

6) Patch your .ISO and test. FFTactext won't let you patch an ISO in use, unlike FFTPatcher.
BTW, is there an option to export/import specific tab changes? Like items/skills.

Or any method where I could do it with an excel and the patch file or something.

Would really appreciate that information.
Quote from: Glain on January 07, 2021, 12:37:26 pmBeta v6:
Amazing work! the Stat Viewer is a life saver.

Minor things I noticed in V6:
•Equip Katana says "Equip Knife". A Samurai is  performing a Seppuku right now with that knife, haha.
News / Re: New Hack to "Expand" Vanilla Roster!
January 17, 2021, 03:13:07 pm
What an amazing workaround for a so-HARD coded problem! I can't believe it,
Always wanted to play around with monsters, but without dispatching unique units it's just an annoyance.

EDIT: May it conflict with The Lion War in the long term?.