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Help! / AI behavior with a CHARGE+X variant
March 13, 2020, 09:57:04 am
Hello there.
I created a "Charge+X" variant.
A simple skill that charges an attack (melee/bow) and that can be interrupted if a character is knocked back while charging, or if I move AFTER casting it, just like the normal Charge+X skill.

It works ALMOST perfectly, the problem is that the AI will treat it like a normal spell, I mean:
•The AI may move and then CHARGE. (That's perfect)
•But may also charge AND THEN move in the same turn, cancelling the ability, wasting his turn.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior?.

My skill currently has:
*Affect HP
*Target Enemies
*Physical Attack
*Weapon Range


By the way. Checking at the vanilla skills, Charge+X abilities doesn't have the "Check CT/Target" ticks like most casting spells, so I wonder...

(1) The Normal/Aim/* field under "Chance to learn",
(2) and the "Check CT/Target" checkbox under AI Behavior,
does and if it may affect said behavior.

Thank you.
Hello there. I'm new here (as you can see).
I has been trying FFTPatcher a lot, trying to learn from it, the game and the forums, FFT is fantastic.

Since I don't mind robot-work I playtested it a thousand times whenever I had my doubts with no answer,
but this one really bugs me:

The ENTD limit is 9 sprites, I get it. A max of 4 different enemies, if not, they will me missing in battle.
I edited a map with an enemy formation like this: (I will write it because a screenshot can't show all this info)

Wizard Male (always present)
Wizard Male (always present)
Priest Female (always present)
Priest Female (always present)
Oracle MALE (random present)
Oracle FEMALE (always present) same spot as the MALE Oracle.
Time Mage MALE (random present)
Time Mage FEMALE (always present) same spot as the MALE Time Mage.

The map loads fine, always with 4 enemies, the Oracle and Time Mage's sex varies, that's what I really want.
The weird stuff comes when I play with my favorite emulator, pSX 1.3, when it's the Time Mage or Oracle turn, the game sometimes freeze with random errors, if I try again with ePSXe, the game works flawlessly.
Tried in another map, same spectrum, (a single knight's sex may vary, and when it's his/her turn, the game freeze with different errors)

Is what I'm doing supposed to somehow violate the game limitations and thus, pSX (so close to original console) can't handle it?, since there is 6 enemy sprite variants in the ENTD.
Wondering because if that's true, I won't be able to play my edit on console like I want in the future.