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PSX FFT Hacking / Ramza Sword Saint Class
June 09, 2019, 11:44:45 am
Hi, I've been having this idea for awhile of Ramza essentially becoming a Swordskill Blue Mage essentially, where if he is struck by something like Lightning Stab, Night Blade, Dusk Blade, etc, he will learn how to use those abilities. I know his job changes frequently so how well would this work? I also wanted to change his Guts abilities into new sword skills (Those that Squires share will be removed from his skills).

Specifically I want to give him unique sword skills, for an example there was an idea I had of using the Rafa/Malak random hit mechanic with a sword skill that would be a low damage but could hit between 4-6x or something like that with an auto target (like with spin fist, etc). My main questions are, what pitfalls should I be wary of? Such as the class changing, issues that might cause trouble with other characters/etc. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
Help! / Patching Trouble
September 18, 2010, 11:22:58 pm
Hello all, I have recently come across the Ability Require Hack and had changed the ability requirements of one of my jobs. I understood how to actually apply the changes to the abilities the problem I am having is that I have honestly no idea how to actually patch this to my game. Could someone please explain how to patch it?
Help! / Events
April 28, 2010, 01:46:12 am
Hello everyone I am a new hacker/modifier of Final Fantasy Tactics (was hacking Final Fantasy 6 before) and I was wondering about one small thing:

I have just recently made six new unique characters with six new skillsets and all (thanks to the sprites provided here I have also changed jobs around and am only waiting for the female version of the scholar to be complete). I had them replace the Male Squire sets that ranged from 57-5B. The question I have is this; is there a way besides just editing them into a battle and joining you afterwords to get them in your party? To elaborate this is something similar to what I want to do for these characters:

For Beatrix:

I want to basically do something similar to the whole Beowulf side quest and get her after hearing a rumor of some sort. Then by going to a certain place afterwords I would find Beatrix completely surrounded where she notices the party and requests their help. After the battle (if possible) I would want her to formally offer her services to the party to pay back the debt she owes (her being a virtuous knight and all).

In other words I want to have my unique characters have some dialogue to give them more personality and make it more meaningful to actually attain them. Considering the people I'm putting in are: Beatrix, Terra, Aerith, Alucard, Balthier and Vicks (using the sprite for FFT: Remix).

Any and all help is very much appreciated.
Help! / Patching
April 24, 2010, 11:50:49 pm
I didn't find a thread for this and since I'm quite new to Final Fantasy Tactics hacking, how do I patch the patches on the home page to my final fantasy tactics game? I'm sorry to be any trouble.