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July 15, 2024, 01:13:42 pm


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Talcall's ASM Address Planner

Started by Talcall, February 12, 2022, 01:03:20 am


Wow! a whole one forum post this year, and we're already in February! remarkable!
This post is about a recent ASM planning tool I made that I hope will end up being helpful for any projects that might be slightly heavy on the assembly hacking. Talcalls ASM Address Planner, or TAAP for short.

Don't call it TAAP.

Currently, the tool has and can do a few things:
  • Contains start and end locations of current routines & the names currently associated with them (from out site wiki)
  • Contains the most important/modded files in the ROM (Scus, Battle, Attack, world, wldcore, etc.)
  • Contains a small space dedicated for programmer comments. (in case I expand the functionality to the east ever. copy paste baby)
  • Allows marking spaces in RAM as 'Untouched', 'Reduced', 'Untested', 'Done', 'Free', and 'To Be Done', colour coded for quick glances of code edited en mass.
  • Allows customising of start and end addresses of dedicated spaces. go on! it's pretty fluid like that.
  • Checks for inconsistencies in the presented addresses; Will let you know if there's overlap in the code, or any space that isn't accounted for before the start of the next space. Also tells you between which addresses the inconsistency lies.
  • Lets you know how much space (in bytes (in hex)) a space between addresses takes up, allowing you to more easily plan out where and how many routines you can place into ram.
  • Has a sheet dedicated to letting you know how many bytes a routine you plug in will take up, and at what address the final Operand is.

Hopefully this sees some use, even if it's somewhat limited.
Feel free to maul it as much as you like, there's so little functionality, I might add it as a feature at some point! XD
Talcall's ASM Address Planner.rar
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