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Notes with no specific order but that can be usefull.

Hex Events starts at 10938. (This is event 1) One line is 12 bytes. (Resize hex editor) Most scenario are 2 lines. See this for event editing info : http://www.ffhacktics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=80

Event Instruction {4D} = no shadow.

Initial direction. Unknown0x30 = face ramza.


  • AA: ? (almost always 10)
  • BB: Style of the text.
    [40 = Top centered Text box with no pointing to the talker.]
    [50 = Oversized Top/bottom text box]
    [60 = Top centered Text box with no pointing to the talker.]
    [70 = Text box of at the bottom no matter what]
    [80 = Buggy transparent text at top left.]
  • CC: Number of the message displayed.
  • DD: ? (almost always 0)
  • EE: Unit ID
  • FF: ? (almost always 0)
  • GG: ? (almost always 0)
  • HHHHH: X movement of the message.
  • IIIII: Y movement of the message.
  • JJJJJ: Z movement of the message.
  • KK: Seems to determine the angle from where the bubble comes. (almost always 1)

{2D}(r08000C010000) Unit Id 8 look at... {64}(r1700) Unit ID 17. (no idea what this do) {2B}() (end of the movement)