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Example: (World Map theme)


AAAAAAAA : Sector location
BB : Always 00
CC : 8 times the number of sectors (2048 bytes each) to load
DD : Always 00
EE : Always 00

List of songs

IDFile (SOUND\)Low Quality MP3Song NameSCUS Addr.
01MUSIC_01.SMD Unavoidable Battle0x00037888
02MUSIC_02.SMD Run Past Through the Plain0x00037890
03MUSIC_03.SMD Back Fire0x00037898
04MUSIC_04.SMD Random Waltz0x000378A0
05MUSIC_05.SMD A Chapel0x000378A8
06MUSIC_06.SMD Bloody Excrement0x000378B0
07MUSIC_07.SMD Decisive Battle0x000378B8
08MUSIC_08.SMD Night Attack0x000378C0
09MUSIC_09.SMD Under The Starts0x000378C8
0AMUSIC_10.SMD Remnants0x000378D0
0BMUSIC_11.SMD Antipyrectic0x000378D8
0CMUSIC_12.SMD Trisection0x000378E0
0DMUSIC_13.SMD Antidote0x000378E8
0EMUSIC_14.SMD Apoplexy (original part 1)0x000378F0
0FMUSIC_15.SMD Desert Land0x000378F8
10MUSIC_16.SMD Espionage0x00037900
11MUSIC_17.SMD The Impure0x00037908
12MUSIC_18.SMD Ultema, the Nice Body0x00037910
13MUSIC_19.SMD Ultema, the Perfect Body0x00037918
14MUSIC_20.SMD Award 1 - Completed0x00037920
15MUSIC_21.SMD Award 2 - Unlucky0x00037928
16MUSIC_22.SMD Job Level Up S0x00037930
17MUSIC_23.SMD General Unhappiness L0x00037938
18MUSIC_24.SMD Job Level Up L0x00037940
19MUSIC_25.SMD To the Ball0x00037948
1AMUSIC_26.SMD Tutorial0x00037950
1BMUSIC_27.SMD World Map0x00037958
1CMUSIC_28.SMD Shop0x00037960
1DMUSIC_29.SMD Warrior's Hideout0x00037968
1EMUSIC_30.SMD Fur, Meat, and Bones stores0x00037970
1FMUSIC_31.SMD Team Making0x00037978
20MUSIC_32.SMD Brave Story0x00037980
21MUSIC_33.SMD Pub0x00037988
22MUSIC_34.SMD Character Making0x00037990
23MUSIC_35.SMD In Pursuit0x00037998
24MUSIC_36.SMD Final Report0x000379A0
25MUSIC_37.SMD Ovelia's Worries0x000379A8
26MUSIC_38.SMD Treasure0x000379B0
27MUSIC_39.SMD Apoplexy (original Part 2)0x000379B8
28MUSIC_40.SMD Algus0x000379C0
29MUSIC_41.SMD Data Screen0x000379C8
2AMUSIC_42.SMD Attack Team0x000379D0
2BMUSIC_43.SMD Mission Complete0x000379D8
2CMUSIC_44.SMD Fanfare0x000379E0
2DMUSIC_45.SMD Level Up S0x000379E8
2EMUSIC_46.SMD Treasure Discovery S0x000379F0
2FMUSIC_47.SMD General Happiness S0x000379F8
30MUSIC_48.SMD General Unhappiness S0x00037A00
31MUSIC_49.SMD Job Change0x00037A08
32MUSIC_50.SMD Game Over0x00037A10
33MUSIC_51.SMD Pray0x00037A18
34MUSIC_52.SMD Enemy Attack0x00037A20
35MUSIC_53.SMD Commander in Training0x00037A28
36MUSIC_54.SMD Anxiety0x00037A30
37MUSIC_55.SMD Cryptic Mood0x00037A38
38MUSIC_56.SMD Cry of Pain0x00037A40
39MUSIC_57.SMD Invasion0x00037A48
3AMUSIC_58.SMD Requiem0x00037A50
3BMUSIC_59.SMD Count's Anger0x00037A58
3CMUSIC_60.SMD Kourin0x00037A60
3DMUSIC_61.SMD Memories0x00037A68
3EMUSIC_62.SMD Ovelia's Theme - variation0x00037A70
3FMUSIC_63.SMD Cry of Pain!0x00037A78
40MUSIC_64.SMD Terror 10x00037A80
41MUSIC_65.SMD Terror 20x00037A88
42MUSIC_66.SMD Ovelia's Theme0x00037A90
43MUSIC_67.SMD Alma's Theme0x00037A98
44MUSIC_68.SMD Delita's Theme0x00037AA0
45MUSIC_69.SMD Ovelia's Theme (music-box)0x00037AA8
46MUSIC_70.SMD Dycedarg's Theme0x00037AB0
47MUSIC_71.SMD Zalbag, the Holy Knight0x00037AB8
48MUSIC_72.SMD Thunder God Cid0x00037AC0
49MUSIC_73.SMD Hero's Theme0x00037AC8
4AMUSIC_74.SMD Holy Angel's Theme0x00037AD0
4BMUSIC_75.SMD Holy Angel's Theme Deluxe0x00037AD8
4CMUSIC_76.SMD Tension 10x00037AE0
4DMUSIC_77.SMD Battle on the Bridge0x00037AE8
4EMUSIC_78.SMD Shock!! ~ Failure0x00037AF0
4FMUSIC_79.SMD And I Ran Away0x00037AF8
50MUSIC_80.SMD Altima's Theme0x00037B00
51MUSIC_81.SMD Fighting0x00037B08
52MUSIC_82.SMD Fighting - version 20x00037B10
53MUSIC_83.SMD Walking Theme0x00037B18
54MUSIC_84.SMD Inside the Forest0x00037B20
55MUSIC_85.SMD Evil Hormone0x00037B28
56MUSIC_86.SMD Vengeance0x00037B30
57MUSIC_87.SMD Yamanaka Lake of Fear0x00037B38
58MUSIC_88.SMD Love Love Happiness0x00037B40
59MUSIC_89.SMD Silence at Night0x00037B48
5AMUSIC_90.SMD Repose0x00037B50
5BMUSIC_91.SMD Sky Travel0x00037B58
5CMUSIC_92.SMD Brain Side Gyro Mono0x00037B60
5DMUSIC_93.SMD In a Limited Time0x00037B68
5EMUSIC_94.SMD Heard with Something0x00037B70
5FMUSIC_95.SMD Little Wing0x00037B78
60MUSIC_96.SMD Fear After0x00037B80
61MUSIC_97.SMD Espionage (alternate)0x00037B88
62MUSIC_98.SMD Thunder God Cid (slow)0x00037B90
63MUSIC_99.SMD Apoplexy (entended)0x00037B98