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CW Cheat, Custom Fireware, and PSP!


I've been searching for hours on how to do any of this and the furthest I've gotten is that you need custom firmware to use both CW Cheat and the PSP ISO ... does anyone have any accurate information on the step-by-step process starting from 6.20 Firmware on the PSP 3000 (Slim) all the way to installing and running CW Cheat and PSP ISOs? Thanks.

Sorry Lydyn, it's been ages since I did that, so the info I have is damn outdated, and I don't remember half of it. Besides I have Phat 1000, so it works differently for me in a way.

Erp... well... I know they've changed a lot since I converted my PSP to Custom Firmware.  I'll take a look into it, and see if I can't get back to you, but I make no promises.

I really appreciate it. I got a bit lost. I had done it once, but someone stole my memory stick (found a way to do it without that pandora battery).

Oh hey! I'm good at doing this kind of stuff!
I have a psp-3000 that is running a CFW of 6.60
I'd gladly give a step by step instruction to installing CFW and CWcheat


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