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What would you guys think about a small patch that shows what happens between chapter 1-2?
What happens after Ramza survives the explosion and how he meets Rad & Gaffy?
No big edits to the jobs/Skills, just some pre-set fight and some event
Maybe it could be played from another character's perspective, like Gaffy or Rad...

Would you like to see/play it?

Joseph Strife:
Mercenaries were supposed to be something similar to this no?

Yes, but also wanted to change a lot of stuff (Jobs, skills, story)
What I'm proposing here is just something that...fills the gap between Ch1 and 2
A very simple, small patch

Joseph Strife:
Oh, i see, well, might be fun if just balance the game and come up with a good story, i would play.

Neophyte Ronin:
You mean retool the Plus release to accommodate a soiree that takes place between Chapters 1 and 2?  I'm game.  I'm guessing you'll either have Ramza and Rad, led by a playable Gafgarion, or Delita first associating with both Zeltennia's leaders and the Church's?


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