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Help: Quakelain/cuchulainn art (for fftattoo)

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Whats going on fellow FF fans?? I'm posting this in hopes that someone here can assist. I'm in the process of starting a leg-sleeve, the first part of which is going to be Quakelain. I've amassed as much artwork as I can from basic search engine searches and whatnot. Not much of it actually tickles my fancy however. I coulda swore I've seen images of him in the past with like..those crazy red/pink cross type things and whatnot floating around him.

So yeah. If any of you have concept art/scans/badass art/anything that I may not have of this guy, please don't hesitate to post it up!  :mrgreen: Thanks

The dude with the stomach mouth? Eww.

But I guess that's what you're going for.

Hah. Its self reflection/expression. I can relate to the characters backstory story like wooah, ya digggg??

Good looks on the image. I didnt have that one and its one of the few with the teeth in his stomach.

Started work on the leg sleeve... first up:


Looks like there won't be room for Quakelain on that leg. The leg in general is too small of an area to properly do him... Heres the begging of the back of the piece though. Looks like its just going to be J&S plus the Morrigan.


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