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Drama  (Read 1077 times)
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SaGa Frontier Hacker
Pickle Girl Fanboy [Posts: 1482]
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  • [May 14, 2012, 02:36:02 AM]
« on: May 14, 2012, 02:36:02 AM »

Email I just sent to The World, a newspaper in Coos Bay, Oregon.

My name is Ryan Taylor.

My emails are:

^This is the one I actually use.

^I set this one up because people routinely misspell my other email
address, so this is just a way to catch those lost messages.

I lack an address and phone number, but it would be no problem at all
to visit The World and meet in person. Reply with a date and time, if
you want to meet me.


I'm homeless, in the Bay area. I'm also young, and going to school in
the fall at SOCC - thanks to a Pell Grant - so I'm more of a hipster
homeless person than I am someone in dire need of assistance (though I
do have anxiety problems that make employment in, say, the fast food
industry impossible, if that counts as a mental illness).
Nevertheless, I do sleep outside, and I can only afford to spend about
$5.70 per day of my food stamps, to make them last the entire month.

So everything's going well, I was done checking my class schedule for
the next two years and otherwise goofing off on the internet for the
day and I decided to go to T.H.E. House for dinner. I arrived to find
they were serving noodles - I'm not a fan of noodles - so I politely
refused the proffered noodles and opted for week-old pizza instead.

Bill (whom you know as William Robert Mutton, the convicted pedophile
- he "volunteers" at T.H.E. House, but more on that later) immediately
disappeared, and the next thing I know Mary, the other volunteer for
the night, is taking my pizza away from me.

I assume that Bill - being the sneaky child-molester that he is - went
and told Mary (an otherwise sweet old lady) that I thought her food
was dog poop, and that I'd rather eat my own vomit than her own food.

I didn't, of course, because I'd never say such a thing to a woman I
don't hate, and probably not even then. Not because I think it's a
horrible thing to do, but because women work together, and it's never
a good idea to mess with one of them for the hell of it.

Anyways, I lost my meal and I left T.H.E. House hungry this evening.
Right now I'm sitting outside the Coos Bay Public Library typing this
on my laptop (I told you I'm a hipster).

Now for the background, as to WHY Bill wants to fuck with me: I've
seen Bill stealing food from T.H.E. House. I also saw Bill allowing
Kyle - a man who is banned from T.H.E. House property for stealing
food - opening the door for Kyle, after Kyle got of the CCAT bus stop
at T.H.E. House (I often come down Koos Bay Blvd when going to Coos
Bay from SOCC). Bill knows this because he saw me walking by, and he
hurried Kyle into the house as soon as he saw me.

I unfortunately had to sell my camera when I lost all my other worldly
possessions and became homeless, so I lack any way to catch Bill and
Kyle in the act. If you'd like to help me catch them in the act -
which would involve sitting somewhere in view of the front door of
T.H.E. House with a camera between 8:00 AM and maybe 5:00 PM - then
please, please do so. I really don't like having to worry about these
sorts of things, because I tend to obsess about them until I'm utterly
useless - I can't help it.

I haven't had an opportunity to tell the guy who runs T.H.E. House
about this, so I'm emailing it to you. Now that I think about it,
there's probably an email address for T.H.E. House, so I'll google it
and send it to them. I'm also posting this on my facebook page, and I
think I'll make a Blogspot page for it too, so this isn't an anonymous
tip, and the crap-storm which I'm attempting to brew up may be
newsworthy in and of itself. I don't know if brewing a crap-storm is
warranted in this case, because I have problems understanding social
cues and interpreting ambiguity. Your advice on this front is

I'll email you the link to the Blogspot when I set it up. I still
have to think about this, though, so it will be a few days.

One other thing: The Kyle guy who's banned from T.H.E. House property
is also a sex offender, so I hear, but he isn't on any of the
registries I've seen on the internet. I hear he lives with William
Robert Mutton. Is a sex offender who may not be in compliance
GeneralStrife [Posts: 1442]
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  • [May 14, 2012, 09:49:47 PM]
Re: Drama
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2012, 09:49:47 PM »
Well, as long as you don't get murdered by the creepy pedophile. Maybe you'll get a key to the city for your heroics! Do be careful though, honestly.
SaGa Frontier Hacker
Pickle Girl Fanboy [Posts: 1482]
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  • [May 15, 2012, 02:18:03 AM]
Re: Drama
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2012, 02:18:03 AM »
Yeah, probably not.

Other news:

Revolutions take time. The American Revolution began with protests against the Stamp Act of 1765 but did not erupt until a decade later. The 1917 revolution in Russia started with a dress rehearsal in 1905. The most effective revolutions, including the Russian Revolution, have been largely nonviolent. There are always violent radicals who carry out bombings and assassinations, but they hinder, especially in the early stages, more than help revolutions. The anarchist Peter Kropotkin during the Russian Revolution condemned the radical terrorists, asserting that they only demoralized and frightened away the movement’s followers and discredited authentic anarchism.

Radical violent groups cling like parasites to popular protests. The Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, the Weather Underground, the Red Brigades and the Symbionese Liberation Army arose in the ferment of the 1960s. Violent radicals are used by the state to justify harsh repression. They scare the mainstream from the movement. They thwart the goal of all revolutions, which is to turn the majority against an isolated and discredited ruling class. These violent fringe groups are seductive to those who yearn for personal empowerment through hyper-masculinity and violence, but they do little to advance the cause. The primary role of radical extremists, such as Maximilien Robespierre and Vladimir Lenin, is to hijack successful revolutions. They unleash a reign of terror, primarily against fellow revolutionaries, which often outdoes the repression of the old regime. They often do not play much of a role in building a revolution.
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