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Oroborobo [Posts: 16]
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  • [May 03, 2012, 09:42:27 AM]
EDIT: Update with attachment rar file.
Contents of the archive:
  • Prologue and Chapter 1 script rewrites
  • Brainstorm for Equippable zodiac stone mechanics and effects
  • A sample system for Job Level based character growth
  • Background and Description of a new lucavi boss enemy to be added
  • Features some ideas for unique battle situations involving the climax of the first chapter

Old post:
Attached is the most functional version of this patch that I have. It's patch-able onto a clean FFT ISO with the most recent version of the FFTPatcher utility.

This is currently in the form of a vanilla mod that I'm attempting to rebalance the mechanics in as a solo effort.

However, my plans for the future incarnations of this will have a plan of progression beyond that, so that once I finish my run through of creating a playable body of freshier challenges that continue unto the end of the game, I can begin work on next cycles of modification that progress chapter by chapter and start when the previous cycle is somewhat satisfactory.

these cycles would be:

-Alteration of menu text so that all abilities/jobs/items describe what they are and not some completely unrelated nonsense leftover from their old function

-Actual make that -improved- menu text and descriptions to be fresher and more meaningful/interesting, even on the stuff that's still accurate from vanilla.

-Script edits. I will put funny things into the thing. I had something written here but man I hated it! what a shitty pitch

the next thing will be an example text scene to show what my intentions are.

-going along side script edits, party edits and sprite edits to go with different party additions
Lavian Alicia and Rad are probably gonna have to go, sorry to say (not really sorry)

I don't expect it to take anything less than months of my spare time, but well, it's what I feel like doing.

Got some more... something going on here.

Ideas for ASM:
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