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So, a certain element has been requested to me, and I want some opinions. The scenario: You're fighting a priest at a church. He's smugly sitting on the top of the church. You're first thought? I'm going to run up there an smack that stupid smirk off his face! Of course, as you start your ascent, he pulls out a gun and shoots you in the face.

So the question is, would you or would you not rather have this certain priest to have a gun, and why?

(This post is without spoilers as best as I can!)

Of he has a gun.
How else would he shoot me in the face?

It's either that, a crossbow, an instantly charged spell of dark magic, a pitfall trap right in front of him, or his invisible retainers grabbing you as you try to attack him.

I would only want the priest to have a gun if shooting me in the head released my Persona.

Why exactly wouldn't the priest have a gun?

If you're doing a FFT hack (which I assume you are, though it's odd that you're asking in this forum), then the only thing stopping you there is class requirements for weapons.


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