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Just found out about this project and I'm really excited and impressed by the quality of it so far. I'm a programmer and would love to help out wherever I can. I'm not a python export, but I've worked in a few other languages, mostly web development related - C#, AS3, Javascript, PHP.

I was able to DL the github code and get the server and 2 clients running and able to play a short game. I also played around with the code a bit (had to fix an issue where the config.prc was trying to pull from the panda3d folder which I assume is because I'm on windows).

So let's coordinate - where can I help? what's the next items on the todo list?

PGF, let fucking Kivutarrr respond.


Hi CoderBrandon. Welcome and thanks for your help proposal.
We have a long todo list, wich is still in our head (yeah, I'm not a good project leader xD).
Well.. it depends on your skills and what you like in game development. Please tell me more of that you know and like.

For example:
 - Have you played FFT?
 - Do you know FFT internals?
 - Do you know ASM?
 - Do you know 3D?
 - Do you know design patterns?
 - Are you an artist?
 - When you read tethical code, do you understand it?
 - Are you interested more in building the engine to create custom games or to emulate fft closely?
 - etc

Here are the parts of tethical, and who participated to the code:
 - Game Client (me & lirmont)
 - Game Server (me)
 - The database (lirmont)
 - The Control panel (lirmont)
 - Migration scripts (me, lirmont, and the ffh guys)

State of the project:
I almost stopped to code for 7 monthes, the client, the server and the migration script have not changed since this time. Lirmont developped the database and the control panel during this period. The server and the database are not yet linked, this is the next big step, and it is hard to do (well).
Pretty much everything is unfinished.

Please read the code and tell us more about you. You can also meet me on IRC.

> Have you played FFT?

Yep - I own the PSX and PSP versions and have beat them multiple times (and FFTA and FFTA2 at least once each). I also have played a lot of other tactical SRPGs - everything from Tactics Ogre to Makai Kingdom

> Do you know FFT internals?

I understand most of the advanced topics and formulas/algorithms but I'm sure there is a lot I don't know.

> Do you know ASM?

I know what it is and how it works but haven't messed with it much

> Do you know 3D?

Only enough to open blender and hamfist my way through it using youtube tutorials

> Do you know design patterns?

I've used a bunch: OO, MVC, Event Driven (async), Factories and some others.

> Are you an artist?

Yes and no. I can do art but I don't usually like it. I'd rather code and edit the occasional art asset as needed. I do like to do UI design, though and have done a good bit of web related UI design.

> When you read tethical code, do you understand it?

For the most part - there was a bit of a learning curve because I don't know the python syntax too well. Once I found the panda3d API docs and did a few python quickstart tutorials it started making a lot more sense.

> Are you interested more in building the engine to create custom games or to emulate fft closely?

I don't think those are mutually exclusive. I'd like to help build an engine to make custom games and the demo game happens to be similar to FFT.


More about me: I'm a senior level web developer in my full time job and I do game development as a hobbyist. My portfolio site is here: . Most of my game related stuff has been in Flash/AS3 using Flixel. I've done some multiplayer work before using Player.IO in C# and AS3.

Where can I find the database and control panel stuff? I can start seeing what's needed to link them together. I've done a fair bit of database and form work in the past.

We should probably start an internal todo list and/or milestone planning just so we can all be on the same page. I'm not sure if it's still free, but I used in the past and it was pretty good.

Update: Found the control panel topic and have DL'ed everything and I'm now attempting to get it to work.


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