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Wanted: Map contributions for the ENTD helper

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Pickle Girl Fanboy:

--- Quote ---A spreadsheet which shows height, unpassable terrain, 1st and 2nd levels where applicable, water and water depth where applicable, and has the same X and Y axises as FFTPatcher. Useful for editing ENTD and Treasures/Traps. The following maps are finished:

*Outside of Orbonne Monastary
*Magic City Gariland
*Mandalia Plains
*Araguay Woods
*Zirekile Falls
*Zaland Fort City
*Barius Hill
*Zigolis Swamp
*Slums in Goug
*Bariaus Valley
*Golgorand Execution Site
*At the gate of Lionel Castle
*Inside Lionel Castle

If anyone knows the sprite limits for these maps, I'd love to add them.
--- End quote ---

I need three things, if anyone wants to contribute them:
1. Sprite limits for every map in the game.
2. Character limits for every map in the game (the maximum number of character that can be on a map)
3. Additional maps, which display the following:
3a. Height (see attached screencap for formatting)
3b. Unpassable terrain (red text on a yellow background)
3c. 1st and 2nd levels where applicable (Height of Higher Square/Height of Lower Square; use blue background if lower level is water, and don't forget water depth)
3d. Water and water depth where applicable (Water Height-Water Depth)
3e. Have the same X and Y axises as FFTPatcher (Use treasure/trap locations to figure this out)
3f. All maps verified in game should be marked as such.

See the attached screenshots for greater detail.

The sprite the limit is the same in every map PGF...

9 Sprites per map.

Pickle Girl Fanboy:
Are you sure - has this been verified?  And what is the sprite limit for every map?

9 sprites. I don't need someone else to confirm this. I'm the one making the events in these maps and I'm telling you it's 9 :P

Tho yes, it has been confirmed over many places in this very forum  :mrgreen:

It does not seem to matter what the size of the map is either, since Ive had 12 sprites in the Besrodio's House map (using addunit to add one when 1 leaves, effectively onluy having 9 on screen at a time)

Pickle Girl Fanboy:
So that's why some maps have more than 9 sprites on them - event editing.  Good to know.

Does this apply to individual units that share the same sprite?  Can I have 16 Knights on a battlefield, versus my 5 party members?


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