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Here is the only one that's complete besides the jumping frames a basic female fighter; this is the working color version and below is an example of a paletted version made transparent (see Red Shoes mini-guide to find out how to save with a transparent background):

Here's the WIP of the male counterpart in working colors:

I thought I had a few fighting frames done too :(
and here's a prototype of the female basic mage or caster:

We need to finish the very basic ones first I think, casters thieves, fighters(close)& archers; but throw some monsters in anytime :)
I'd like to make a monster out of a larger version of this:
with the little mage as part of it like a two figures in one square type of thing. I'd also like to finish Sahagin and double it in size and edit into another Tethical beast.

So we need either these worked on, new basic classes or monsters.

Hmm.. Lirmont or Kivutar? As PGF asked what about multi-panel sprites? How big is the limit on 1 panel etc.?

There just hasn't been anything done yet to put into the engine. However, I believe that you are functionally limited to square dimensions. In other words, if the thing takes up 2 squares length-wise, it will have to take up 2 width-wise (ex. 1x1; 2x2; 3x3; 4x4; 10x10; etc). Otherwise, I believe you will get a skewing effect that places its body parts on unintended squares. I will throw together an end-of-the-world boss and report back, though it may take several days.

nice job !

Test, Source Image


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