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I want the ability to search for all FFH Wiki articles that start with a given letter.

1) This will better allow us to find and delete spam.
2) This will allow us to better categorize Wiki threads as there are many buried articles which contain good information without links to the front page.

Pickle Girl Fanboy:
Do you have an SMF mod in mind?

I'm not sure what you mean.  I'm just noticing that articles like the CT Hack and the SMD file description (for FFT songs) are not included under main page links, implying there may exist more articles that are equally "hidden".  Hence, I asked for this tool as a means of ferreting out such pages.

Pickle Girl Fanboy:
Wait a minute, I'm not sure if the Wiki is SMF in the first place!

Looks like it's MediaWiki:

Third Party Extensions:

MediaWiki IRC:

Support Desk - a kind of forum, looks like:

Would something that displays every page in the wiki be as good as a wildcard page title search feature?

Help Topic I made:

Special Pages
All Pages


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