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I've decided to work on a version of PW for PSP users to enjoy. This version is rebuilt from the ground up (which is why it'll take a bit to get done, but progress has been steady) and specifically designed to address issues the PSX version doesn't have.

The primary list of changes from the PSX version will be this:

-Vikings are replaced by Dragoons.
-Performers are replaced by Ninja.
-Snipers won't have their PSX skillset.
-Sages are replaced by Arithmeticians, who have been bashed with the nerfhammer several times over.
-Harbingers will require 20 kills, replacing the PSP's Dark Knight. Harbingers will get some extra goodies to make up for it though.
-Abilities that used ALMA will no longer exist, such as Looming Shadow.
-Items that used ALMA will be altered.
-Shinobi are being replaced with Elementalists, who can use a different elemental-themed sword skill based on the terrain.
-No new sprites, meaning no Lamias, Tortoises, Tonberries, or Werewolves.
-No Gerard the Beastmaster (Luso will be your new Blue Mage)
-The job tree will be slightly different.
-JP costs will be lowered to accomodate to the lack of frame skipping on the PSP.
-Skills that once used large animations will be toned down slightly to accomodate for the PSP's slowdown.
-PW PSX's Denmada system is being replaced with WotL's normal Gil system.

Those are the major changes, but even after all that, I think I'm managing to retain PW's heart and soul, even without all the ASM and fancy hacks. So PSP owners, stay tuned! I'm already about half way done with remaking abilities, with items and ENTDs coming shortly after.

Excellent news Et, I for one. I cant wait for you to complete it. If there is anything that you want me to do, I will be more than happy to accommodate!! Is there no way I'd adding in Tonberries at all?

A few technical difficulties, but I'm sure they'll get smoothed out soon.

Started my playthrough (yes I know it's a beta at the moment) and I am presently surprised, I am loving the vampire ability, nice touch and also the item that inflicts Undead, very nice.

I think the Cadet "Yell"'ability seems a little OP, but I wasn't  complaining! 50 HP for a potion... Early in the game, I think it is a little too much.

I will get stuck into the Sentinal and Scholar next.

I am loving the patch!! Well done!!

I have also noticed the slowdown, I was spoilt with playing FFT eboots!

So erm, you realize that Ramza hasn't been touched yet, right? I still need to finish off monsters and some special job skills.


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