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My umpteenth FFT playthrough

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I'm starting a new Playthrough in Tactics as I do once per year (usually twice), I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on goals or tricks/things I could do during this particular play through to spice it up a little. I'm currently on Chapter 2 nearing the Goug battle and unlocking the Samurai class.

Use Ramza. Only Ramza. Then set all the other units to AI.

All five units must be in a Straight Class.  No two units can share a class. (Aka, no Secondary, R/S/M from base Job are the only ones usable.) Any Special Class (Ramza's Squire, Holy Knight, Engineer, Divine Knight, etc) counts as the Generic Squire class, meaning you can only use one "Special" unit in its base class or one "Squire" in your party at maximum. You can, obviously, change a unit's Straight Class between battles, but all the previous rules still apply, so if you use Agrias and have her as Holy Knight but need Mustadio to be an Engineer, Agrias much change to a different class since Engineer and Holy Knight count as the same Straight Class.  Etc. 

All non-Ramza units must be set to Auto Battle, and once you choose their AI at the start of the fight it cannot be changed.

That shouldn't be too difficult, but would force you to approach the game in a pretty different way than you're likely used to, since you can't use tons of OP combinations like MP Switch + Move-MP UP, and you're forced to learn to fight alongside your Auto Battle AI buddies as Ramza.  New approaches to battles, and being able to get new appreciations for various classes without an excessive amount of difficulty should equal quite a bit of fun and interesting stuff.


I've actually decided to unlock all jobs for Ramza before undertaking the Sweegy Woods battle, and so far I need only to unlock the Mime class and I am good to go.


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