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Updates for Event Instructions on FFH Home Page


I already posted this in the EVSP topic as requested by Raven, but I'm posting it here as well since I really believe the main page should be updated

In the event instructions for ZERO/ADD/SUB etc etc

0x0000 - 0x002B

Are the same as the Maps listed in

0x0200 - 0x022B

The ones used in 0x0000 - 0x002B are used with 0x0031 to determine your Current Map location
(such as where your character's first worldmap position would be upon starting the game)



will put your character at Lionel Castle the next time you enter the worldmap

2) Another suggestion I have is the make it so we can have attachments in PM's. It's not a huge problem not to, it would just cut
down on having to upload a picture or zip file somewhere before being able to send it in a PM, I have heard quite a few people suggest
this as well.


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