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hey there! I've been working on a patch for FFT to suit my style of play and likings and I wanted to share it in case someone else likes the modifications I made.
I had two main objectives in mind: to improve Ramza and to make the game more difficult without making it boring or too tedious. I also wanted to leave as many of the original features untouched, except for some bugs.
Here is the list of changes:
ASM Hacks
attack up +25%, magic attack up +25%, defense up +25%, magic defense up +25%, jump dmg regardless of weapon, broken/stolen items in fur shop, AI attacks transparent units, transparent loses 100% acc, defending reduces 25% physical, float weak against wind, oil against fire, jp scroll glitch fix, special characters can do propositions, mighty sword hits monsters, blade grasp triggered by sword attack only, undead receive 25% dmg from phoenix down
Chapter2-3: Job: 'Mercenary Knight' [A Knight who forsook his leaders. Follows his own path and has no true master.] - 'Hired Blade' [Mercenary Knight Job command. Employs battle skills and dishonourable tactics alike to achieve victory at all cost.].
Changed sprite (Ramza Ch2&3 Defender), added dark sword, night sword, power ruin, mind ruin, removed dash, throw stone.
Chapter4: Job: 'Heretic' [Blasphemer persecuted by the church for his deeds against God. His Unholy Sword destroys enemies and threatens all forms of established order.] - 'Unholy Sword' [Heretic Job command. Uses dark arts and forbidden techniques to bring death and chaos.].
Changed sprite (Ramza [Cape] (FFT Mercenaries)), added dark sword, night sword, dark holy, power ruin, mind ruin, speed ruin, magic ruin, removed dash, throw stone, heal, wish.
Other Changes
-Story battles enemies lvl along with party level and have better abilities.
-All special characters now have acces to 'Accumulate' in their respective base jobs.
-Agrias: removed holy explosion.
-Ourlandu: removed dark sword, night sword, mighty sword skills (break gear).
-Meliadou: Changed sprite (unveiled) and can now hit monsters with her swordskills.
-Holy swordskills now cost 6 mp, except lighting stab = 12 mp, and holy explosion = 15 mp.
-Calculator: removed ct, level, 5, 3.
-Job lvl jp amount increased for higher levels: jlvl 6: 1200, 7: 2000, 8: 3000
Download link:

Thats about it. I haven't modified items, monsters or optional battles for now. Maybe I will after I can do a full play through. Any feedback will be appreciated, some battles may need additional tweaking after testing them.
I'd like to thank FFHacktics community for all the great tools and resources for editing this awesome game.

Being a personal patch, I don't have much to say
But...why removing Holy explosion from Agrias? Isn't she already weak enough

Welcome to FFH, where all your dreams come true!

hey Dome, thanks for the welcome, I've been reading stuff here for a while though. About Agrias, I tried to make it so that holy swordskills don't overlap so much among characters... so Agrias has up to lighting stab, Orlandu has all holy swordskills, Meliadou mighty swordskills and Ramza destroy sword and dark sword. This way I think characters become a bit more unique and need to be combined for better results. I also think she is still pretty good (Agrias and Meliadou are two of my favorite units) with that skills and a good item/skill setup, and it's not such a great loss.

If Agrias has 4 holy skills, and Orlandu the same 4 plus another one, Agrias is utterly outclassed, bar the join time...

I think compared to Orlandu everyone is utterly outclassed, still Agrias with this skills is very useful when she joins and enven later on when Orlandu is already in the party, because she is female and still has the 'best' holy sword skill, lighting stab... but of course I won't argue that Orlandu is stronger.


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