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Final Fantasy Tactics: Redesign - Redesigned Opening Post! (Image Heavy)

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New topic as my change to all screenshots means I can consolidate everything easily into one thread.  I'll also be more heavily-abbreviating my changes list now that I have a far better idea of what I want to do.  

Regardless, for any newcomers - welcome to Final Fantasy Tactics: Redesign, which seeks to rebuild much of the combat engine from the ground up, increasing strategy, difficulty, and possible gear combinations for a far more engaging experience for veterans of the original game.  The mantra is simple complexity - every individual piece is trimmed to its simplest terms, and how those pieces combine defines the depth and strategy of the game.  Hopefully, the execution of this will match my vision of it, as my vision is great, and hopefully you'll all enjoy a game that seeks to be both difficult and have its own identity once I can compile everything into something playable.


Level cap is now 50 from 99.  All units have Attack, Charge +1, Charge +2, Charge +4, Defend innately instead of just Attack.  Through tricky use of Formula and many other things, the AI will be made more fierce - ready to give the player a far greater challenge than in Vanilla without any behind the scenes "gifts" to help them.

Brave and Faith becomes Fury and Will - Fury adds a multiplier to every physical attack (including Weapon Attacks) based on the user and target's Fury, and Will does the same with magic, both having a +30 constant [(CasX+30)*(TarX+30)/10000] to ensure damage doesn't fall too low.  Every skill is governed by one of these two stats.  (Attack is always governed by Fury sans with Magic Guns and the like, Skills use Fury_ or Will_ to note which they are affected by.)

Reactions are no longer Brave based and Weapon/Skill Procs are no longer randomized - they will activate 100% of the time.  This makes low Fury far less damning and even attractive, and means procs are now things that can be built around strategically.  Obviously, the luck element lost here will be at least somewhat made up for elsewhere.

Movement Abilities removed - you now get two Support Abilities, consisting of what used to be both Support and Movement along with removals/additions.  This should add an entirely new level of depth to character customization, when combined with the bevvy of new Support Abilities.

Damage has been controlled - no more oneshot fests.  Weapon Power has been heavily reigned in, the Fist formula has been made less abusive, etc.  While you can still make plenty powerful units which can still go CRUNCH on other units built for DPS, defense is now also a pretty viable tactic.  Stat Growth has been flattened, but this shouldn't be too noticeable in game between stat variance and each class having unique multipliers.

Unit CT always resets to 00 on Turn End, regardless of Wait Only, Move Only, Act Only, Move and Act, etc.  Movement / Jump / Speed has also seen heavy reductions - you can still make highly mobile units, but they'll cost you adequately in power and speed now.  Evasion is now also calculated at full value on front, half value on either side, no value on back for all types except A-EV, which still functions as in Vanilla.

Gear has been rebuilt from the ground-up.  While classes are reminiscent of the original on the outside, they've also been rebuilt from the ground-up internally.  Elements have been made more distinct - all Lightning attacks share similar traits, etc.  All forms of Elemental Parity have been removed, and mastering Elements can be key to combat, though plenty of Element-free routes still exist.  There are now 7 elements more evenly spread throughout the game - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Holy, Dark.  Statuses have been similarly rebuilt from the ground up for all intents and purposes.

Monsters and Special Classes are the next things to tackle on my WIP list.  I'll likely be adding more of both counts in addition to huge revamps of what we've already got.  Artistic changes such as Sprites and Animations will occur later, as will plot-related edits which will likely get their own Patch from the basic gameplay mod.  As for space left for new stuff?  There's 20 Weapon Slots, at least 5 Shield Slots, a bevvy of Helmet/Hat/Armor/Clothes Slots, and 4 Job Slots up for grabs if anyone thinks there's something that this sorely needs.  The main notes are that things cannot be very "gimmicky" outside of a couple gear exceptions (no gimmicky Generic Jobs, though), and that if I add more classes, they'd very specifically need to be 1 Physical, 1 Magical, and 2 Mixed Jobs to maintain a balance, with the Magical job likely being heavy armored.  Outside of new suggestions, thoughts on the current design logs are much appreciated, and questions can be easily answered.  Once FDC's Formula Hack is out, I can probably start compiling a gameplay beta, as Formula and some misc things are the main missing cogs in my machine.

(Spoiler tags contain all current notes on Jobs/Skills/Equipment - IMAGE HEAVY.)

Charge+1,2, and 4 replacing attack makes me cautious...
but the rest just look like good ideas all around, especially fury/will.

Looking fantastic. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to playing it.

This sounds great. I really like the idea of two support abilities and no more move abilities; that is just super cool.
 I hope all goes as planned.

I'm liking all the effort put into this. Looks so very well done so far, from what I can tell. Keep it up.


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