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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

CCP - Battle Logs  (Read 58571 times)
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Celdia [Posts: 1645]
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  • [July 05, 2011, 06:31:36 PM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #20 on: July 05, 2011, 06:31:36 PM »
Wow. o_o  I am totally blown away by all you have to say TigerKnee. Let me try to just cover a few of the iffy things through your last few posts.

Wands: They're supposed to be doing MA*WP. 3-5 damage is exceedingly low damage.

Death Ward: The hit% on this is supposed to be a fair bit higher. The only thing I can think of for why its so low is its using both a Faith and MA based formula which should yield around 45%-50% even on average Faith units with neutral compat...unless I'm completely missing something.

Rafa/Malak: I feel I should apologize for these two since their skillsets were kind of hastily thrown together when I was far too tired. There will be some rebalancing on them in the future.

Elmdor: His Blood Suck skill did get purposely changed to that Berserk/Undead combo because of the DD fight with the 'Vampire' which pretty much turned any unit in your team into a vampire-destroying, 999-damage dealing machine. Half of MP on the helm not working is something I'll have to mention to pokeytax for his ALMA workbook.

Zalera: liked the Zalera fight then? XD  *hides*
 -> Topaz: That should hit a WHOLE lot higher than 25%. I mean, like 100%. Those skills shouldn't be able to hit lower than that.

Cursed Ring: Yeah...its not supposed to do that.
 -> Enhancer: This is another AI Only item that you're not intended to be able to actually win for your party. If that Immune: Treasure trick isn't working though I may have to rethink my entire plan with these items.

Meliadoul: She had her skillset modified a bit to function as a Blue Mage in addition to her Mighty Sword skills. She can learn an odd variety of skills, up to and including both Flare 2 and Zodiac.

I've gotta run for now. I'll try to post a bit more later.

Rising from a long sleep...
Joseph Strife [Posts: 580]
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  • [July 06, 2011, 12:11:42 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #21 on: July 06, 2011, 12:11:42 AM »
Hi Celdia, i downloaded your patch and started playing it, i'll give somes reports here as soon as finish the chapters (onde report for each chapter)
the patch is complete, but i think refining and correcting some eventual bugs or thinking over on how to make it better are worth of it.
Btw, i've already played somes matches and i realy loved the new job/class system, i can feel the fft adiction running through my veins! :twisted:
Your sprites are just PERFECT, i lover what ive so far, i'll post later once i finish ch. 1  :)

Gaffgarion: It's in the contract!
Ramza: Does your contract says: "When you find a former squire, that now is a Holy knight that has kidnapped a princess, in a bridge by a waterfall fighting a brigade you are supposed to kill everybody that helps him!"
Gaffgarion: ... Sure!
Ramza: ... Let me see your contract...
Gaffgarion: ... No...

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Wiz [Posts: 763]
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  • [July 06, 2011, 12:51:20 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #22 on: July 06, 2011, 12:51:20 AM »
heh, here's a few of them :D

Celdia's COMPLETE Patch part 3

Celdia's Complete Patch part 4

Celdia's Complete Patch part 5

Bonus Vid

That'll be it for a bit, gonna go back in Kick 1.3's ass and then return.

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TigerKnee [Posts: 42]
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  • [July 06, 2011, 02:08:49 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #23 on: July 06, 2011, 02:08:49 AM »
Well, I opened up Meliadoul's skillset and took a look because I had absolutely no idea she was supposed to be a blue mage. I mean, it's not entirely obvious and I was just confused that she started with a Choco cure.

Still, Blue Magic in FFT has an innate problem in that monsters have exponential MA growth while humans... don't. Which is a problem because a lot of the damage formulas are linear. Also starting with terrible job levels is a candidate for not being used at Chapter 4. That being said, let's see the skillset.

Choco Cure: The formula is MA * 3. I'm going to use a (probably generous) MA of 10 at Chapter 4 levels but that gives you a 30 HP heal at point blank range. Mantra with a lower range and no MP heal.

Self Destruct: On a human... this does have potential in a sandbagging match since I believe the damage formula is MaxHP - CurHP. Oven Mitts even exist to protect your own teammates from the blast.

Ice Soul: MA * 3 as a formula for healing is terrible. MA * 3 as a formula for single-target damage (albeit one at range) is much worse.

Look of Devil: Hmm, random Petrify, Darkness, Silence, Don't Move or Don't Act. Darkness loses out in this list but all the rest are probably good. Well, Don't Move isn't as great as the rest in the patch due to the abundance of ranged attacks I guess. Passable... wait, success rate is 35% + MA which means around 45%... that cuts down a lot.

Leaf Dance: What, really? It's our best friend MA * 3 again, except with Turn Punch range. With zero vertical tolerance. Um, not usable.

Flare 2: Well, I don't know if you can learn it in the Zalera fight and whether it will appear when Meliadoul joins you after the battle... it just seems too hard by the fact that Meliadoul isn't under your control or will probably die to the Flare 2 casting.

If you can't learn it in the Zalera fight then copy and paste my Zodiac entry. Otherwise... well, this isn't really a monster skill with a faith-based formula instead of linear so it is... actually good.

Zodiac: Bragging rights reward.

I would keep Look of Devil and Self Destruct for actual tactical worth, Flare 2 and Zodiac can stay but the rest needs reworking.
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Celdia [Posts: 1645]
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  • [July 06, 2011, 03:17:53 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #24 on: July 06, 2011, 03:17:53 AM »
Yeah, Meliadoul is another one that is in a not-quite-finished state of existence like Rafa and Malak. Those skills will eventually get overhauled to make them more effective but that will come with an updating of the monsters as well.
TigerKnee [Posts: 42]
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  • [July 06, 2011, 07:00:15 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #25 on: July 06, 2011, 07:00:15 AM »
Equipment Rundown

As a general note, in this patch, the Attack command sucks, except possibly on Gunslingers, whose skillset are basically Attack + added effect. Guns also happen to be entirely free of special abilities, which basically doesn't come into play if say you're using an Enchanter + Bow/Crossbow.

I think it's because of the lack of support abilities. Two Swords is now Two Guns, meaning only Gunslingers benefit from that (already made that exception above), while Doublehand is stuck all the way at the top of the tech tree in Mystic Knight... who probably won't benefit from it because he's holding a Knightsword for their huge WP.

Even if you push Doublehand earlier, there's still the fact that a lot of weapons are forced Two-Hands compared to vanilla and I really don't think they need to be, such as Spears and Poles, but I'll get to those individually. Doublehand also doesn't allow two chances of procs the way Two Swords does but I suppose that can't be helped.

There's also Attack Up which happens to also affect special abilities. People usually don't use it for getting a bonus to the Attack command though it is a nice bonus. Same thing with Concentrate.

Now, the item analysis, by weapon groups.

Knives: Not a good formula, especially on a slow class like Cooks. No outstanding special abilities. Throwing Knives are cool, but see what I said about the attack command and probably comes way too late. Overall a weak weapon group overall.

Bandit Knives: Same formula as knives. The three proc weapons might actually be TOO useful if you get lucky with it, which I don't quite like. Mighty Sword doesn't work on monsters though... Dead does (unless they're Skeletons)

I don't think the non-Proc weapons are worth anything though. Up their weapon guard evasion some more or something. Shrug.

I say the biggest reason I'm not using these is because I believe they're Bandit-only (are they?), and Bandits can equip crossbows too.

Swords: This is interesting. The class has quite a few handy defensive options, such as Immunizer, Guardian Sword and Heretic Blade. Not sure whether you would count Kusanagi as a "defensive" weapon but it does have Speed + 1 and I don't normally hit stuff with it...

On the offensive side, it's a bit poor. Ignoring all the weapons with no procs, Slick Blade has a terrible one, and Slow is a good proc on bosses but not quite on mooks. If you're fighting a boss you generally want a MUCH more consistent way of inflicting Slow on them.

There is ONE really good offensive sword though. The fluffy bunny can either be used as the highest power 1 handed weapon at 12 WP with a shield... or you can use it as essentially a 24 WP power for the Attack command (though low WP means weaker Enchants or Swordskills, who still want Knightswords.) It's a really interesting weapon both for use and in design flavour.

You get it as a War Trophy too which means you don't have to go out of your way for it. Though the guide says only Bethla South gets it. Does that mean you don't get it if you go North? That would be... silly.

Knight Swords:
Extremely good.

Knightswords have giant WP making them good for formulas involving them. They innately give you a 25% bonus damage since they strengthen their own element (in vanilla you would need to equip a Black Robe to pump your Ice Brand or a 108 gems) and also allow you to boost a blitz skill that you like. If that isn't enough, the later weapons come with great status conditions. Stonecutter has Innate Protect, Queen's Guard has innate Shell (great for surviving those pesky Warlocks) and Soul Cutter has innate Immunity (great for Altima, probably would be great for Hashmal if he actually used Fear)

Oh, they do make you weak to an element. The enemy doesn't seem very capable of taking advantage of that though, especially something like Fire which usually requires you to come within melee range.

Axe: They don't use random damage formula anymore, joy! I think the shop unlocking is a little screwed since I saw Labrys show up before Icewolf Axe.

Seems like an okay weapon group. Starmetal Axe has strategic uses even. I'm probably just not using these more because of class access... any class with access with Knightswords is pretty much going to use those. So that leaves... Vanquisher I guess?

Wands: Well, they are bugged... but still, you don't use the attack command as a mage except in desperate measures. As far as special abilities goes, well, they're just about the same as they were in vanilla. So they're good.

Staves: The ones without special abilities suck, being a weapon that can only be equipped by mages that is melee range. I'm not a big fan of Mop Handle either.

Still, there are a wide variety of decent special abilities in this set, even though some of them are outclassed by their Wand counterpart (the +1 MA staff). Cadaceus probably needs a buff as well, due to the fact that Distribute doesn't trigger if you heal yourself.

Whip: Ahhhh random damage weapons KILL IT WITH FIRE! Granted, the formula is more consistent in this patch.

Morningstar says it has +2 PA in the master guide but it only has +1 in-game. Could have made Vanquisher a carrier for Blitz but oh well.

Never used the top end weapons. Though I probably wouldn't use Vamp Killer for my undead killing needs. I'll just throw Phoenix Downs. Shocking Lash and Flame Whip don't quite impress me either with the lack of 108 gems or Black Robes available but this is theory.

Guns: Guns are... still guns. I think Rifles actually unlock faster than Arquebuses which makes you go from 25 damage to 49.

The elemental ones are lamer than their vanilla counterpart though. Mustadio can change his element to Holy if you run into a Bomb while wielding the Inferno or something but when would Frostbite and Thunderclap EVER get any use considering where you have to be to steal those guns? Hashmal, Ultima Demons and Altima aren't weak to said elements...

Crossbows: You can copy paste what I said about the 2 bandit knives weapons, except that these are ranged and have the gun formula so you can twink for Speed.

If you poach the Scorpion Sting this group gets a LOT better.. I wonder if it's the common drop on the cocatoris or if I just got lucky with the rare poach.

Bow: Another speed formula weapon. Like I mentioned, in FFT, the enemy will generally have a better starting position. With Two Guns existing, guns are usually the favoured ranged weapons.

That being said, there are certain places where guns are just terrible because of giant mountains blocking your way or something where Bows can shine. Still...

Tomes: Well, this is just about the worse formula in the game because what class has a high PA and MA at the same time that can also equip books? I dunno.

Chocobo Tome allows classes access to healing if they have some other way to kill enemies but I don't think it scales very well. And there's a Shock tome? Isn't that MaxHP - CurHP formula? I don't think I have enough balls to use a physical attack for a 25% chance when I'm low on HP instead of healing!

The rest doesn't seem that worth it compared to just about every other ranged weapon which have better range.

I never got the Panther Tome or the Archaic Tome (might want to check the War Trophies list again) so I can't comment on the higher end tomes.

Spears: The fact that one of the spears is 1H instead of 2 is interesting, though shields aren't great yet at that point of time but most spears are just about empty in terms of special ability. I believe only the Don't Act spear is any good. I mean, the Angelic Lance does extra to a grand total of Dycedurg, Rofel and Altima 2 (not counting the undead which deals to Phoenix Down anyway and are extremely easy).

If you're lucky using Spears you can catch two people with it, but that doesn't happen THAT often. Other than that, not a lot of characters have Counter as their reaction either, meaning the advantage of a 2 range keeping you "safe" from counters is lost.

Without Jump, the ability to equip a shield or Doublehand this weapon class is lacking.

Poles: The negative poles fills a niche to enable the Tactician class (if it worked). The normal poles are just lame though. It doesn't pierce like Spears so the 2 range attack means even less than spears and like Spears they're 2 handed which they probably shouldn't be. Poles were passable in vanilla because Yin-Yang didn't benefit much from MA boosters and can't damage anyone directly (well, Drain technically can but...) so it fills a role for them. All MA-based classes in this patch has some form of attack which would rather benefit from an MA boost I think.

Just like Spears, the inability to doublehand them (Oracles didn't benefit from MA up or Short Charge as much as other classes did) or equip a shield hurts them.

Heavy Armour: High HP, immunity to status effects of varying usefulness, scales better than Vanilla.

Magic Armour: The lower ones are really terrible, with their MP bonus too low to give you even more than 1 casting of whatever you want to use.

It gets slightly better when Half: Element starts showing up but unfortunately the one I really want unlocks way too late (that would be the Half: Lightning armor, which would have stopped my guys from being killed from Storm Ring if it unlocked earlier.) A lot of times it's not really relevant unless you get lucky and have an enemy Warlock spawn with the exact same element you are halving.

Helmet: Viking Helmet stands out for being a 100 HP equip with a +1 PA. Amaterasu Helm would be amazing if it worked. I can't remember anything else but still, those show up pretty early and are good.

Hats: Really terrible until the end where Balk's Wind Wrap shows up. Otherwise they give some really low gains and no special abilities I can think of.

Crowns: Sort of like Hats with reverse HP/MP ratio. MP is more valuable than HP if it doesn't get you one hit KO'd though and Jade Hairpins show up rather early for a quick MA+1 boost.

Light Armor: Lots of special abilities that make them worth using, such as Gained JP Up or Enhance. Camouflauge Clothes +1 speed is also good. About the only one I don't like is Noble Clothes, which gives... Secret Hunt, a 100 JP ability late in the game? It unlocks after said +1 Speed clothes too and is double the price which... huh.

But compared to Helmets/Hats, Light Armor turned out pretty decent.

Accessories: A bit of a mixed bag... I like a lot of the ones that give you skills, such as the Magnifier, even though I don't memorize Move-Find items but I think a lot of people would.

But a lot of them are to be honest, not very useful. Any enemy unit who is silly enough to wear a Time Egg basically gets a Venom at him and I can't think of many situations where enemies cast Stop on me (living with Slow is acceptable)

Also Maiden's Charm. Do you ever fight enemy Cooks past a certain point? Will they live before they can use Fowl Play 3 times to turn you in a chicken? It probably had some use in the past when Champions had Intimidate... maybe. I never actually played those versions.

Same with Frog. Flowing Strike is the most common way I've been frog because Red Mages don't show up past a certain point in the plot too, and that doesn't seem like a good use of said accessory. Maybe if you added Half: Water to it...

Oven Mitts for some reason seem like it should be a lot better than it worked out for me, being a very early source of Cancel: Fire. I wonder why I never used it.

The most common accessories I've used are Red Boots (Move + 1 is always good... unless you have Dash), Fresh Herbs (it's basically innate Move HP up), PA + 1 and PA + 2, MA + 1 (I never got a chance to steal the upgraded version, which only adds some magic evasion. It is nice I guess but not something I would kill for.)

Running Shoes is pretty nuts and helps anyone who doesn't rely on stats (Alchemist, Gun users) for "playing tag". You can probably kill an opposing gunslinger or something before he can go "What the hell?" with your double turn straight off the bat. It is limited in availability though I suppose.

Sometimes I wear the high end mantles if I know I'm up against Gunslingers but the lower end mantles are not mathematically useful.

I think a lot of the niche defensive accessories (the ones that defends against status especially) needs a look at. If there was an accessory list I could go over all of them but the Master guide only has weapons so that's all I remember.

Poach notes: A lot of poaches need to be redone. Getting something like potions is lame, although it saves you some money I suppose but quite a lot of poaches are... Chapter 2 unlockable equipment. There's no need to buy a Red Hat for half the price at Chapter 3 when the fur shop is unlocked...
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  • [July 09, 2011, 12:54:14 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #26 on: July 09, 2011, 12:54:14 AM »
Alright, battle log. Elmdor, here we go.

Restarted: 12 Times
Save States: Countless (Ramzor needed to steal on the FIRST try. Other than that, no.)

Pre Battle Set Up:

Battle opened, and Elmdor almost ALWAYS went four spaces forward and cast Flowing Strike on Agrias and the Sentinel (My Ghaele with Champion sideset. Ghaele is fully mastered, Champion has all the Action Commands. And Equip Shield.) When he didn't, I reset. RNG Scumming is NECESSARY if you plan on stealing all of his items. All of them. Gallows (Warlock with all Red Mage Actions) goes next, because of her Running Shoes. She teleports into the corner directly to her left, and casts the Ice elemental Warlock ability, which takes 5 turns to take affect. I then would proceed to wreck Lede and Celia, because they wanted to cast some spell. (They never actually got it off, I'm just that awesome.) Celia tries to cast some spell, and Lede Shadow Stops Ramzor. With Ramzor stopped,  Memories (Lapidary with all Action Speechcrafts) would go. She has teleport, so she ports to the line of Sentinel, Agrias, and Ramzor, and uses Emerald, negating stop and any other silly effects that Celia and Lede could use. Immunize not only negates the effects for the future, but it removes them if you were affected, which is why I love it so damn much. With that negated, it's Ramzor's turn. He proceeds to slam C&L for 240 damage, thanks to Attack Up and having the Holy Avenger equipped. He used Burning Blade, hitting them both, killing Lede. Then, the Ice Warlock spell hits, blasting Celia. Unfortunately, only then does Lede turn into an Ultima Demon, and after Agrias goes (Hitting Lede with Flowing Strike, praying for a frog. Spoiler alert: it doesn't proc.) Celia turns into one as well. Then it's the Ghaele's turn, so he goes and bonks Lede for 180 damage, killing her. Then Elmdor goes, but he does what he always does: Flowing Strike. Thanks to Immunize, nothing procs.

Hits Agrias for 114 damage, though. Thanks to C&Ls newly demised state, Ramza goes once more. He nicks Elmdor's accessory with countless reloads of savestates, and cuts Elmdor's damage down a notch. Then Sentinel bonks Elmy, because I want to be able to oneshot him once i steal all his stuff. This works marvelously, until Elmy decides "Lolaggravate", and Blood Sucks Agrias. Compliments to Cel for making Bloodsuck even more annoying. Undead, Berserk, AND Blood Suck? Ramzor steals his shield, and Sentinel uses Remove Disease to get rid of undead. Elmy proceeds to kill Gallows with a wack to the head, and I ignore her for a bit because i don't need her right then. Sentinel teleports to Elmdor and tries to whack him, and misses. Ramzor goes again, steals his helmet this time around. Sentinel and Ramzor just chilled together, cause they were like total bros. Just one diagonal square across from the other. Ramzor opened his mouth to say something to Sentinel and...

Then Elmdor kills him with a Flowing Strike to the face. I kinda shrieked at that point, because he had killed my main status remover. Fortunately, Memories is next, and she uses Speak Of The Dead to revive both Sentinel and Gallows, who were in the perfect position to proc without hitting either Celia or Lede. Some pointless shit happens (Agrias attacks him cause of Berserk and misses horribly), and then Gallows ports up once more to shoot off a Heal spell, restoring a fuckton of HP. Ramzor's turn, steals his armor. This is the point where Elmy's completely out of MP, so he Blood Sucks Agrias. Again. I just ignore her, it's too much fuckin' work to fix right now. Gallows turn, haste ends, and she readies an Esuna for Agrias. Elm's turn, he tries to smack Sentinel.

Sentinel says "Oh hells no," and Hamedos him in the face. 70ish HP remaining. Memories does more fucking around, teleports out of the way so she doesn't get hit with a Blood Suck.

That would totally blow. Ramzor's turn once more, and he steals Elmdor's sword. Elmy now has nothing, because I stole everything.

Pics, or it didn't happen.

And then it was Gallows turn, and she hit him with an Eldritch Blast to the face.

That was my entire Elmdor 2 fight. It was a huge bitch to steal all his shit, but oh god it is gonna be SO WORTH IT.
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TigerKnee [Posts: 42]
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  • [July 09, 2011, 04:17:31 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #27 on: July 09, 2011, 04:17:31 AM »
Eh, Masamune is decent for its +1 Speed, helmet would be great if it worked (but it doesn't, so it's just an equipment with lower HP and MP gains than usual), and all the rest are honestly quite medicroe.
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Celdia [Posts: 1645]
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  • [July 09, 2011, 04:19:08 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #28 on: July 09, 2011, 04:19:08 AM »
If it counts on anything I'm working on another update patch that'll fix the helmet. >.>
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  • [September 27, 2011, 06:09:48 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #29 on: September 27, 2011, 06:09:48 AM »
I'm most of the way through Chapter 1, having just finished up Miluda 2 a few minutes ago.  As of right now, I'm just focusing on Ramza and his four generic friends Estellise, Freeman, Janus, and Artemisia; depending on what the trio know at the start of Chapter 2, I may train them up as well.

So far I've not had any major trouble with any specific battle, though Miluda 1 took me a couple of tries due to the three Brawlers beating the crap out of my team before they could do much of anything.

General observations:

Enemy Enchanters are *annoying* with their status attacks
Enemy Brawlers will punch your face in or hit you with a hadoken
Playing defensively seems important in this patch, at least at the start
I like how status effects are designed to play a much more prominent role in battle

I'm kinda letting Ramza (melee), Estellise (melee), and Janus (magic) play around with different classes to see what works well, while Freeman (melee) and Artemisia (magic) are sticking with Nomad and Red Mage for the time being.  At this point, I'd say that Artemisia is the team's MVP.

Current classes open: Warrior, Butler, Homemaker, Nomad, Brawler, Champion, Bandit, Red Mage, Alchemist, Tactician, Demagogue, Lapidary

I'll post more as I'm able :)
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Celdia [Posts: 1645]
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  • [September 27, 2011, 09:06:08 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #30 on: September 27, 2011, 09:06:08 AM »
Let Artemisia segue into Champion for a little bit and you'll get all those tasty status effect skills from Enchanter for yourself. ^_^
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  • [September 28, 2011, 02:35:08 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #31 on: September 28, 2011, 02:35:08 AM »
Yeah, I fully intend to do that  :mrgreen:
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  • [October 01, 2011, 05:03:35 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #32 on: October 01, 2011, 05:03:35 AM »
Small update, have cleared up through Zaland so far:

Windmill Shed, and to a lesser extent Zeakden, were stopping blocks until I opted to go delevel myself a little bit (from ~12ish down to ~9ish) and changed up my strategy somewhat.  Finally won Windmill Shed by launching an all-out offensive on Wiegraf once he moved close enough, though I also had Delita walk up and OHKO the closest enemy Enchanter just because I could.  Zeakden on the other hand, was won by playing very defensively and hiding my guys behind the fort and picking them off one-by-one.  I finally got tired of the one Champion and his Faerie Dust trolling and started giving them a dose of their own medicine  :twisted:

Haven't had any trouble with the Chapter 2 battles so far, though Agrias and Gaf make a pretty big difference as well.

Enchanters are fun; definitely going to make use of the skillset though I may change the base class.
Still enjoying Red Mages (I tend to favor magic classes in most games).
Torero and Vanquisher are open now so I need to check them out!
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Celdia [Posts: 1645]
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  • [October 01, 2011, 05:57:24 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #33 on: October 01, 2011, 05:57:24 AM »
A note on battles like the Windmill Shed: When the goal is to defeat just a single unit I've tried to make the whole battle a lot more overwhelming so that focusing on that one unit is the best way to move on - though around here a lot of people like to kil absolutely everyone in those fights which is why I made them a bigger challenge. 

Since you're almost there, I'll give you a heads up: One of the best accessories in the game is at the Golgorand Execution Site - bring your Move Find Item skill and good luck! ^_^
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  • [October 06, 2011, 03:35:53 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #34 on: October 06, 2011, 03:35:53 AM »
Finally got some more time to play today and finished up Chapter 2!

Golgorand took me a bajillion tries (or maybe just several) before things finally went my way and I was able to win.  I don't really like to do it, but I made heavy use of sandbagging here while I slowly whittled the enemies down.  The Vanquishers were mostly just there, but the Champions with Mystic Knight skills and the Demagogues were *extremely* annoying.

Lionel Castle Gate...actually took one try; I guess the AI must've felt bad for me here because none of the enemies outside the gate really did much of anything.  The three Toreros must not have had much to work with because they either did nothing or flailed uselessly with their whips.  They did bunch up rather nicely, allowing my Loremaster to nuke them though  :mrgreen:

Queklain has a lot of hitpoints, which I believe I read about earlier.  This one took a few tries as well, but I mainly won by sandbagging the units that he'd Death Sentence and taking potshots as needed.
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  • [October 13, 2011, 12:04:44 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« Reply #35 on: October 13, 2011, 12:04:44 AM »
I can't find the accessory at the Execution site... it doesn't help that every enemy seems to be equipped with magnifiers... Did you move the item location?

Nevermind, I found it. Anyway, Golgorand is a good battle. The castle gate is giving me problems though. The Toreros keep berserking Ramza in their first move. Instant game over. This happens a LOT.
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Yeah, right
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  • [October 13, 2011, 01:34:22 AM]
Re: CCP - Battle Logs
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I thought there was an Immunizer as a reward before that fight somewhere but I can't find it if there is one so I'm probably misremembering something. The armor that guards against Berserk isn't available until the start of Chapter 3. I think the only recourse you'd have to deal with Berserk is Esuna/Cleansing Wind to clear it off before Ramza runs off and gets himself killed. If you can get him to act before it gets applied again, Calm Demeanor will keep your safe from it for a short time.
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Re: CCP - Battle Logs
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In Riovanes it took me soooooo loooonnng to get wiggy to not hit me with counter when i hit him... but it worked he had 1 hp left
I thought i was gonna cry :( ... but then i realized after i killed my savestate you only needed him to kneel when you do that fight  :oops:
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    Re: CCP - Battle Logs
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    Heeeellll low... look who´s back... only for the weekend, cuz its college holiday.

    even though I didnt had been playing i was always giving a look here to see cahnges, and i find myself wishing sooooo much playing your hack, lets start the really long talking text cuz i´ve been playing since friday and now i just finished Deep Dungeon ( for 1,964T )


    Uribo / Porky


    Bandit Knives


    Spears, Poles



    Lets start talking about my favorite thing, L I T T L E   M O N E Y... ops, not this... its about SPECIAL JOBs, before talking about they one question, could you post their stats ?



    Rafa and Malak




    One last thing... some enemies



    Elmor DD

    For now that it is only thing...


    some minor bug that i remeber

    1- Rad appears with old squire sprite and with Ramza portrait

    2- Murond there is a mime with Vanquisher as secondary o-o was intentional ????

    My english sucks... and i know this.

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    Re: CCP - Battle Logs
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    Lucifer, my kingdom for that post 24 hours ago. XD

    Thank you for the feedback. There are a couple of things in there I think I tried to address with the 1.965 update. I'll think about some of those suggestions, too. I keep forgetting to put Lunch Break back in. With the Cook gone, I may just swap it back over to being HP Restore, give it back to Monks and maybe just do that Retort idea on Counter. Its not like anyone uses Counter in CCP anymore.

    A quick summary response: Pigs are still Vanilla, Chocobo Codex is for people who can't manage the early game, Loremaster will get Equip Book when I actually remember to put it in somewhere, Orlandu starts with Gunslinger unlocked because its the top of the 'Physical' job tree, Cyan is supposed to be that slow, stealing Elmdor's gear is supposed to be very difficult since you don't need to do it to finish the game (I like bonus content to be hard,) though I'll admit Zalera is a shitty battle and probably needs to be nerfed a bit, and Elmdor in the DD is a super-boss fight so again he's supposed to be hard there.

    As for Rad, I'm still working that out a bit. It was an experiment with getting around needing to do a bunch of obnoxious graphics works to fix events glitching from the new sprites. That Mime at Murond probably shouldn't have a secondary skillset though. Likely an oversight from when I changed it to Mime from whatever it was before.

    This is a lot of great input though. Again, thank you, and do keep playing. ^_^ If only I could get this much info back from EVERYONE that plays CCP.
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