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We need MOAR Monsters

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current list of my sprites both complete and random unfinished:

That is... EPIC

not sure about the whole reis thing involved but hello new boss monster >:D

This is actually pretty nice. Love the fact that it's made into a monster sprite. Good work.

This is... amazing in every conceivable way.

Walking poses need a tweek...need a portrait.... I don't have a "sword tail" on the back attacking poses... but it's close...kinda.
I'm all about cutting the work down to a minimum and wanted a monster w/out a mountain of work, so I just really resized the sentinel sprite by 20% and stole stuff from the WEP.spr

I figure way more monsters (of the Lucavi kind) could be made by resizing/recoloring human sprites and slapping new heads on them.  I wanted to use the snake head from Serpentarius... but it wasn't looking very good.


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