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I'm looking for the background of the title screen (without the text).

Thanks :)

Pickle Girl Fanboy:
Are you sure you should be using copyrighted data for this project, considering Square Enix will release the IPhone/IPad version of FFT sometime this year or next year?  I don't see anything wrong with exracting/reverse-engineering the font or images or whatever and then using it as a model for something of our own - we certainly have the artists to do it - but I'm wary of using Square's material.

Distributing patches which require a disc image are one thing, and distributing an engine with copyrighted material is something else entirely.  Maybe Tethical needs a image/font section for our people to design original material for it.

I totaly agree. This copyrighted content is not going to be distributed in the release.


I use them during the development phase only, for these reasons:
- It helps me to write the code.
- It attracts attention, and maybe contributors.

Also, using custom content from start may have a negative side effet: we could drift to something too innovative. There is no end to new ideas. And this project must end and we'll know how far we are using FFT as comparison.

However, we will need this custom content soon or later. As we can not distribute an engine without sample content. And as you said, we have all the talented people here to design it. So I promise you that this section will be created, in a matter of months.

Perhaps say what do you want for background? Cause those who would want to take it up have no idea where to start. Say some more about what you need. Personally I cannot help you, since it is not my field.

An alternate for after you get the regular one: Tethical (.PSD).


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