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Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo  (Read 19268 times)
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  • [March 01, 2011, 12:57:00 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #20 on: March 01, 2011, 12:57:00 AM »
Do me a favor and move your Embargo Miscellany section in your second post from a quote to a spoiler or something.  I'm trying to fix your word count issue but I can't get that text in its correct form by quoting the post because it's inside another quote.

I'll comment on your classes more when I'm done that since I'll try to get everything to fit in one post for you.  I've looked through most of them and have some comments but it would be easier for me to post them after fixing your tl;dr issues.
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  • [March 01, 2011, 01:19:08 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #21 on: March 01, 2011, 01:19:08 AM »
Will do. Thanks for trying.

I think that I'd probably save a lot of space if I left out all the consideration BS and, of course, the miscellany stuff. But I kind of need all in one place because of the state of my computer at present, even with having things in Word and Notepad documents. (The problem is that it's often in too many, old documents at present.)

I think I can get to that equipment stuff by the end of this week. I've suddenly got the urge to try number-crunching crap, even if I don't want to look at FFTPatcher at all today. (Especially since I have to add in everything after Wizard when it comes to updating abilities and such. Ugh.)

I think I'll take a break for today and take the time to finally get my fiction ideas in order while waiting for my "flame" to rekindle. Thanks again.
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  • [March 01, 2011, 01:25:06 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #22 on: March 01, 2011, 01:25:06 AM »
No problem.  Your best bet is to honestly put all your highly detailed documents into a .zip and put them on Megaupload if you're worried about your computer losing them or being lost itself.  Megaupload links don't get nuked usually as long as you're at least a free member and it lets you get the actual source files back instead of needing to deal with transcription off a forum post.

I wouldn't touch FFTPatcher unless you're actively testing something.  I just use lvlsim and WinCalc to numbercrunch and keep everything backed up in 3-4 different locations, so I only ever need to deal with FFTPatcher/TacText/etc one or two times before making at least a demo release.  Saves many, many headaches when things get scrapped, I'll tell you that much.

I can look over the equipment stuff whenever you're ready to send it over.  I've got time, all things considered.  I could probably update my Redesign Post 2-3 times a day currently, but I'm trying to avoid both burnout and overloading people actually following the thread (Y'know, all 3 of them.) since I'm waiting on the Formula Hack and a few other rather large and currently incomplete things anyway.
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  • [March 01, 2011, 01:47:08 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #23 on: March 01, 2011, 01:47:08 AM »
Oh, it's less being worried that they'll get nuked (though I really SHOULD be backing up all my relevant crap) than it is that they're not organized. I hope that's something else I can get to by the time this week ends, but I haven't before, so....

Also, I meant FFTPatcher more in the capacity of looking for formulas and adding the moves that I said some classes had that I've yet to add. I also need to open it up for monsters anyway.

I'll keep the Equipment stuff in mind. It might take priority if monsters and Lucavi drag on like generics did.
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  • [March 02, 2011, 11:34:25 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #24 on: March 02, 2011, 11:34:25 AM »
This is the OP and the Miscellany.  Proof it to be sure I didn't cut anything important, though a few lists may be a couple entries smaller since they just got compressed from being so similar.  Should fit in your OP with room to spare.  I'll get on the classes later to see if I can compress them down with a hammer too.  I also fixed like, over 9000 typos as a throw-in too.

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  • [March 02, 2011, 11:25:46 PM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo
« Reply #25 on: March 02, 2011, 11:25:46 PM »
Hey, I would have fixed typos...eventually. As much as I typo, it's only natural that there would unfortunately be quite a few and I was focusing more on formatting issues when I edited in things, especially with the forum not notifying me when it cuts things off.

Still though, much thanks, especially for including the miscellany stuff that I thought would have had to be excised. I'll update the first post with it.

Don't worry about the classes, though. I know exactly what to change and excise to make them shorter and I have to change quite a few things anyway, so it will largely be pointless. Feel free to point out any typos to me, though.

In the meanwhile, since I haven't touched FFTPatcher in the past two days and I haven't play-tested things in months, I figure that I'll dump all my status stuff here in an effort to go over them. As always, some of this stuff is doubtless going to change.

For now, the status names are staying the same since I'm more worried about trying to come up with ability names, though some of them are pretty much assured to change later. This will be an experiment in being concise on my part.

(09/26/2011 EDIT: Status names have now be changed to adjectival and in a few cases, as with Treasure, outright changed.)

As aforementioned, some of this stuff will undoubtedly change. At present, statuses most likely to change are Wall (I apparently lied about it counting as a KO when testing or maybe I changed that back a while ago), Frog (may not count as a KO if that affects the AI) and one other.

Similarly, I would like to do more with certain statuses that are still problematic to the AI, like Confusion, Death Sentence and Transparent, as well as statuses that at present have infinite duration that I don't think should like Berserk, Reraise and, again, Confusion and Transparent.

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  • [March 11, 2011, 11:14:27 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #26 on: March 11, 2011, 11:14:27 AM »
Ugh. Finally done with excising the unnecessary stuff from the class descriptions like things below Equipment, all of the "at present" redundancy, all of the Miscellany sections and most of the Innate Status & Starting Status parts since they're not used by any generic humans classes. Also, there are a lot less typos in the class posts now, sigh.

(05/23/2011 EDIT: Moving the Miscellany part from here back to the end of the class section under the complex classes.)

Besides that, I finished adding everything to FFTPatcher this weekend, so technically I'm done with human generics already (for now) and have been on monsters all week...despite the fact that I've nothing to show it yet outside of some concept ideas and what's already been done. I hope to fix this later on today.

I did manage to send my equipment list off to RavenofRazgriz after making sure it wasn't full of typos like it idiotically was before. I also managed to update the first post with three more ASMs regarding name changing, Blindness and Overwhelm & Unyielding; I didn't update the changelog, though, just because my present changelog is a mess anyway.

In addition to that, going over things in FFTPatcher did give me some thoughts class-wise:

1. Soldier (Squire): Might likely get Brave UP or Counter Tackle over Move-Get JP, which will likely just die.

2. Knight: If it loses Counter Tackle to Soldier, then it will get Brave UP.

3. Marksman (Archer): I'm thinking of switching it and Mediator's place on the tree since, ironically, it's slightly easier to come up with beast-related physical classes than it is other archery-based classed. It would certainly make Draw Out-esque skills a LOT easier compared to the current POS that is "Arbalist".

4. Orator (Mediator): Might lose Charm if becomes Archer's HP replacement. Not really sure. If it does, though, then Paladin will probably become innately immune to Charm. If it becomes Archer's HP replacement, then it will probably take Defense UP from Knight.

5. Wizard: I'm considering excising the Tier 3 elements just because the whole elemental thing at present is rather iffy, especially since I still can't test things. They'll probably lose Doomsday back to Dimensionalist/Time Mage and get like, I don't know, "Scathe" as their Learn on Hit ability.

6. Priest: Similarly, Priest could very well lose Cure 3 and two other abilities to be symmetric with the "lesser" Wizard.

7. Acolyte (Templar): Lost Spell Absorb to Thief, which is now called "Steal Magic" at present. I just didn't feel like updating the class lists at present since I had enough to deal with making them actually coherent. Similarly, Confusion Song is now capable of adding Addle, Confusion and/or Charm instead of just Addle.

8. Arbalist: Still sucks at present. Sadface. (This class has been long dead now.)

9. Chemist: Still heavily considering weakening Holy Water, Fairy Kiss and Remedy and completely replacing Stimulant and Turtle Shell. I've been thinking about what would happen if/when FDC and Raven's formula thing happens and the stubborn skill sets can become side menus. I might keep Item as its own skill set just because of its power.

10. Thief: Gained Spell Absorb from Templar in "Steal Magic" and Sweet Dreams became a Separate Sleep, Poison and/or Blindness Knife-based attack that I'm considering need to require a Mantle as well. That might be a bit much, though. I suppose I should also point out that Muddle is blocked by Iron Will.

11. Illusionist: I lied about it being stable...big time. I'm considering killing all six "Lore" abilities sans Flash, but I have no idea what the hell to replace them with, especially since Vanish is kinda of...iffy due to the AI and it's not like we can replicate Blink or Lock or anything like that.

12. Geomancer: No changes here. Just another class I desperately need to test. I have been thinking, though, if that sub-menu thing goes through, then it will probably take Aero from Blue Mage, though Blue Mage might lose one or both of those spells anyway.

13. Dragoon (Lancer): No changes here. Sigh....

14. Hunter: No changes here. Double sigh.... (This class has also been long dead.)

15. Summoner: I think I might indeed switch Titan and Siren, but then I need to make Siren do something else I believe that Charm is one of the statuses that prevents Learn on Hit status.

16. Dimensionalist (Time Mage): I decided to let them keep Comet (for now). They'll probably get Meteor back via Doomsday, though it will be Learn on Hit only. RavenofRazgriz reminded me that the Ignore Attack option exists (sort of), so Stasis only needs Stop, really, and thus Wall is even more likely to change.

17. Mime: Their new innates will probably be Counter, Counter Magic, Awareness and...something else. Any Ground, maybe? Maybe Monster Talk, though that would mean that three classes would have it and given that Mediator might lose its Charm Immunity....

18. Blue Mage: I still can't think of anything better than "Changeling" to name it. Besides that, no changes since it's dependent on monsters, which I haven't done yet.

19. Minstrel: Siren Song actually adds Stop, I believe. This may change still, though. I still need to decide what to do with Hide when Wall status likely dies.

20. Paladin: Shield Bash is planned to be Wind-element and only hit enemies. Besides that, it's another class where everything just needs testing. I already know what to change Bulwark to in the likely event that Wall dies.

Beyond that, I've got a good feeling about Lucavi, so I should be able to blaze through those even without doing the number-crunching I wanted to do. I just hope I can be productive today at all considering....

(09/26/2011 EDIT: Haha. How naive I was. Anyway, all typos (that I found) have been excised and all names have been updated were applicable.)
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  • [March 13, 2011, 11:07:22 PM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo
« Reply #27 on: March 13, 2011, 11:07:22 PM »
(Ugh. I hate double posting, much less triple posting, but given that it's not in the same day, I've become more lax about that [and everything else, apparently]. Sigh.)

So, I was about to finally start on monsters (properly) last night/this morning, distractions (rage-inducing, entertaining or otherwise) aside...when I realized that my plan for monsters--to use human skill sets because Monster Skill is pathetic and have monsters like the ones in philsov's ASM'd--kind of screws with my Deep Dungeon plans. Obviously, monsters are more important than some optional maps at the very end of the game, but it's still enough to give me pause for consideration, now. Maybe Monster Skill will have to (sigh) stick around.

Anyway, another point of consideration is that I'm thinking of replacing Red Chocobos with Light Blue Chocobos since Ignore Height is dying and Choco Meteor is probably dying (though Boco might get Non-Charge and Comet). Also, there's the fact that something that flies in-battle kind of beats something that's built for "mountainous terrain" since Fly is greater than Ignore Height. The Light Blue Chocobo would continue the tradition of being the river-traversing one, so it will most certainly get at least Walk on Water (or Move in Water, whichever one) to do so.

So, Light Blue Chocobo over Red Chocobo? Yay? Nay?
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  • [March 23, 2011, 11:46:24 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo
« Reply #28 on: March 23, 2011, 11:46:24 AM »
("+1 Yay, [Light] Blue Chocobo!" I mean, I'm basically talking to myself anyway at this point, so....

As such, I'll fix any typos later on today/tomorrow.)

Ugh. It shouldn't have taken me 10-ish days to get done with just generic monsters plus Boco, especially when I technically skipped 4 families of them and just now decided that I might do away with Hydras as well. Hell, I haven't even altered stats yet.

But, they're done, first (technically second) draft-wise anyway. I suppose it would have gone more quickly if I wasn't sleeping for like 9+ hours a day again or didn't want to make every monster slightly different or had my space more allotted or whatever.

Surprisingly, I still think I can get everything done to release a decent-ish 0.1 patch that's more about mechanics up to Chapter 2 by the 31st, even if I take a break tomorrow. Let's stop rambling, though, and talk about general things before getting into monster specifics.

1. Given that I know we can do it now by still screwing with whole numbers, weakness to something will be reduced to 1.25 or 1.5, while halving will become merely resistance and be .75 instead of .5. Not sure if I'll change Oil to boost Fire damage less yet; the other status thing I want that hasn't been coded yet.

2. Similarly, provided that weaknesses can be made to override absorption, I might turn back absorptions on monsters to not be resisted/halved, but at present, all in-game absorption is halved/resisted and has been for like a year.

3. As aforementioned, monsters will end up having (much) lower stats than before due to Blue Magic (which still needs a ton of balance) and Blue Mage. They will also now be using MP due to using human skill sets. As such, Monster Skill is dead now. (Off-handedly, Ignore Height is also dead now.)

4. Speaking of Blue Magic, I only noticed on Monday how many Lightning-based attacks it has compared to other elements. I've tried to fix this a bit along with giving it some other diversity, so it's gained at least three different attacks than they had before. (Perpetual Night and Frost are completely new--well Night is "old", but I fixed it actually to be learnable now by virtue of it now doing damage--and Magic Spirit became Sap Spirit.)

5. To somewhat make up for this, I've given all monsters four Innates, innate immunities to differing status and more elemental interaction. I perhaps went...somewhat overboard on this still, at least elementally. At present, monsters only have an interaction with six of the eight elements at most and no (generic) monster cancels any elemental anymore. This is a lot more fair than the original allotments for things like Woodfolk/Treefolk having had four absorptions or things like Dragons having had three cancellations or Behemoths resisting everything but Water.

6. Speaking of Water, while going through and re-doing everything, it ended up being the weakness of a lot more monsters than I would like it too, especially since Water abilities are still kind of...lacking. (Water weapons, though, actually exist now, so....) Similarly, Earth got kind of screwed over since quite a few things resist it (basically everything with Fly) or are actually completely immune to it because of Float. Earth was always intended to be the hardest hit element, though, alongside Fire, so that might be necessary anyway. It's not like it can't change. Any ideas with regards to possible focuses of Water are welcome.

7. With regards to water and terrain, a hell of a lot less monsters have Cannot Enter Water. It still exists due to unfortunate necessity (and is part of the reason that so many damn things are weak to Water at present), but a lot more monsters can Walk on Water now, which helps do away with "wet poaching" as well as offering them more mobility (since everything will have slightly less move anyway). Anything that can be "wet poached" will probably have shitty poaching rewards anyway. (Like Yellow Chocobos.)

8. Speaking of poaching rewards, I haven't touched that yet despite having had my equipment list done since last year. I'll probably get to it before I do the patch, though, since now I'm a lot more confident about the general direction of monsters.

With regards to the general direction of monsters, let's talk about the monsters I've skipped and why. By "skip", I mean "didn't redo and will be replaced via ENTD manipulation in any battles for the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 patch I plan to release":

1. Skeletons - They're getting a complete make-over and becoming far more humanoid. They'll probably end up the monster most likely to have more than 4 abilities that's a generic. However, given that we still can't get equipment working on monsters right now and I still need to decide on those abilities, they have been skipped.

2. Ghosts - Have been skipped for a similar reason to Skeletons, though they're far less likely than Skeletons to get 4+ abilities for reasons I don't want to go into for right now.

3. Ithilids ("Pisco Demons") - Still not sure whether I just want to condense them into one Ithilid monster or not still. Regardless, they're definitely appearing in at least one story battle now, so they'll stick around.

4. Uribos - Still not sure whether to condense to one special monster or get rid of them completely. They're just so...not threatening. Not even in a "we feign innocence but will rip your throat out" way. I already have different sorts of Charm and Chocobos & Woodfolk/Treefolk are clerical monsters, so they're unnecessary. I also still need to decide what to replace them with.

5. Hydras - Technically not one of the ones I intended to skip from the beginning, so I worked on it a bit before deciding, "wow, there's no way to make these sensibly different from each other and everyone thinks they're overpowered anyway, so I'll probably just condense them into one or two monsters and replace them." I've already decided what to replace them with and, unlike Uribos, it's not as much of a priority since Hydras (or at least Tiamat) will still be definitely around, just as boss monsters.

With that said, I must thank philsov since I "borrowed" quite a few of his ideas when it came to the active abilities as well as the "3 shared abilities and 1 unique ability" schema for most monsters--at present, Malboros and Dragons are the only monsters who deviate from that scheme for reasons that will become rather apparent. Similarly, I suppose I should state here that no monster within a family will be overall weaker than another when it comes to stats--they'll all be good at something with the family, even if it will be annoying trying to "balance" 48+ monsters that way.

I should similarly point out that the order of (reaction) innates is important. The rightmost ones will have the most chance of trigger if the reactions take the same trigger. Also, all monsters are immune to Addle (Silence), but I'm going to list it repeatedly anyway.

Finally, quite a few of the monsters have human skills at present because I'm being kind of miserly about skill space (all of a sudden) until I get done with all special characters and Lucavi. I'll point out instances where they're likely to keep it, but otherwise think of any human skills (obviously not counting Blue Magic, which I'll denote with an asterisk) as placeholders.

I'll make it a separate post, though, since I don't want to risk getting cut off yet again.

As such, I'll partly explain why the hell it took me so long (beyond stupidity, sloth, sleepiness and lack of inspiration and what have you):

1. Trying to make 37 (12 families + Boco) units markedly different each while limiting yourself to four techniques is damn difficult. I arguably haven't done that for the 20 or so human classes and all of those (not counting Mime, of course) have at least 8 abilities and much more customization.

2. At the same time, I also had to limit myself to the type of attacks that monsters could have (since I've pretty much doing same of all [generic] units):

  • No Shock-based attacks.
  • No abilities that affect stats, whether it be to lower or raise them.
  • No abilities that manipulate Brave since that's the sole domain of Mediator and it would have to be pretty damn significant amount for it to be worth it on a monster.
  • No Quick-based abilities for the same reason.
  • No abilities that affect levels since degenerator stuff is utterly stupid.
  • No abilities that have the chance to add status that counts as a KO to more than one unit at a time, which included things like the vanilla Bad Breath (so stupid) with Petrify and Frog chances on top of everything else.

3. I have similar monsters to consider for what I want to do with some story battles and DD. The latter is ultimately expendable, but something I still have to consider from the beginning.

If anyone has suggestions with regards to what follows, then feel free to suggest them since really any comments would be nice. It would be somewhat encouraging to know that someone besides RavenofRazgriz and a couple of others have looked at this, though getting no response obviously won't discourage me at this point.
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  • [March 23, 2011, 11:53:25 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo
« Reply #29 on: March 23, 2011, 11:53:25 AM »
(As aforementioned, I'll fix any and all typos later on today or tomorrow. I kind of need a break after typing this up for the past four hours.)

Chocobos - Faithful, friendly steeds that can still peck or shoot your face off if you rub them the wrong way.

Goblins - Monster pugilists who aren't as dumb as they look...though they're still somewhat dumb. Just don't say it to their faces. Goblins and Black Goblins are, at present, the only monsters who are completely neutral to all elements.

Bombs - Fire spells gone horribly, these magical weapons, even with the collective weakening of their innates, would probably still kick your ass if I allowed them to appear early game. (Might change the name of one these jokers to "Balloon".)

Panthers - Poison-clawed, prim, status-heavy cats. They are often kept as pets for...some reason, at least by Vampires.

[Insert Illithids here.]

[Insert Skeletons here.]

[Insert Ghosts here.]

Flying Eyes - Anti-magical winged cyclops, their gaze abilities are fearsome, but mostly only one if out in the open or of a weak will. They will protect their eyes at all costs.

Aevis(es?) - Rather large, predatory birds. Though the Cockatrice is the most infamous and arguably deadliest one, the Axebeak and the Steel Aevis are formidable, dangerous foes themselves.

[Insert Lamias here.]

Woodfolk/Treefolk - Gentle, clerical guardians of the forest, they will punish anyone who intrudes upon the forest and aid anyone who respects it.

Bull Demons - Surprisingly talkative, these bullish humanoids are somewhat brash and arrogant, though they've the superior strength of multiple oxen to back it up.

Malboros - Fair less gentler plant creatures, these carnivorous, scavenging cesspools of poison and disease can float upon scum-pads on the water. The Ochu is a close cousin of them.

Behemoths - These cursed beast of burdens are said to be omens of disasters. (They're certainly omens of pain in the ass considering it took me two days just to think up anything decent with them and I STILL can't haven't thought of a third skill ability. Basically think of them as sturdy, less critical-hitting Absols.)

Dragons - Here they be. Covetous, winged reptiles with death breath, dragons will probably be around quite a bit more in vanilla and 1.3 (and maybe even other patches). They'll still probably not be as smart as a lot of other fantasy dragons tend to be, though.

[Insert Tonberries here.]

* Able to be learned by Blue Mages. (03/18/2011 EDIT: Defunct as of this. Outside of that Bad Breath note, I'm not giving people any clues.)

** Given the minor problems that Dome was having with Boco's skill set in 1.4, I already both used something different and changed the only battle where an Undead Oracle even appears (so wasteful) already; the male Undead Oracle that was at Poeskas Lake is now a male Undead Summoner.

With that finally, finally done, I can now move on the special monsters, including Lucavi, who should be pretty easy since their skill sets already exist for one thing and are present massive wastes of space that could use my malevolent touch. Beyond that, I suppose making a list of what I still need to get done before a theoretical patch release on the 31st:

1. Still need to do special characters, at least the ones appear up until the end of Chapter 2 where you fight Queklain. This includes both special humans and monsters, both allies and enemies.

2. Still need to do Tactext stuff, though that should be easy enough, if tedious.

3. Still need to see if I can get my emulator up and running now.

4. Still need to redo Arbalist's and Hunter's spaces, though I've ideas now.

5. Change all of the ENTDs with regards to Chapter 2 where appropriate. The initial fights in the prologue and Gariland Magic City have been changed and already have planned changes for Sweegy up to the Wiegraf fight. After that, mostly when it comes to Chapter 2 and some random battles, I'm not so sure.

6. Learn how to event edit since I'm unsure of tactext covers that. It would be really minor things with regards to Boco and maybe giving Rad actual lines for now. Maybe a bit more with regards to the other special character who isn't taking Cloud's spot.

7. Learn how to code. Not necessary before the release. It would help with formula and mechanics testing, though.

Yeah...leaving myself just a week for this. I'm so glad I'm masochistic.

(09/27/2011 EDIT: Such horrible naivete again. Regardless, Illithids, Skeletons, Ghosts, Lamias & Tonberries have been added and all monsters have been updated as best as possible. There are likely some typos given how long it took me to redo all of this. ...Hmm, as I suspected. I went over the limit again with those five. I'll just post them in a new post.)
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  • [March 24, 2011, 09:10:57 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #30 on: March 24, 2011, 09:10:57 AM »

I'll look at more classes later today but I can feel I'm starting to get more and more tired. You also have  a lot more information I'll comb through as well

My Youtube account. Doesn't have much yet >.<
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  • [March 24, 2011, 05:48:39 PM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo
« Reply #31 on: March 24, 2011, 05:48:39 PM »
(Reposting this because of all the typos that were in there. Damn persistent headache.)

Thanks for the feedback, Pride. I'll get to my (I would vainly hope) concise reply in a bit.

So, last night, before I finally got to bed an hour and a half after that random (or maybe not so random) severe headache, I decide that, given what I want to do with Lucavi, the only Lucavi that I'm going to bother changing (more) before that planned 0.1 release is Cuchuulain. I mean, the other Lucavi already have their (very) different Innates and will (probably) keep them sans the changes I might make (later), but I doubt I'll change their stats for now. I might change their skill sets and other things, but they're not getting any unique skills like Cuchuulain/Queklain is.

As such, here's my itinerary for today:

1. Enact my plans for Fear since I apparently haven't already.

2. Decide on Cuchuulain's Innates and abilities.

3. Finish changing all the ENTDs for the Chapter 1 story battles and maybe start with Chapter 1 random battles.

4. Deal with all special characters related to Chapter 1, including the Prologue. So that means, off the top of my head, I have to decide on: Chapter 1 Ramza, Chapter 2 Ramza, Chapter 1 Delita, Chapter 1 Wiegraf, Algus*, Miluda, Gafgarion, Agrias and, arguably most importantly of the non-Ramza characters, Rad.

5. Take stock of how much free Ability space and Inflict Status space I still have left after that.

6. Start reading up on coding since it's been more than a year since I read the tutorial.

7. Try to clean up this thread a bit.

That's probably all I'll get around to today unless I get pretty inspired and/or decide on some of the more nebulous generic monster and/or human issues. (Hmmm...I should probably look through sprites again.)

*Speaking of Queklain/Cuchuulain, I must ask a question: How do people feel about the PSP names? I'm not going to make the language overly flowery whenever I get around to event changes and in-game text changes, but it seems like the name scheme changes should be consistent with characters if I'm trying to do it with abilities. Something like Algus vs. Argath is something I'm curious about.

I'll look at more classes later today but I can feel I'm starting to get more and more tired. You also have a lot more information I'll comb through as well

That's an overly nice way of saying I'm a long-winded bastard. Thanks.

And, yeah, take your time. I doubt most people even read most of my long-winded posts--and I don't exactly blame them--and as such I certainly wouldn't expect most to slog through the entirety of one of my overly loquacious ramblings.


1. Yeah, I admitted that I felt that monsters currently are outright immune to too much, even with having made sure that they have no elemental negations (sans Levitation [Float movement]) this time around. I'll probably end up reducing the amount of statuses that many of them are immune to while lamenting that I can't make them merely resistant.


1. Yeah, I suppose I should have mentioned publicly that Black Chocobos originally had Choco Flame, but that became Choco Revive since I figured it wasn't worth the time and that another monster besides Woodfolk/Treefolk needed revival.

2. As such, the proc for Choco Ball will most likely change. I think that Blind is probably the best choice, even if I feel like I've been giving that to too many things and most of the initial weapons outright block it. (Although, arguably, that makes Blind even better to put in early game, especially with how difficult to balance Don't Act and Slow are.)

3. I suppose Separate Protect and Shell wouldn't be bad. All or Nothing is a bit much for something you get so early in the game, even with Debarrier around.

4. I know that everyone is using White Chocobo for Boco, which part of the reason I don't want to. I want to be "special", damn it! *pouts*

5. For the record (since I'm unsure how much you're aware of beyond monsters due to aforementioned wordiness), Boco's Confusion Song is Templar's Confusion Song, which randomly causes Addle, Charm OR Confusion. I don't think there's a single technique anymore that causes just Confusion given how stupid the AI is with it. Just like how there probably won't be a single technique that causes just Death Sentence until/if we can fix those AI problems since "Death Sentence: Ignore Dead" sure as hell doesn't fix all of it. Duly noted, though.


1. Yeah, Goblins are meant to be the "Monks" of the game now, to the point that I was actually briefly considering giving them Innate Martial Arts. However, that would have both been foolish and hypocritical of me since Martial Arts is so damn stupid and that was point of getting rid of it and Monk anyway.

2. Similarly, Defend on Black Goblins probably is a bad idea. For some reason, I don't want to give them Caution, though. Probably because I don't want it interfering with their Counter. They'll probably end up with something besides Defend, though.

3. All humanoid monsters (that aren't Undead) are planned to be vulnerable to Blood Suck now. This includes Goblins, Ithilids and Bull Demons and possibly whatever replaces Uribo.


1. Yeah, Drench might underpowered. I could make it All Oil and Don't Act instead of either or, especially since Bombs will NOT be appearing early game now. (Earliest they'll appear is Chapter 2, probably after Araguay is cleared.)

2. With regards to them being weak to Holy/Light, I'll have to look through my (overly messy) notes in Word, but I believe it's because I wanted something that was weak to Light that wasn't a demon. Additionally, I believe I wanted an angle that "The Church" made anti-magic weapons that was weak to the type of magic that they used, i.e. Holy. However, between that no longer being anything but Learn on Hit for generics and the fact that Bull Demons are also weak to Water and Holy (baring Sacred), this might change. At present, I might make them neutral to Light and weak to Dark or Wind. Even though it would be consistent with what I want to do with Velius/Belias, I'm surprisingly reluctant to make them weak to Ice given that it seems pretty dumb that you're make an anti-magic weapon that's weak to one of the primary elements of your most common mage--at present, Wizard only has one Learn via JP Dark attack and no Wind attacks, the latter of which might indeed become the domain of "The Church" via Illusionist.

3. Glad to see you like Grenade. The "armor" is a reference to its visual appearance in FFIX. I am a bit weary that I've given Defense UP and/or Magic Defense Up to too many things innately, though it's part of the reason why those abilities have (reduced) effectiveness equal to Attack UP and Magic Attack UP now.

4. Eh, I'm sure that I can think of something better than Flare. Like I said, I just couldn't think of anything better while going through outside of the horribly unfair "Stalker Flare", which the AI wouldn't be able to use nearly as well as the player anyway. (Which is the one of the last thing I want when it comes to abilities, hence why almost all stat boost abilities are dead.) Besides, I was being miserly with my space as it is and I'm sort of bouncing around the idea of making Flare Learn on Hit only like in FFV (akin to Holy) since Doomsday is likely to go back to Time Mage/Dimensionalist.


1. Hastebreak is the ability you're talking about and, indeed, something I've considered that since last year. Problem is that there's no formula that comes close to doing what it could actually do, which is Slow or Stop only Hasted units--for the record, this inability is why Thief's "Borrowed Time" ability exists since it's a combination of Hastebreak and the FFX-2 ability of the same name. I can't recall if I've said in this thread, but given the still-technically limited space of monsters, I don't want to "waste" an ability spot on an ability that exists only to cancel a status, especially since the way that formulas are, many of those techniques ONLY affect units with that status. Hence why Cat Kick does actual damage now. Still, I suppose that I would maybe give them a Hastebreak that's "just" Slow attack. That would be preferable to Execute, at least with what I want to do with the ARH. Although, a Slow attack does kind of run counter to forcing Hasted units to just bleed out faster by Poison Clawing their faces off.

*briefly considering having Poison cancel Haste*

2. Vampire Cats/Shadowcats might indeed lose Teleport. For some reason, I was under the impression that Blood Suck forces units to Teleport, perhaps because the only battle it's guaranteed to ever come up is the second Elmdor one where you're pretty forced to use Teleport to minimize his stupid Blade Grasp. Not sure what else I would give them over it, though. Maybe Move-HP Up since Regenerator isn't guaranteed to activate, but that might be a bit much.

Flying Eyes:

1. I'm rather weary of giving anything generic an add Dead ability. I really don't like those abilities on generics for the most part, which is why Cursed Wail is the closest thing anyone has to them and replaced "hey, you're MAYBE instantly Dead" Sudden Cry. The only generic ability that has a chance to add Dead/Dying status at present is Odin, which is both Learn on Hit only and the only Summon that can be outright evaded and even that might change.

I look forward to yours or anyone else's comments. Now, with that lengthy diatribe done, I can begin my work for today.
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  • [March 25, 2011, 06:35:33 PM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #32 on: March 25, 2011, 06:35:33 PM »
The damned, how you made this possible?
"undead monsters no longer crystallize or turn into chests"

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  • [March 25, 2011, 07:22:28 PM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo
« Reply #33 on: March 25, 2011, 07:22:28 PM »
Ugh, damn annoying necessity of sleep. I've been rather oversleeping lately still, including taking stupidly long naps (which I've always hated) mid-day. Yesterday was such a day. As such, I didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked and the itinerary has shifted slightly.

What I Got Done:

1. I looked at Queklain/Cuchuulain and decided that most of the innates are actually fine for what I want to do since despite being normally redundant, he should probably have lower HP than he would normally need without them for...several reasons.

2. I changed some generic jobs around. Mediator and Archer/Marksman have fully swapped places, meaning that Mediator now officially leads to the jobs I still need to change (which will, as such, no longer be Archery-based, though they'll still be physically oriented of course even as "meh" as Mediator physically is); Archer now leads to Thief and Chemist, which arguably makes more sense given what I want to do.

3. Related to stuff happenings, Mediator has Defense UP now and Knight has Attack UP now. I've also decided on what to do with the hitherto class-less RSMs: Archer has Focus; Blue Mage has Unyielding; whatever the hell Hunter becomes has Overwhelm; Thief has Alertness.

4. I looked at the ENTD stuff for Chapter 1. I got horribly sidetracked when I remembered how stupidly prevalent Virgo is. As such, I've already changed several birthdays of both enemy and ally characters. More will probably change later since I'm just focusing on Chapters 1 and 2 for now.

Speaking of ENTD, my itinerary has changed to editing the Resources ZIP since it's rather...annoying to try to change equipment to more appropriate solutions when nothing has been renamed in FFTPatcher. I'll probably end up doing stats sooner than later too.

The damned, how you made this possible?
"undead monsters no longer crystallize or turn into chests"

Just make them immune to Crystal and Treasure. They'll eventually get back up, though perhaps not immediately at the count of 0. Alternately, you could make Undead status itself immune to Crystal and Treasure and it would have the same effect, just broader.

At present, that only affects Skeletons & Ghosts and I was actually considering changing it back a bit--Skeletons would only be immune to Crystal whereas Ghosts would only be immune to Treasure--since I wasn't sure if it would end up as overly obnoxious, especially considering I want monsters to be stronger but not necessarily by being (generic) OHKO machines.

So, yay or nay to undying Undead?
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  • [March 25, 2011, 11:08:45 PM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #34 on: March 25, 2011, 11:08:45 PM »
I don't necessarily think its a good idea to give the undead status immunity, because the ai would not understand that it needs to remove undead from the player to kill it properly. Otherwise undead becomes a multi-use reraise. Personally I say only critters that are innate undead should have immune crsy/treasure

I will show you the power of SARDIIIIINES!!!!
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  • [March 28, 2011, 07:06:27 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo
« Reply #35 on: March 28, 2011, 07:06:27 AM »
(Reposting this because I updated and fixed the first post.)

Yawn. I'm going to have to push back my intention to get a 0.1 patch out by Mar. 31st to a more "reasonable" goal of Apr. 7th between feeling piss-poor & thus sleeping away half of the day because of it and the realization that I've more left to do than I thought.

I did at least get some work done this weekend, though:

1. All Chapter 1 story battle and storyline ENTDs have at least been somewhat modified. In the case of storyline "edits", it's not event editing (yet), but merely zodiac sign changing and a few other things to keep the story consistent. They'll be fully changed once I decide on what levels Equipment should be.

2. While doing the above, I realized what an idiot I am because I don't have an accessory that blocks Sleep; only a Robe does at present. That will have to change, especially given what I want to do at one early storyline battle.

3. While I was at it, I brutally murdered all Degenerator traps.

4. I decided on Fear fixes, though one of them will need me to learn how code a status first.

5. I went over the Inflict Status list. I was able to excise about 11 things and I might have space for as much as 26 more; I realized that, for some Squaresoft-esque reason, I had three different inflict status codes just for Salve, which might still be dying. Ugh.

6. The ENTD changes to Chapter 2 have pretty much been decided on, at least up to Zirekile Falls. They just need to be implemented. In the case of Zirekile Falls, I really need to watch the sprite limit.

7. Equipment-wise, Perfumes are looking like they might completely die again despite being unisex now. They're not too different and I could really use some "beginner" accessories or at least accessories that aren't so bloated. Perfumes will probably stick around for the 0.1 patch, though.

8. I've decided that Flare will become Learn on Hit only for Wizards. This might change back, but at present, it will mean that Explosives will probably get to keep Flare for now.

9. Soldier's going to lose some RSMs: Equip Axe will probably go to Hunter; Move-Get JP will likely just die. Gained EXP UP and/or Move-Get XP might also just die, in which case they'll probably get Brave UP.

10. Panther's Pounce is dead. I just need to figure out what to replace it with.

11. I'm not going to be using that Stolen or Broken Fur Shop hack for...several reasons.

Currently trying to decide on some special character sets, starting with Chapter 1 Ramza and differing him from Squire Delita and Squire Algus. I think I've finally figured out how to do that given that key problem was that Soldier already has 15 abilities and differing them by one ability, especially when Ramza has two other forms that themselves need "unique" abilities, would be rather narrow.

I should probably update the front page, though.


Okay, so that's done:

1. Removed the few typos that Raven missed.

2. Updated the elemental stuff. (With regards to weakness and resistance.)

3. Updated the monster list. (With regards to pretty much everything, especially Uribos and Hydras.)

4. Updated the ASM list. (Add 3 ASMs: Undead Oracle mount, Slow 25% and Alertness [though I was always planning to use that]. Lost the aforementioned Stolen or Broken one.)

5. Updated the special character list. (Mostly just with some additional hints and the fact that Boco has been done.)

6. Updated the misc. stuff.

7. Killed the changelog for now since it was a mess.

And some other stuff. I also realized that I probably need to go back and talk about zodiac signs and Gil briefly. I'll do that in a minute.


Itinerary for tomorrow since I'm going to try to go bed around midnight for once (or would have had if this computer wasn't depressingly slow and hadn't delayed me for half an hour):

1. Do all special classes in Chapter 1, including Rad, Gafgarion and Agrias. Not sure that Miluda needs anything special.

2. Look over ability spaces that are left that.

3. Try to figure out Queklain/Cuchuulain's special ability.

4. Start trying to really figure out stats.

5. Make a damn accessory that blocks Sleep. (I already have one picked out.)

6. Do all the tactext entries for Items.

7. Maybe look at the tutorial for coding again finally (if I'm feeling well enough).

8. Oh and finally see if I can run the damn emulator on this computer again.

Additionally, things that are related to some of the above, like Wizard and Chemist, will probably see some changes tomorrow too, but that goes without saying.

I don't necessarily think its a good idea to give the undead status immunity, because the ai would not understand that it needs to remove undead from the player to kill it properly. Otherwise undead becomes a multi-use reraise. Personally I say only critters that are innate undead should have immune crsy/treasure

I never intended to do that. I was merely telling Dome of another way to do what he asked.

So noted, though.
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  • [March 29, 2011, 11:25:37 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #36 on: March 29, 2011, 11:25:37 AM »
The never dying undead idea is awesome, but only generic undead monsters should benefit from it
Might be a bit broken if given to every zombified unit
(Btw, I'll implement it in 1.4, hope you don't mind)

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  • [April 02, 2011, 11:11:25 PM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo
« Reply #37 on: April 02, 2011, 11:11:25 PM »
(Ugh. There's no way in hell that going through the entire ability list should have taken thrice as long as I anticipated.)

So...first things first while working down from my infinite rage that has arisen for various reasons, some unrelated to this project.

Firstly, a large, belated thanks to Cheetah for granting me permission to use his Red Mage sprite for Rod and his "unique" Red Mage class. I've yet to implement it (or any sprites still), but it's nice knowing that I've permission now since Rod will be more important to the story (at least where Chapter 2 is concerned).

Secondly, as you may have noticed, I seem to be misspelling "Rad" as "Rod". Well, I'm not. Henceforth, Rad will be called "Rod(erick)" in my patch. I was considering using the PSP name (like I am for a lot of characters still)...until I found out that it was fucking Ladd--excuse my expletive. Seriously, "Ladd"? What. That's not even...Rad is better than that. Given that Roderick is actually, you know, a human name and a European one at that, I figure I'll use that; I also happen to like the name Roderick a lot for some reason, so that works for me.

Thirdly, after all the delay that it's caused me, mostly because Soldier is closer to the "traditional" Red Mage at present and because of formula limitations when it comes to making "unique" healing spells, Rod's Red Magic is finished...for now. There were additional considerations and changes I had to make alongside shifts to some other classes:

1. Red Magic ignores Faith at present. When I get or make some damn formulas that work, though, they will use Faith. Just like every other magician except Mr. Master Magician who replaces Cloud.

2. Due to the "power" issues of Red Magic, the Double spells have taken place of the level 2 Wizard spells for the sake of some equipment. The level 2 Wizard spells have been bumped up to the level 3 slots and the level 3 spells have been bumped up to level 4 slots.

3. Now, the more astute may be thinking "Wait, but wasn't he using the Level 4 slots as shitty Illusionist spells"? And to that I say, "Yes, I was." At present, as aforementioned, the Lore-esque abilities have died are replaced by things that are...honestly still quite likely to change.

4. Going back to Wizard, it's lost Doomsday (back) to Dimensionalist. Dimensionalist has lost Chronos, which in turn became Scathe for Wizard since Flare is Learn on Hit only now. This may yet change.

Finally, I made sure there's an accessory that blocks Sleep like I should have from the beginning. You're going to need it. I also took the liberty of buffing White Staff again while at the same time saving an Inflict Status spot.

Hmmm...I feel like I'm forgetting something, but maybe it's just fatigue from being awake since yesterday.

At present, all I'm probably going to do for the rest of the night is change all the random fights for Chapter 1, change Sweegy Woods and Sand Rat Cellar again and try to finally read up on the tutorial before my brain gives out. Also at present, other special characters can take a back seat for now. I'm tired of staring at that damn ability list.

The never dying undead idea is awesome, but only generic undead monsters should benefit from it
Might be a bit broken if given to every zombified unit
(Btw, I'll implement it in 1.4, hope you don't mind)

As I said before, feel free; thanks for asking, though. There's a good chance I won't even use it despite having an additional way to put/keep them down for good.
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  • [April 05, 2011, 02:20:45 AM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo
« Reply #38 on: April 05, 2011, 02:20:45 AM »
(Sigh. I'm so off today. Even moreso than recently....)

So, finally trying to get around to finishing the first draft of ENTDs, I quickly stumbled when I realized there's no way that to tell where the hell the starting positions are. That is...problematic, to say the least.

There was the additional problem of the directionals (from the world map) being somewhat sketchy, but that's been solved.

It's been solved because I finally verified that my emulator still runs smoothly enough to be of use. (I also think I accidentally deleted my 1.3030 copy after finally beating Zalmo after not playing for a year almost solely because of him. Whoops. Oh well, "moral" victory and crap like that.)

I'll just copy and paste the observations I made in Notepad here since I need to take a break after that dismal failure. (Keep in mind, this was done without any of the ASMs, though I doubt that would have changed much [outside of perhaps Fury].)

It would seem there was something about a ".cue" not being found as well. Not sure what that's about....
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  • [April 08, 2011, 03:34:53 PM]
Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo - Tentative Name
« Reply #39 on: April 08, 2011, 03:34:53 PM »
Dancer merges with Bard to make male-only Minstrel; Dancer's spot is the female-only Paladin;
I thought you said you wanted to remove the foreign issues, not amplify them to all hell.
Since when has there EVER been a female paladin?! WHEN HAS THERE EVER BEEN A FEMALE RELIGIOUS WARRIOR?
Jeanne D'Arc, that's when. Remember what happened to her? Exiled and branded as a heretic, then killed in battle.
So, tell me, how is a female only Paladin sensible?

EDIT: To be fair, perhaps switch the two and make minstrel female? Since that sounds like something men would make a woman do on the battlefield, lol.
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