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Eh? Because I've gotten used to his bouncy...

>.> Is it because of the way I worded that sentence?

Nah, just making fun of you. =D

Well,  getting used to my bouncy thing is kinda bad, you know?


Okay, what I meant to say was the following:

I have grown accustomed to your moving avatar, and for that reason I no longer have a problem with moving avatar. Not only that, but also DarkOmega's avatar is smaller and doesn't seem to move as much. The fact that my favorite villain is Sephiroth caused me to disregard the motion, and I felt compelled to comment on his avatar.

Furthermore, assuming that I understand your innuendo, I have no way of viewing your bouncy thing and thus you should assume that I am talking about your avatar. Nevertheless, my lack of clear statements was the cause of this, and I shall make more clear comments in the future.

"... her loss..." - Snake (I know it should be your/his, but then I wouldn't be quotting...).


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