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So, I've been playing with the Event stuff and changed the story battles a bit.

I did not change levels (only in two battles >_>)

I changed almost every single battle a bit (some will go unnoticed probably). I have not tested everything, Just got to chapter 2.

I'm not going to spoil what I did, I want you guys to be surprised!

Note that I did not change any skill set or AI Flag, only the battle setups.

The entd4.ent file can be find here:

To update, do the same as the phil patch, but, instead of scus, you'll change entd4.ent

It can be found inside the Battle folder.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Will it impress me thew? :O

I don't know what it takes to impress you...

Well, things that I changed are like...

Job levels
Jobs (we'll be seeing Dancers, Mimes, Bards, Samurais, Geomancers, Ninjas more often)

Some battles that were a joke are going to be quite hard. Biggest changes were done on Chapter 4, but there are some interesting things pretty early on, also in chapter 2.

Chapter 3 is ok, I think that most battles there are nice and not need changes. I tried to fix rooftop to be descent, but it was quite hard... ended almost not touching it.

I need to rebuild a new Image, I completely broke my current Image because of mindless editing and now even the first event of the game won't load. ;o

Doesn't look like it but editing battles is long right?

It took me so much time just for 4 special battles, So I assume your customization is rather minimal.  
Though it covers all special battles.


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