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Mercenaries: On Hold No Longer!

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Best of luck, LastingDawn

Oh, that's so sad. But I understand that you have life, as all of us :)

IRL is more important because without IRL FFH is not possible

I'm sure you will find the time to come back into it during the summer..

Well, see you LD. Hope you'll come back anyway a lot of times (And eventually finish :3)

Good luck and ect !

--- Quote from: "LastingDawn" --- I was nothing more then a mediocre event editor (what should have taken minutes took me hours to figure out and apply)
--- End quote ---

Pssh, event Editing takes ages for anyone and you know it

Oi. It's tough to hear that the project's suspended indefinitely, but I understand where you're coming from,. These projects take quite a while, even with the most dedicated team; I'm just glad we all got an opportunity to refine our skills while working on this project.

Lastly, I'm glad someone got to see some of my work and hear some of my ideas, but you don't need to apologize to me (or anyone else), LD--we asked you for so much and you handled all of us graciously. And for that, I thank you. Best of luck to ya.


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