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where i can get the download link??  :cry:
i already download link at 1st page, but not only ppf file inside, but i don't know what it is...  :shock:
it's large file, include your folder2 project (program, sprite, etc) i think ...
when i patch the ppf file, then play it
i can't finish my tutorial, since the game throw out to blank map with no city (i can't go anywhere)

sorry my english bad  :oops:

what the hell, you can post here?
*rushes to notify et*


--- Quote from: GeneralStrife on July 27, 2011, 04:38:56 AM ---what the hell, you can post here?
*rushes to notify et*

--- End quote ---
heh?! what wrong man???  :shock:
...errr.... what about my question ?  :cry:

The download is rather glitchy anyways.

that's okay  :roll:
at least i can download ppf files and play the game like other patch :lol:

anyone can help??


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