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Anyone know why there is two sprite files for Mustadio?  (GARU.SPR & MUSU.SPR); which one does the game use, they are both in 'BATTLE'.

Also, anyone familar with which sprite file (.SPR) contains the sprite map of Cleotinne? (Un-sure on spelling, but he is the Sorceror, the white robed Shrine Knight)

And, if anyone cares I am currently in the works of making a General Leo from FF6 type character sprite/job class.

Any information is much appreciated.

They are both used, one used a guest and the other is used in your party. Changing one will have slight repercussions, I believe the one you want to replace is Musu, not Garu.

Alright thanks again.

I have another question how come when I try to fill a part of the sprite with a different color, for instance I tried to do green and instead of green it did a very dark almost brownish green, no where near the color I chose?

That would all depend on the tool you are using, I would guess anyhow.

Well, I have used Gimp and did a paint bucket fill, and then I even tried paint and that did the exact same things.


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